Saxon genitive


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Saxon Genitive

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Saxon genitive

  1. 1.  My father´s book ( no article) My sisters´ house ( plural words) The children´s toys ( irregular plurals) John and Mary´s daughter (multiple nucleus) John´s and Mary´s books (different possessors) Charles´s shirt (proper names) Hercules´ labours ( archaic uses) The man I told you about´s idea (whole sentence)
  2. 2.  It´s mainly used to show possession; ex:  Peter´s car It´s also used with someone, somebody, etc; ex: Somebody´s shirt It´s used with the names of:  institutions, ex: United Nations´ building  countries, ex: Spain´s income  cities, ex: Seville´s city hall It´s used with time, place, distance, measure, and weight; ex: In three years´ time It´s used in some idiomatic expressions; ex: For heaven´s sake
  3. 3.  The possession can be deleted:  When we mean en casa de; ex: At Peter´s (house)  When we talk about shops; ex: The baker´s (shop)  With churches, cathedrals and hospitals; ex: St. Paul´s (cathedral)  To avoid double possession; ex: This my car and that is my brother´s (car)