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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. ColoursColors (Amer)
  2. 2. whiteyelloworangeredbrowngreenbluepinkpurpleblack
  3. 3.  grey: gris beige: beis navy blue: azul marino light blue / green / ... : azul, verde, ... claro mauve: malva fuchsia: rosa fuerte apple green: verde manzana turquoise: turquesa scarlet: rojo oscuro olive: verde oliva violet: violeta
  4. 4.  Bright colours Dark colours Pale: pálido Dim: oscuro Light: tenue Soft: suave / pastel
  5. 5. I´m feeling sad. I´m blue. It was completely unexpected. It came out of the blue.
  6. 6. More idioms ...I was very angry. I saw red. I owe money to the bank. I´m in the red.I feel really well, I´m in the pink.
  7. 7. some more ...She´s good with flowers.She´s got green fingers. When I saw his new mobile, I was green with envy.It´s not very certain, it´s in the grey area.
  8. 8. and more ...He was very depressed.He was in a black mood. I hit my face with the door and got a black eye.I want to see it written down in black and white. She looks ill, she ´s white-faced