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Published in: Business, Education
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  1. 1. CONNECTORS Connectors of addition too also as well at the end of the sentence between the subject and the verb Jane loves cooking and she is interested in photography too . Due to his temperature, the doctor asked him to stay in bed. He also suggested to have a warm soup for dinner. <ul><li>I have forgotten my English book at home! </li></ul><ul><li>- Oh! John has forgotten his as well . </li></ul>
  2. 2. CONNECTORS Connectors of addition as well as + noun phrase As well as a great composer, he is ( also ) a prestigious scientist ( too ). not only but also Her new album was not only a hit in Spain, but it also stroke the American lists. + noun phrase or sentence
  3. 3. CONNECTORS Connectors of contrast in spite of the fact that + sentence In spite of the fact that he is a famous actor, you can never read about him on gossip magazines. despite + noun phrase Despite their incredible performance on live concerts, they haven’t had a real success on their gigs. in spite of + noun phrase In spite of being so rude, no one complained about him.
  4. 4. CONNECTORS Connectors of time as soon as inmediately after As soon as he arrived we all went to cinema. by the time imprecise moment My parents divorced by the time I was at university. by He started wearing a moustache by his thirties. once He went to bed once he finished his homework.
  5. 5. CONNECTORS Connectors of time while meanwhile (introducing a new sentence) at the same time of He locked in his room while we were having dinner. They were happily playing computer games in the living-room. Meanwhile , a thief stole all their jewels upstairs.
  6. 6. CONNECTORS Connectors of time after before noun phrase After her retirement she dedicated herself to her hobby, paiting. Before being an actor, he worked as a waiter. previously later noun phrase He first finished his studies. Later , he joined the army.
  7. 7. CONNECTORS Connectors of time afterwards at the beginnig or the end of a sentence - Don’t forget to post the letter! Oh! And buy the newspaper afterwards . He watched TV for a while. Afterwards , he went to the nearest pub.
  8. 8. CONNECTORS Connectors of purpose for + ing She bought some nails to repair the sofa. to + inf The Queen came to our town for opening the new museum. in order (not) to + inf Police is surrounding that house in order not to let demonstrators get in. so as (not) to + inf The electritian has arrived so as to tepair the washing machine.