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Iker typical food


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Typical food

Published in: Education
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Iker typical food

  1. 1. TARAMASALATA Is a Greek and Turkish meze made from tarama, the salted and cured roe of the cod, carp, or grey mullet .
  2. 2. Dolmades It is a vine leaf stuffed with a mixture of rice, with onions, minced meat, pine nuts and different spices.
  3. 3. Moussaka Musaca (from the Greek μουσακάς, mousakás) is a traditional dish from the Balkans and the Middle East made from eggplants.
  4. 4. Courgette balls are fried till extra crispy on the outside while still preserving their creamy and rich texture on the inside.
  5. 5. Octopus It contains cuttlefish, squid, anchovies, sardines, whiting, mussels, octopus. These have become the seafood of the everyday Greek.
  6. 6. Honey y Baklava The art of baklava preparation involves a lot of layering and one of the best things ever – butter, which basically means this can’t be anything but fantastic.
  7. 7. Olives and olive oil This is the one to use, buy, and love! Extra virgin olive oil is what is served most in Greece and anywhere in the world.
  8. 8. P R O J E C T I K E R