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Light and sound arjun and oriol


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Aicle Light and Sound

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Light and sound arjun and oriol

  1. 1. Light and sound Arjun and Oriol
  2. 2. What is light Light is a form ofenergy that we can Ferb what is perceive light ? with our sense of sight.
  3. 3. Light travels Light is very fast. Candace didn’t know but Light goes approximately 300.000km per second, it is very fast.
  4. 4. Light classifyopaque transparent translucent
  5. 5. Flat mirror
  6. 6. Convex mirror
  7. 7. Concave mirror
  8. 8. Refraction When we look at an object in a glass of water, the image we perceive seems to change. Because light passes from one substance to another at different speeds.
  9. 9. LensesDo you like my glasses? Yes. But doyou know thatthe lenses of the glasses can make objects look bigger or smaller?
  10. 10. soundWhat issound? Sound is a form of energy that we can perceive with the ears.
  11. 11. sound isvery fast too. Candace didn’t now but Sound goes approximately 6000km per second through iron, it is very fast.
  12. 12. Types of sound Intensity The intensity of a sound can be strong or weak. Is measured with decibels
  13. 13. Types of sounds PitchThe pitch of a sound can be high or low. Pitch is the quality of sound thatdepends on the frequency of vibrations.
  14. 14. Types of sound Timbre The timbre of a sound allow us to identify what or who is producing the sound.
  15. 15. Noise If a noise is unhealthy, it is called noise pollution
  16. 16. Your welcome
  17. 17. Thanks Laura
  18. 18. Thanks Lily