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  1. Life is a Journey Rev. Jestoni T. Macapas, M.A.
  2. Life is a Journey
  3. Who am I ?
  4. Pedro Bautista December 21,1989 “A person who made God smile”
  5. Who am I ? Basically, the question “Who am I?” deals with the self knowing and self discovery of your entire personality.  At the age of adolescence, you are bound to discover that there is more to life and there is more than just being a kid.
  6. Why I sometimes don’t like myself? Have you ever been compared to anybody? You often dislike yourself because you hate so many things about you and you feel regret why others are greater than you.
  7. You hate your face, your body, your complexion, your hair, your dress, your speech manners, your capacity to think and so on and so forth. It feels like saying, “Nobody loves me, I’m going out in the fields to eat worms.”
  8. In our minds, most of us believe that we should be better in almost all aspects of our lives. You want to be popular.
  9. You want to fill others’ expectations But, you know that someone is better and you feel outcaste to go along with them.
  10. How can I like myself? Liking yourself is not a difficult task. It also means loving yourself.
  11. Be your own best friend. Forgive yourself.
  12. Feeling guilty for the things that bring you down doesn’t make any sense. Remember that if you hate yourself, you will put yourself into a lot of stress, you will get old fast and die young and irritate others.
  13. You have a lot of reason to like yourself. First, you are an important creation in this world with unique qualities.  Second, you do not need to be somebody just to be liked by others
  14. If you begin to like yourself, others would eventually like you in return. Be who you are.
  15.  Remember that no human is perfect; you can only aim for improvement.  You do not need to be a supermodel or superman just to impress others.
  16. You will only get respect if you have self-respect. So what if no one praises you?
  17. When no one encourages you, go on, support and lift yourself up. Take yourself as a growing person with lots of good things ahead.
  18. If you like yourself now, you can have a lot of energy and power to overcome problems that seem insurmountable.
  19. Value yourself now Compare yourself with the nature Rocks accept that they are not trees. Each of them plays a role in this world.
  20. Simply accepting yourself as you are is what self-esteem all about. You must feel gifted for the personality you were born with.
  21. Liking yourself means accepting all the desirable and undesirable traits you possess.  There is no basis for comparing your character or personality with others whom you feel greater or more gifted than you.
  22. As you learn to like yourself, you begin to value yourself. Value yourself now for no one will do it for you.
  23. What are my weaknesses? Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel you just can’t do what you want to do? Why can’t I get good grades?
  24. You can’t reason out, “This is just what I can do, I have a poor mind.” Everybody can be a potential.
  25. Just hold yourself responsible for everything you do  You are accountable for your own actions. If you will not correct yourself now, you may regret later.
  26. What are my strengths? It is defined as “the quality or state of being strong physically, intellectually or morally.”
  27.  The first step to discover and harness your strength is to eradicate the destructive attitudes you created that made you wayward, lazy, bully, proud and rebellious.
  28. Weigh the pros and cons of things. See and ponder what will benefit you more, the long term or the short-term reward?
  29. Do not let your weaknesses overrule you. You are in full control of yourself.
  30. If you trash those negative behaviors, then, you can behave well next time. You are the master of yourself.
  31. Roles: Which are you?
  32. The As-If Nerd  I am genuinely moral and true  I do everything more than what is expected.  Everyone else goes wrong.  I never miss any class, assignment, or project.  I am always up to
  33. The Beauty Queen/King I am a Socialite Life is full of contest I am a winner
  34. The Flirt  Life is full of play; no work.  I am always chitchatting with the boys/girls.  I am not serious with relationships.  Do not ask me about our lesson.
  35. The Sportsman  Sports is my life.  I play even in the classroom.  I am busy with sports.  I know the star players.  My purpose is to
  36. The Braggart It is not my fault. I am always cheated. Life is so unfair. They have to apologize.
  37. The Teacher’s Pet  I follow the teacher wherever he/she goes.  Because of this I impress my classmates.  I carry a lot of loads.  I am the substitute teacher if ma’am/
  38. The Gossip Monger  I know your secrets.  I know the latest chiz.  I could not sleep if I failed to spread the gossip.  I have many
  39. The Hippies  I do nothing in life but hang around and let loose.  I am the coolest guy.  I am not responsible for anything  Homework? I do
  40. The Perfectionist  I lived before the land of time.  Everything must be organized.  One little mistake, you are out!  I do not commit mistake.
  41. The Addict  I get high and drink beer all night.  I never get old for I die young.  I enjoy parties. There is no more tomorrow for
  42. Do you find yourself here? It is not yet too late. You can still change the role you play on the stage. It is still your choice.