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  1. 1. EvaluationThe questions that are in the evaluation are:• In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?• How does your media product represent particular social groups?• What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?• Who would be the audience for your media product?• How did you attract/address your audience?• What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing thisproduct?• Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in theprogression from it to the full product? By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? After researching what type of music magazine I wanted to do I decided I liked the layout of Kerrang. So I thought that instead of challenging the design that I would make my design based on their magazine Layout.5 Points:•Mastheads•Cover Lines•Photographs•Colour Scheme•Fonts By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  3. 3. Both masthead use a similar style font. Kerrang’s mast head has been created to look as if it is glass that hasjust been smashed and because of this I tried to make my Masthead look as if it is slowly withering away.Both mastheads represent the style of rock, because Kerrang have used a smashed font for their masthead itis related to music being so loud that it smashes glass – when the majority of people think of loud, glasssmashing music they stereotypical think of a loud genre that most teens listen to. The foreground is blackand the background is white the reason for this is because black looks a lot better on white than whenplaced over any other colour it also enables the masthead to stand out to the audience. But as the cover linehas a red background the audience might relate it to either passion, energy, aggression or violence. Also thefact that the masthead is smashed might also make the audience yet again relate the magazine to differenttypes of feelings such as energy, aggression, violence. The reason someone might relate the colour to energyis because red can be seen as a vibrate colour not just aggression or violence. Although I decided not to use the same layout of colours that Kerrang has used on their masthead, I decided that I would still use the same three colours for my masthead. I thought that instead of using white for the background I would use black because it look a lot better than black on white did. The close up of the letter ‘K’ is to show how the audience might relate the masthead to an artist smashing their guitar or that the fact that the magazine is called ‘Kerrang’ could make them assume that maybe it is smashed because of how the word sounds – for instance ‘Bang’ sounds like an aggression loud noise so ‘Kerrang’ could make the target audience think its like a noise. By Jessica Murray Mast Heads AS Media Studies
  4. 4. Cover linesAbove is a collection of my cover lines and Kerrang’s; because they have used a band index detailing what bands arementioned within their magazine I have tried to do a similar method with my magazine. Instead of using the word‘Plus!’ I decided that I would use ‘+’ the reason I decided to use a different version of plus was because I didn’twant to copy all Kerrang‘s conventions. Also with the use of ‘+’ (has a substitute for ‘and’) it is capturing the use oftext/slang because the majority of my target audience will either own a mobile phone or have used one before willall recognise what the context and meaning of it is.For my Contents and double page spread I tried to use a similar type of text like Kerrang has used the reason for thisis because I wanted to make sure that my magazine kept to some of the same conventions shown above. I also usedthe same colour scheme throughout my magazine.Kerrang are well known for their unambiguous, bold cover lines because of how Kerrang try and catch their targetaudiences attention I tried to use a similar technique. I did this by having the main bands name in a bold white font tocatch the audiences attention; the reason I used white was because it stands out more than any other colour it is alsoa part of the colour scheme. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  5. 5. Photographs In Kerrang’s photograph they used an artist wearing a hoodie so with this in mind I purposely made my model Josh wear his hoodie in a similar context to Biffy Cylro’s pose. The reason for this is because Kerrang’s photographs shows the rebellion state of the music industry today. Most teenagers are related to being trouble makers – rebellions teens as most people call them! So from the research I did earlier in the year I decided that I would try and use a similar technique for my photograph. This is because my target audience seem to like the idea of rebellion being used within the photograph. Both Kerrangs and my magazine have one person wearing a hoodie; the reason for this is because the older generation have symbolised hoodie as problematic and a unnatural use within the society of today – the older generation See them as a symbol of rebellion . Also when teenagers wear hoodie some people tend to stereotypically brand them as ‘chavs’ or ‘thugs’ which is untrue as hoodies have become a big part of today’s fashion.By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  6. 6. The font above is called ‘Payday’ the reason I decided to use this was that because Fonts Kerrang used a font for the cover line ‘ FREE! POSTER SPECIAL!’ that made it look as if it had been painted on to the page I wanted to make my cover line ‘Wanna be famous? See how in just one week!’ look as if it had been spray painted on to the page by using a stencil.For the band header I used the ‘Old typography’ font the reason I decided to use the same font as my masthead wasbecause I liked the look of it and it draws attention of my target audience to my magazine. In addition to this I likethe context of the font and how it looks as if it might represent the symbol of rebellion. I wanted to carry on usingthe same convention methods and techniques throughout.For my mast head I decided to download a font off a website called dafont.com the reason for this was because Iwanted to use a font that had a similar context to it like Kerrang used with their masthead. Both masthead use asimilar style font. Kerrang’s mast head has been created to look as if it is glass that has just been smashed andbecause of this I tried to make my Masthead look as if it is slowly withering away. Both mastheads represent thestyle of rock, because Kerrang have used a smashed font for their masthead it is related to music being so loud thatit smashes glass – when the majority of people think of loud, glass smashing music they stereotypical think of a loudgenre that most teens listen to. The font I used was ‘Old Typography’ the conventions of using this font is that it hasa decayed look about it showing the audience how it relates well to music; a lot of old music is sometimes seen asbeing a lot better than the music of today. http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=old+typography By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  7. 7. Colour schemeFor my colour scheme I decided that instead of challenging the design that I wouldmake my design based on Kerrang’s colour scheme. But instead of using them in thesame context I decided to use them in a different layout. I decided that for thebackground that I would use black as it would look the most effective because mostcolours work well especially the colours Ive chosen to do. Throughout my magazine Ihave tried to use some of Kerrangs conventions. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  8. 8. Gender: How does your media product Age:Male represent particular social groups? 16 - 19 Ethnicity/Culture: Music/Culture Sub-group Rock is usually related with white people this is becauseClass: not many ethnic peopleWorking/ Middleclass By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  9. 9. Male Gender FemaleThe representation of gender within our society is that rock is usually associated with males. So with this inmind I decided that I would have my magazine containing photographs of the younger male generation withthe exception of one photograph of a female; the reason I used one of a female was because I didnt wantmy magazine to come across as being sexist even though my magazine is mainly aimed at an male audience Istill think some female readers could be interested in it. My magazine has a masculine feel to it because ofthe photographs I’ve used. The photograph I used for my front cover has one guy wearing a hoodie this givesthe front cover a rebellion look to it. The colour scheme I’ve used could also be represented as masculinebecause of the three colours ; red can be defined as energy or anger. The majority of people think of angeras being related to males because of how masculinity is portrayed in today’s society. The photograph of thefemale is a counter typical image the reason for this is because even though majority of the magazine is verymasculine the photograph of the female allows the male audience be even more attracted to it. There is abalance between the photographs both gender are wearing similar make of clothes this shows that bothpeople are a part of the same social group/ music genre. The fact that she is wearing a short sleeve t-shirtshows that she still has some femininity about her. The light also contradicts with her being a masculinecharacter because she has pink light shining on her it shows she again has some femininity about her. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  10. 10. The reason I decided to use young models was because I thought that ayounger generation would relate more to them rather than using oldermodels; because my target audience age range is 16- 19 I decided that itwould be best to use two teenagers aged 17. Most music magazines tendto have an audience range between 16 – 22. I decided range my target ageas 16-19 because the majority of answers I got from my survey from earlieron in the year found that most people who liked to read music magazinewere aged between 16-19. The content of the imagery and text are usedto mirror the audience this is because I want my audience to be interestedin what they are reading and looking at. The fact that the two guys in theimage are showing quite a positive look shows that they are nonethreatening and know each other quite well. The clothing the boys arewearing are quite stereotypical for today’s society, most teenagers are Ageknown for wearing hoodies, branded jeans and high tops.The fonts and language used within my magazine has been used to allow the audience to relate andunderstand the information more easily. Cover lines such as ‘Find out who crashed the relentless party lastSaturday night!’ relates to types of things that most teenagers know about quite well; energy drinks andparties. Using this type of information allows the audience to relate to the articles within the magazine. Thereason I decided use this type of language in my magazine is because after researching ‘Kerrang’ I found thatmost magazine like to advertise something they know the audience will either enjoy or like the look of.Another cover line I used ‘Wanna be famous? See How In Just One Week!’ relates well to my audiencebecause most teenagers dream of being famous. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  11. 11. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies Working/Middle ClassKerrang’s target audience is both working class and middleclass. To attract both types of class I decided that I would useone person from working class and one from middle. Thephotograph below shows the differences between middle andworking. Most people tend to look at types of clothing andhow people dress to determine what type of class they are; sowith this in mind I decided to use two different types of shoesto represent class. I decided that I wanted to use a regular pairof white ‘airwalk’ trainers to represent working class and usea pair of high tops to represent middle class. The way bothshoes are worn show the differences between the classes.The airwalks are no longer bright white and are mostlycovered by the jeans whereas the high tops are fastenedtightly and his jeans are tucked into the shoe in a fashionableway this shows that the boy in high tops cares about how hewears his clothes. In today’s society not many people careabout class this is shown in the two photographs at the side.
  12. 12. EthnicityStereotypical rock music is aimed at awhite ethnic group and has beentraditionally made up of white musicians.In most magazines such as Kerrang , theyonly seem to use white people. In mymagazine I didn’t want to challengeconventions so I decided to only use whitemusicians the reason for this is because Iwanted to reinforce a similarity betweenKerrang and my magazine. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  13. 13. What kind of media institution mightdistribute your media product and why? http://developmenthell.co.uk/ http://www.condenast.co.uk/ By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  14. 14. http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/ Bauer MediaBauer Media would be a good choice to distribute my magazine to because it would mean theywould have less competition to compete with. This is because they are already the owners ofKerrang!, Q and Mojo. Bauer Media already sell a large number of music magazines that arevery alike and have some similar conventions to mine. This means that the company is wellknown within the music industry . Bauer Media are an international company , this means thatpeople from all around the world have the chance to read my magazine. An advantage of BauerMedia already selling three other music magazines means that they have a great deal ofexperience when trying to sell them. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  15. 15. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  16. 16. Who would be the audience for your media product? By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  17. 17. My Ideal ReaderBelow is a detailed description of what my ideal reader would be like (taken frommy audience research material) on the slide before there are many differentproducts that my target audience could relate to. For instance, in todays societystereotypically every teenager owns a mobile phone. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  18. 18. How did you attract/address your audience? Sense of community around music Provides information Topic of conversation Sense of belonging Entertainment: Colours Role models By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  19. 19. I wanted to create a magazine that allowed the audience to feel a sense of belonging, to allowthe audience to reflect and relate with what my magazine offers to them. To do this I providedthem with a lot of information within my article detailing about the types of things my targetaudience enjoy; I did this by using the research I gathered together. I used two teenage boys tosymbolize them as my target audiences role models to do this I made sure that the boys wereaged 17 same age as my ideal reader.When addressing my audience I made sure that I used a similarconvention to Kerrang’s language technique I did this by using ‘THISWEEK’ on my contents page; I wanted to make my magazine connectto my target audience as much as possible. Using words such as‘WANNA’ allows the audience to feel apart of something. Aiming thelanguage to teenagers between 16 and 19 meant that they wouldalways have a topic of conversation. This means that if someone theyknew read my magazine they would be able to chat about thearticles and features, this also enables a sense of community aroundmusic. I tried to attract my audience by using the same three coloursthroughout my magazine; I used white, black and red to keep thesame conventions methods as Kerrang’s magazine.By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  20. 20. What have you learnt about technologiesfrom the process of constructing this product?Throughout this whole project I have used many different typesof technology; ranging from search engines such as Google toimage editing software known as Adobe Photoshop. www.slideshare.net www.blogger.com www.google.co.ukBy Jessica Murray AS Media Studies www.surveymonkey.com
  21. 21. I began by using Google to research information and images about my audience. This then leadto the convergence of PowerPoint and Slideshare. PowerPoint is a proprietary commercialpresentation program which allows people to write information on and then present it in a slidepresentation; because of this I thought it would be a good idea to upload some of my workusing Slideshare. Slideshare is a website that allows people to upload presentations and thenupload them to blogs.Adobe Photoshop is a image editing software, I usedthis for the construction of my final magazine designalthough it was one of the hardest piece of technologyto use I found that the more practice I did the more Ibecame more confident with using the tools. For mymagazine I used the majority of the tools but mostlyused the lasso for cutting around the models heads toallow the mast head to be placed behind. I used thecrop, copy and paste tools for mainly all my work. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  22. 22. Another piece of technology I used was a website called survey monkey; this is where you cancreate a survey then use the hyperlink to place it on any website ranging from Blogger toFacebook to allow different types of people the choice of filling it in. I thought that overall it wasa very easy and simple piece of technology to use this is because all the user needed to do wastype in the questions you wanted the audience to answer then once I had enough resultscollected I could then convert it into either pie or bar charts. I used this website to gather resultsfor my target audience research which I did at the start of this project. To take my photographs I used a DSLR camera with a black dropdown background to create the converge of rebellion between the camera and the models. The most important piece of technology I used in this project was a website called Blogger this is where all my work was uploaded and displayed for people to read; after learning the basic understanding of how to use it I now know how to read and edit old posts, upload new posts while adding images along side it and how to addBy Jessica Murray AS Media Studies hyperlinks to my blog.
  23. 23. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do youfeel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Software Photography Layouts Writing By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  24. 24. PhotographySince the preliminary task I have improved my camera workskills this is because when I first did my college magazinephotographs I hastily took a photo of a random girl in my class;whereas with my final photographs I did a lot of planning abouthow I wanted them to look. So after carefully planning how Iwanted them to look I hired out the photography studio andhad my models pose in many different ways until I found myperfect photographs. From my preliminary task I have foundthat when trying to create a good image you need to make sureyou do plan carefully. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  25. 25. SoftwareThroughout my preliminary it is clear that I have improved with my Photoshop skills as you cantell with my college front cover and my music front cover. I have learnt not to precipitate whentrying to piece things together. The progression throughout my magazine has helped meunderstand the use of Photoshops tools; such as using the lasso tool helped me cut around thetwo boys head to enable me to place the mast head behind there heads. LayoutsWhen I first started to create the college magazine I did not have a very deep understanding ofthe forms and conventions used in magazines neither did I have any understanding of how touse image editing software such as Photoshop. Over a few weeks I began to understand thesemore thoroughly allowing me to produce a much better magazine as when I first created mycollege magazine. In addition, I hadn’t gathered any audience research for my college magazineso my understanding of what people thoughts were on what types of things they enjoy readingin a college magazine were hard to decided on. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies
  26. 26. By Jessica Murray AS Media Studies OverallOverall I think that my final music magazine looks much better than my collegemagazine this is because as you can tell I have taken much more care with theuse of planning and thinking about how I wanted my final piece to look. This isdue to my deeper understanding of the forms and conventions used withinmagazines and the many hours of product and audience research.