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As media studies research

  1. 1. By Jessica Murray
  2. 2. Kerrang Magazine –Research Product 1The first magazine I have chosen to analyse isKerrang, the reason for this is because it’sone of the most heard about magazines. Ilike the layouts of there magazines becausethey always keep the colour scheme to threesimple colours – Red, White and Black.
  3. 3. The contrast of the black and white outfits that theColour Scheme: band members are wearing in the photograph below, show the audience that the differences between the three men. The one at the front in white has been made to look as if he is coming out towards the audience, their eyes also emphasise my point above. The main colour scheme on the Kerrang magazine cover is red, white and black. These three colours are mainly referred to the Rock genre this is because they are dark colours and are used to show the audience the type of bands that might be featured in the magazine.
  4. 4. PhotographsThe photographs that have been usedon the front cover have been set outto make the target audience think thatthe photographs are looking at them –this has been used to try and draw theaudience attention towards themagazine by making them think themusicians in the photographs arelooking at them. The style of thephotographs is set out in a quitenatural way because the layouts of thephotographs have quite mediumclose-ups of the musicians. Excluding the photograph of the girl above, the other photographs used in this magazine cover are images of bands. All three photographs show the bands looking straight forward as if they are staring at the audience trying to draw there attention towards the magazine.
  5. 5. Writing Style & Font:The font used in this magazine is verysimilar in each of the text. The mainheading is in black and looks as if it isbroken, the reason why this magazine haspositioned their main heading “Kerrang” atthe top is so the audience can tell straightwhat magazine is being advertised.
  6. 6. Overall lookWhen I first saw this magazinethe first impression that came tomind was that I liked the waythe front page was set out,because I like how the artistBiffy Clyro’s head is cover themiddle section of the mainheading. I thought it lookedquite different compared to theother magazines I have seen.
  7. 7. Publisher:The publisher of Kerrang magazine is Bauer Media Group. The Kerrangmagazine specialises in Rock Music. As of 2005, the main content of itwas music videos, the majority of which is open scheduled. The maincolour format for Kerrang is Black, White and Red.
  8. 8. Rock Sound – Research Product 2 The second magazine I have chosen to analyse is Rock Sound. The reason for this is because they do a lot of good articles about rock bands. For example the magazine I’m analysing today features articles about Blink 182 & Fall out boy. Compared to the Kerrang Magazine Cover, to a certain extent I quite like the layout of this magazine a lot more than the other one because it has more optimistic colours that have been used to catch the audience attention. Instead of using Red, white and black, this magazine has used Blue, White and Red which means it gives the magazine a whole new context compared to the Kerrang magazine.
  9. 9. The contrast of the blue and black t-shirts that theColour Scheme: two artists are wearing are used to show the audience that they are going to be featured in the magazine, this because the writing has been made to fit with the photographs. The artist in the foreground dressed in blue has also been made to look as if he is more important the guy in the background.Straight away with this magazine you can tell the maincolours used are blue white and red. Although thesethree are the main ones the magazine has used a smallamount of black in the background. This will have beendone to catch the audience attention because instead ofthere just being the main colours it draws the audienceeyes on to the black because it means it will standoutmore.
  10. 10. PhotographsThe style of the photographs havebeen set out to look like as if theyhave been done in a natural/puttogether way this is because thelayouts show different things. Eventhough neither of the artist are doinganything extreme. For example,smashing a guitar the photograph ofthe artist in blue winking looks a littleput together while being natural atthe same time. The image above with the barcode has been set out to look as if it has just casually been stuck on to the magazine, almost as if it has made to look like a collage.
  11. 11. Writing Style & Font White and blue sub-heading’sThe font used in this magazine is very have been used to show thesimilar in each of the text. The main audience what is going to beheading is in blue and has the artists in featured in the head placed in front of the mainheading, the reason why this magazine haspositioned their main heading “RockSound” at the top is so the audience cantell straight what magazine is beingadvertised.
  12. 12. Publisher:The publisher of Rock Sound magazine isPatrick Napier. Rock sound Magazinesspecialise in many different things, Such asthey do things alternating from rock Musicreviews to gigs.
  13. 13. Q Magazine –Research Product 3The third magazine I have chosen to analyseis Q magazine , the reason for this is becauseit is also one of the most heard aboutmagazines. I like the layouts of theremagazines because they set the front coverdifferently each edition.
  14. 14. PhotographsThis magazine has only used twophotographs. The main photographused is the artist smashing a guitar, ithas been set out to make the audiencethink that he has used his guitar tosmash the logo even though in fact hehasn’t because it will have beenedited like that before the image willhave been taken.
  15. 15. Overall look My first impression of this magazine was that the front cover looks quite good because of how the artist looks as of he’s smashed his guitar into the “Q” symbol. The look on his face helps this photograph look really virtuous as well.
  16. 16. Publisher:The publisher of Q magazine is Bauer Media. The Kerrang magazinespecialises in Rock Music. As of 2005, the main content of it was musicvideos. The main colour format for Q is Grey, White and Red. BauerMedia owns more than eighty influential media brands spanning a widerange of interests including heat, Closer, MCN, FHM, Parkers, MATCH,Magic 105.4, Kiss 100 and Kerrang