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Thriller films power point.

  1. 1. Thriller Films Jordan Bagwell
  2. 2. Se7en From studying the trailer for the thriller film Se7en I was able to see that close ups were frequently used to contribute to the dramatic atmosphere of the trailer. This particular close up shows “Help Me” written in blood which tells the audience that blood has been spilt, which is typical in a thriller and/or horror film. Close ups allow the audience to see details clearly and in thriller films this would put the viewer on edge, thus making them more interested in watching the film. The fonts used in the trailer for Se7en vary. In this screen shot a white, serif font has been used and all the letters are capitalised. This is most likely to ensure that the audience are able to read the words on the screen and also to create a serious atmosphere whereas lower case font would have seemed more casual. The black background connotes danger, mystery and horror and the white contrasts with this as it connotes innocence and vulnerability.
  3. 3. The title of the film is left to be shown at the end of the trailer so that the audience is left with the name of the film in mind. This then ensures that they won’t forget which film that they want to see. In this screen shot from the trailer “seven” is written in a white, lower case, font which is similar to handwriting and this adds a chilling element to the trailer. The main part of this screen shot is that the number seven is presented to us in tally marks, which is interesting, different and intrigues the audience. This screen shot shows one of the seven deadly sins. The red font and black background connote blood, danger and death which are conventions of thriller films. Although black is the dominant colour, the red is made bolder because of this. We may consider using these colours in our opening sequence. The font suggests to the audience a church/holy setting or theme in the film.
  4. 4. Black Swan The title of the film is shown to the audience in capitalised, white serif font which connotes a serious atmosphere. The background and dominant colour is black which, like Se7en, connotes, mystery, horror and danger. The title has been placed at the centre of the screen as this is where the viewer’s eye is most drawn too and we will most likely place the name of our film in the centre of the screen as well. One of the first shots in the trailer is one of a woman in the background. We are unable to see who she is clearly and this creates mystery and suspense to the atmosphere of the trailer. Again, the dominant colour is black and there is a white spotlight shining on the woman which creates an eeriness to the trailer. Ambiguous shots such as this are frequently used in thriller films and we will also be using shots like this in our opening sequence.
  5. 5. This screen shot is a close up of the main character’s face in her stage makeup. The wide eyed, intense stare, shocks the audience just as it is intended to do. Shots such as these are used frequently to scare and thrill the viewer which we will also use to establish the fact that our opening sequence is of the horror genre. The make up is particularly unnerving and interesting and this catches the interest of the viewer making them more likely to see the film. Here, the main character has her faced turned away from the camera. She has an ambiguous expression on her face which the viewers may interpret to be one of pain, anguish or something else entirely. Again the main colours are black and white and this appears to be the general colour palette through the entire trailer.