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J barber onlineidentitypresentation


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My presentation on the generation of my online identity,

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J barber onlineidentitypresentation

  1. 1. Jesse Barber “Generation of an Online Identity” What do I need online? Representation of an online ID accurate to its field/s,Evidence/credits of professional experience and knowledge, and a method of contact.I consider myself a Film-maker, SFX artist, Actor and Music enthusiast amongst other things.My 5 Year plan involves more study and employment inside a production company – my Identity should be flexible enough to grow with this. What do I want from being online? From being online I wish to gain Experience, expand my Knowledge and extend my professional Network. Networking involves exhibition methods.
  2. 2. J. Barber - Circa 2011● Hotmail – A rite of passage for any western teenager.● RMIT Student Account – Identifying oneself as a Student and Professional is important, so my RMIT account is a cornerstone of my ID (Networking, Experience & Knowledge)● Deviant Art – Simply, a site for me to exhibit art (Networking & Experience, SFX)● ABC Pool – Previous Accountholder (Knowledge/Mandatory education)● Star Now – A Identity for my acting persona (Experience, Networking, Acting)
  3. 3. J. Barber – 2.0 ● Now● Tumblr (Networking, Experience)● Vimeo (Networking)● ABC Pool (Networking, Experience)● Twitter (Networking, Knowledge) ● Later● Linkd in (Networking)● Instagram (Networking)
  4. 4. The Puzzle● The Identity of J.Barber online is represented particularly in 4 fields. Whilst they may not all be professional, they all express professional interest.The Film-maker The SFX Artist The Actor The Writer/ Music EnthusiastTumblr - Tumblr - Vimeo Tumblr – Bassix,Professional Mass Fx Lint &Voodoo StarNow Emphysema Deviant ArtVimeo TwitterABC Pool Beatport, Soundcloud,YouTube Dogs on Acid, Noiseporn,
  5. 5. The Pieces
  6. 6. The Film-maker● Whilst I use the word Film-maker liberally – I can state that this is my ultimate career aspiration.● During the first Integrated Media course I set-up a student Wordpress. I have ditched the Wordpress in favour of Tumblr – Id say my Tumblr is where I centralise my movement from.● A Vimeo Account was also established which marks a important moment. Currently my Vimeos content isnt as glossy as Id like -● Id also class my ABC pool account under the Film-maker category even though media producer may be more accurate.● My YouTube would also be a film-maker focused network, however not for exhibition purposes, simply for observation and possibly networking
  7. 7. “Vimeo”Vimeo really has an emphasis of Quality over Quantity.The community is mindful and often offers feedback. Inaddition the feedback Ive seen, at absolute worst, couldbe called constructive criticism. Community forums areactively used. ● Id recommend Vimeo just due to the sheer amount of professional producers using it. As opposed to Youtube which is audience driven,
  8. 8. The SFX artist● My SFX identity has had the most, success. Officially starting 10months ago with Deviant Art. My SFX receives the most attention, possibly since the main medium is photos which only require seconds of attention as opposed to a 5minute film.● Deviant Art is a fantastic network – Real feedback is readily available in addition to a artistic community.● My SFX blog really came alive when I abolished my Wordpress in favour of Tumblr.● An Instagram involvement will be established after my next SFX tests – Another Photoheavy app should build networks.
  9. 9. “Tumblr”● Being active, Online, for me is like exercise. I have to keep practicing or ill lose my momentum. The more I exercise a muscle, the stronger it becomes. My online Identity is the muscle I have to tone.● Tumblr has helped me do this. I daresay I enjoy blogging now. 4 Tumblrs often guilt me into staying up to date with my focus. This is my least passive membership -● I tried Wordpress – which appears more formal in appearance. I have received 8 times the feedback in a few weeks of Tumblr than I did in 12months on Wordpress.
  10. 10. The Actor● The Acting identity is under construction, without my headshot, I cant really establish a professional an online presence● Still gathering Showreel work● Draft showreel is on Vimeo and hold a Star-now account.
  11. 11. The Writer/Music Enthusiast● More a recreational activity with professional potential.● Tumblrs – Really more of a tool to guilt me into constant practice writing (it works). In addition if I do get authorship work in the future, I will be able see the back catalogue of interests.● If I do decide to go back into radio, my Music blog will make great material● Twitter – Passive user, observation primarily.● Music Networks – Amazing resource full of creative individuals who love feedback and often are will be willing to collaborate. Have not taken full advantage of this – Semi- passive use.
  12. 12. Music Networks● Music Networks such as Beatport and Soundcloud are a fantastic research method for both the music enthusiast and Media-maker in me.● Most of the producer on these networks are amateur looking to become professional – like myself. Hence they should be more open to collaboration than a professional counterpart.● These are not networks of foulmouthed 12yearolds (Youtube) they are fuelled by a common passion.● If go into radio again, I can post my Audio Showreels here.
  13. 13. “Twitter”● Twitter. Currently a new member, still passive in use. I do not want to represent myself on twitter until I have something to tweet. And Until I can link it through to some work I am satisfied with. ● Since it is a social network, with Millions of active users I often use it as a RSS feed with a character limit. I use it for knowledge more than networking – which is where its real potential is.
  14. 14. ABC Pool and MyTribe● My progression on ABC is less than impressive as a passive user● Ive held 2 accounts for a few years and its pleasantly seasonal – Its just waiting for a project you can get excited about,● However, I have been passive for the entire time.● If I do start a project that requires media collaboration, ABC pool would be the first source – Simply because there are enough members to gauge the popularity of the concept
  15. 15. Conclusion● Currently I am satisfied with the progression of my Online Identity, And the next few steps in filling that online-void of production presence. In the future I will ● Utilise Instagram and Linkd In, ● Produce and upload more content ● Actively use Twitter and Pool ● Adhere to regularity of Blogging ● Head shots and showreels