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Jessie Streeval's Visual Resume


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A brief showcase of who I am and how I can be a helpful and cheery asset to your professional network.

Jessie Streeval's Visual Resume

  1. 1. Hello
  2. 2. I’m Jessie JasonAllender
  3. 3. I was born and raised in Image:Mine David Paul Ohmer James Jordan Franklin, Indiana
  4. 4. D Hancock NightRStar ginnerobot I love film, comics, and books
  5. 5. I’ve been in many plays... Karl Turner, The Noun Project Seattle Municipal Archives
  6. 6. ... and I have been a stage manager since age 14. Public Domain Haridass, The Noun Project Baabula Hasan, The Noun Project Olyn LeRoy, The Noun Project
  7. 7. JS Beaulieu, The Noun Project JS Beaulieu, The Noun Project Photo: Mine Chiara Cozzolino, The Noun Project Photo: Mine Entertainment has always been important to me
  8. 8. But I suppressed that desire and went to school for psychology. Luis Hernandez
  9. 9. Terrible Choice Jessica M. Cross
  10. 10. Nina Matthews Le Floch, The Noun Project Samuel Dion-Girardeau, The Noun Project But without that experience, I never would’ve realized my true dream...
  11. 11. To Entertain! dirkjanranzijn
  12. 12. “ Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart, give yourself to it. Buddha
  13. 13. So I moved to Orlando to study entertainment business Ed Schipul Robert S. Donovan
  14. 14. I’ve learned so much to help me pursue a great career...
  15. 15. ...and I’m always eager Pete Fecteau; The Noun Project to learn more!
  16. 16. Nomadic Lass I’m ready and willing to prove what a great asset I can be.
  17. 17. I want to be the bridge between your company and your untapped audience. Darwin Bell
  18. 18. Together, through dynamic alliance JasonAllender Deadtype, The Noun Project we can expand your vision.
  19. 19. Contact Me