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"Whiteness and Health in Transnational Context"


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Despite almost two decades of research in the field of whiteness studies, there remains relatively little literature that explores the myriad connections between whiteness and health in the U.S. context. However, scholars working within a transnational, postcolonial framework have begun the work of “re-orienting whiteness” within a more global lens and, within this field, a portion of the work is concerned with how discourses, taxonomies, and technologies of science, health and medicine are used to do the work of whiteness and nation-building in English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and former British colonies along the Pacific Rim

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"Whiteness and Health in Transnational Context"

  1. 1. Whiteness & Health in Transnational Context: Toward a New Research Agenda Jessie Daniels, PhD CUNY-Graduate Center & Hunter College ASA - August 13, 2013 @JessieNYC #ASA13
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  3. 3. colonialism, land & environmental health @JessieNYC #ASA13
  4. 4. @JessieNYC #ASA13 colonialism
  5. 5. @JessieNYC #ASA13
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  8. 8. whiteness & health disparities industry @JessieNYC #ASA13
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  13. 13. “Whiteness obfuscates itself and its relationship to the particular traits it is said to embody, including temperance, rationality, bodily restraint, and industriousness.” (Dyer, 1988 p. 3). @JessieNYC #ASA13
  14. 14. @JessieNYC #ASA13 whiteness & the human genome
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  16. 16. NIDA & the neuroscientific turn @JessieNYC #ASA13
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  18. 18. @JessieNYC #ASA13
  19. 19. @JessieNYC #ASA13 The dominant cultural image of “addiction”
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  22. 22. whiteness is integral to health @JessieNYC #ASA13
  23. 23. @JessieNYC #ASA13 critique whiteness & foster resistance
  24. 24. Thank you! @JessieNYC #ASA13 @JessieNYC