Task 5 final


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Vibe research Genre ideas

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Task 5 final

  1. 1. Vibe “is a music and entertainment magazine founded byproducer Quincy Jones. The publication predominantly featuresR&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers.After shutting down production in Summer 2009, Vibe waspurchased by the private equity investment fund InterMediaPartners and is now issued quarterly with double covers, with alarger online presence, aided by the Vibe LifeStyle Network, agroup of entertainment/music websites under the Vibe brand. Themagazines target demographic is predominantly young,urban followers of hip-hop culture. The magazine owed itssuccess to featuring a broader range of interests than itsclosest competitors The Source and XXL which focus morenarrowly on rap music, or the rock & pop-centric RollingStone and Spin. As of 2007, Vibe had a circulation ofapproximately 800,000. Advertisers ran the gamut fromrecord labels to fashion houses to various cognac brands.Quincy Jones launched Vibe in 1993, in partnership withTime Inc. Originally, the publication had been called Volumebefore co-founding editor, Scott Poulson-Bryant gave it the
  2. 2. name Vibe. Though hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons wasrumored to be an initial partner, publisher Len Burnettrevealed in a March 2007 interview that Simmons clashedwith editor-in-chief Jonathan Van Meter. Miller Publishingbought Vibe in 1996, and shortly afterward bought Spin. Theprivate equity group The Wicks Group of Companies boughtthe magazine in 2006. Jonathan Van Meters successors wereAlan Light, Danyel Smith, Emil Wilbikin, Mimi Valdes, andfinally Danyel Smith again.On June 30, 2009, it wasannounced that Vibe was shutting its doors and ceasingpublication immediately, although according to Essence,Quincy Jones has stated he would like to keep it aliveonline.After shutting down, private equity investment fundInterMedia Partners, LP bought Vibe Magazine. They havesaid they "feel privileged to purchase and resurrect such astoried brand." They added Uptown magazine to Vibesparent company, Vibe Holdings. Ron Burkle and MagicJohnson later invested in the company. Vibe Holdings mergedwith BlackBook Media to form Vibe Media in 2012.Contemporary R&B (also known as simply R&B) is a musicgenre that combines elements of hip hop, soul, R&B and funk.Although the abbreviation “R&B” originates from traditionalrhythm and blues music, today the term R&B is most oftenused to describe a style of African American musicoriginating after the demise of disco in the 1980s. Somesources refer to the style as urban contemporary (the nameof the radio format that plays hip hop and contemporaryR&B).
  3. 3. Task 5 Music Genre’s Dubstep Rap pop hip- music genres Rnb hop Indi rock PunkI have chosen to do Hip-Hop/RnB as my music genre as it’s the genreI have most knowledge in meaning it is easier for me to deliver whatpeople interested in this genre want. It is also a genre that myfavourite magazine is which is “vibe” I hope to model my magazinearound vibe I Also feel that with the availability of studios andrappers in college this would be a wise choice in the long run.POSSIBLE NAMESPulse, Vibrations, Beat, Jukebox, Vynl, record and undergrounddecided to go with Vynl as I feel it’s something I haven’t heard ofbefore and relates to my target audience also my music magazinefocuses on urban and raw music and Vynl was the first type of musicplayer to be made available making music a key feature andnecessity it is so I think it’s a cleaver play on words I have also spelt itwithout the I as “i” feel that the actual look of the logo works better
  4. 4. and allows me to really make an impact considered the other namesand felt they weren’t catchy and effective enough and i also feel thatthere is meaning that relates behind “Vyln” !Possible Fonts:BROADWAY...CAMBRIA MATH BOLD:COLONNA MT BOLD: