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Cahsee test info

  1. 1. CAHSEEMs. Cabrera
  2. 2. What is the CAHSEE? • California High school Exit Exam • Students need to pass the CAHSEE to get their High school Diploma
  3. 3. CAHSEE opportunities • 1 opportunity in 10th grade (March) • 2 opportunities in 11th grade • 3 opportunities in 12th grade
  4. 4. CAHSEE tests• Day 1: English – 72 multiple choice • 45 reading and 27 writing – 1 essay (18%)• Day 2: Math – 80 multiple choice
  5. 5. Test Strategies• Eat and sleep the night before• Be rested and comfortable• Stay relaxed and confident
  6. 6. Test Strategies• Read directions• Answer easy questions first• Circle key words in difficult questions• Answer all easy questions
  7. 7. Test Strategies• Review• Go back to the difficult questions• Reread the questions• Use all the time for the test• Answer ALL the questions
  8. 8. Testing Help• Web site –• Counseling center• English and Math Teacher
  9. 9. Testing score• Lowest score possible is a 275• Highest score possible is a 450• A passing score is a 350
  10. 10. CAHSEE EssayWriting an Essay An essay is a piece of writing that is severalparagraphs long. An essay is about one topic, just like aparagraph. Since its topic is broad, the essay is dividedinto paragraphs, one for each major point. To tie allthe parts together, an introduction is added to thebeginning and a conclusion to the end.An essay has three parts:5.An Introduction6.A Body (one, two, three, or more paragraphs)7.A Conclusion
  11. 11. CAHSEE Essay Rubric On the CAHSEE, you will be expected to write one essay. The writing task for the essay will require you to do any one of the following types of writing: 4. Biographical narrative: write about people you know 5. Response to literature 6. Expository essay: things you have learned 7. Persuasive essay: opinions you have on any subject 8. Business letter The CAHSEE will test your knowledge of 5 Writing Applications Standards
  12. 12. CAHSEE Non-Scorable Essay 1. non-scorable: The code “NS” will appear on the student answer document for responses that are: 1. written in a language other than English 2. off-topic 3. Illegible 4. Unintelligible 5. otherwise non-responsive to the writing task. 2. Conventions of the English language refer to grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and usage. •Papers that do not meet the standard for conventions at a 4 or a 3 score point receive a score that is at most one point lower from the essay prompt response grade.