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Official film pitch


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Official film pitch

  1. 1. FILM PITCHBy Jessica, Neil, Cori & Kate.
  2. 2. TITLE Our title ideas are as follows:• Lipstick. Lies. Tears. Tragedy. • A Dangerous Encounter. • License to Kill. • Revenge. • The Killing.
  3. 3. CONCEPTOur short film idea can be relatedto these three films as they bothincorporate the idea of ghosts.Both The Sixth Sense and TheWoman in Black feature a strongsupernatural ghost who actual putfear into the characters. Theconcept of our film also featuresthe strong sense of revenge whichrelates more to The Woman inBlack.
  4. 4. NARRATIVE The structure of our film is very straight forward, it begins with a couple arguing which sets up the continuous scenes. The plot develops through the presentation that Blake has accidently killed his girlfriend he was trying to break up with.Despite this enigma the audience could interpret the scene in any way they want as we plan not to actually show the death but instead use sound effects to create the idea that she has been hurt. The film continues to show the Blake has moved onfrom his previous girlfriend (the ghost) and got with Rachael. The film follows the unnamed ex stalking him through social networking sites. The unnamed ex then begins to set up the final scene by holding Blake hostage and eventually creating the enigma that she has killed him through the kitchen knife prop. The fact that the remains unnamed throughout the film adds further mystery to the films plot as she is within the film throughout but never actually gains an identity.The ending of our film is left open as there is actually no resolution as we plan to end the scene on the suggestion that the ghost is going to kill Blake.
  5. 5. CHARACTERS Ghost/Ex Girlfriend: this character is the main character within our film as she features through out and is the main source of the scene set up. She ispresented as a jealous ex girlfriend but also allows the audience to believe she isn’t actually dead as she is featured stalking Blake and Rachel.Blake: Blake is a victim and is the main person who receives his ex’s revenge plan.Rachel: Rachel’s character is used to create the jealous felt by the ghost and is the key in actually creating the films ending.
  7. 7. SETTINGOur plans for setting is: the apartment/house Blake and his ex lived in which will feature in the majority of the scenes. The street outside which will give a creepy atmosphere within the film. Rachel’s Feminine room to show her innocence.The Clock in which Rachael and Blake meet and shows that the ex is stalking them.
  8. 8. COSTUME/PROPSOur planned costume is normal everyday modern clothing but the main piece is a black trench coat worn by Blake. This significant of this is show the mysteriousness of the situation straight after the apparent killing of his ex. Another significant prop is the lipstick worn by the ex as it is planned to bered which connotes danger and lust. This is worn by the ex and will be shot in scenes with her to indicate who she is.
  9. 9. LIGHTINGThe planned lighting of our scene are dim are dull, but also mainly feature inblack and white. We are hoping to be able to create a scene where everything is black & white except the females lips which will be in full colour of red. The lighting is going to be effective in setting the tone for a film and create suspense and intensity for the audience.
  10. 10. AUDIENCE PROFILEPeople interested in short films. Film students.. 18+People who attend film festivals.
  11. 11. THEMES/TIME & TECHNOLOGY Themes: tragedy, murder & jealousy.Time: our film does not go back into time but actually dips into past eras with our use of an old telephone to create a sense of suspense. Also our use ofblack and white scenes dip into the past as that is how older films used to be shot.Technology: the use of facebook to show Rachel and Blake’s relationship and also to show the Ex’s stalking method.