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Evaluation Question Two


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Evaluation Question Two

  1. 1. How does your media product represent particular social groups? I feel that my magazine My media product highlights indie music represents the indie and in a positive light and British pop culture scene. doesn’t stereo type This means that I have them in to one category used certain techniques like some music such as indie clothing in magazine do. Even my double page spread to though my main make readers feel as audience is indie and though they can relate to British pop my my magazine. magazine I feel could be read by any type of social group. Furthermore, for my contents page I have used edited photos as album covers to give an indie acoustic feel to theFor my headline I have used the magazine.words acoustic to make it appeal topeople who are interested in newmusic as it is an acoustic revival. Thisdoes appeal to a certain social groupbut the magazine its self doesn’t.
  2. 2. The indie music scene Negatives: The indie music scene has beenPositives: portrayed in many negative lights.The indie music scene has Firstly, ‘Their attitudes are fickle, andbecame very diverse over the can be passed off as pretentious oryears, from the times in the 90’s rude if you dont get to know them.’ aswhen the indie scene was a rigid wrote on the urban dictionaryway of life and fashion to now definition of an indie kid.where most new artist have some Secondly, the indie scene has beeninfluence from indie music. made out to also be negative throughSome of the biggest names in the TV shows such as skinscharts have some aspects of indie andmusic such as Coldplay, Keane photographs such as this one..and so on. The indie scene has taken away the positives that indie music has given to society, the mass media has created this image for really good music but people have perceived that everyone who listens to it looks like that picture.