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Seo in 2013


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Red Spot Design is a web design company based in Dallas / Fort Worth, specialized in website design, internet marketing / search engine optimization, and website hosting.

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Seo in 2013

  1. 1. SEO in 2013
  2. 2. 5 things that have changed SEO in 2013 1. The fall of the keyword 2. The rise on content marketing 3. The rise of social in SEO  4. The rise of the video in SEO  5. The rise of the image in SEO 
  3. 3. Want to be successfully online? • G+1, Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest and Twitter accounts that must be optimised and utilised. • Web directory submission • Social Networks submissions • PDF submission • Podcast creation and submission • RSS submission • Video creation and submission
  4. 4. Mobile Optimization Optimize your website for mobile because Google prioritizes mobile optimized sites over their non-optimized competitors on mobile search.
  5. 5. People ask questions while searching not just keywords
  6. 6. Traffic Options • Paid Traffic – It’s quick, its works, but can be costly. • SEO Traffic – The more effort you put in, the more attention and value your online assets accrue, however this can all be lost overnight with a Google update. • PTO (People and traffic optimisation) – You are building your business and your brand through social signals, engagement and new strategies because real people are connected to you your traffic can not be taken away..
  7. 7. PTO instead of SEO PTO (People and Traffic Optimisation) : Instead of chasing after SEO and how to rank well in Google search results, think about 1. People – User Experience! Google rewards websites that provide that experience! 2. Traffic – Is your content relevant, interesting that it goes viral?  Google knows when your content goes viral and your content gets SEO points!
  8. 8. When to consider PTO? • where mass exposure and brand awareness is needed • if your business is in a position where it needs to be thrust before the masses then PTO is definitely worth considering. •  if you need to visually showcase something, whether its a music video, or you have built a conservatory
  9. 9. What Does Optimizing For People Mean? create content in a manner that helps and informs people
  10. 10. strategies for PTO Good keyword research Compelling headline Keep paragraphs short in structure Add images that stand out, but with little hype ADD VIDEO! its really work  and add each piece of content • Engage when others engage with it…most important • Share your content in social media profile • • • • •
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