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Northeast Equine Expo- May 29th -30th 2010
The Northeast Equine Expo is a premier equestrian and luxury lifestyle event. We will bring together all aspects and disciplines of the diverse equestrian world to celebrate our one commonality … the love of horses.
Northeast Equine Expo is located at the historic and world renowned Belmont Park Raceway in New York and will be the kickoff event for the week of The Triple Crown, Belmont Stakes Race.
Our event will feature all aspects of equestrian sports including racing, roping, pleasure riding, and polo.
I hope you enjoy our media kit. It should provide you with a nice overview of our event

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Northeast Equine Expo- Media Kit

  1. 1. Welcome Letter 3 Event Overview 4 Location 6 Advertising Demographics & Reach 7 Demographics (Chart) 8 Multi Platform Advertising 9 Media Coverage 10 Website Advertising 11 Video Advertising 12 Journal Advertising 13 Sponsors & Vendors Sponsorship Levels 15 Vender Booths 16 Sponsorship of Events, Tents & Activities 17 Amenities 18 Contact Us Email 19
  2. 2. We are extending the opportunity for you to participate in the Northeast Equine Expo. We are a premier luxury lifestyle equestrian event to promote equestrian awareness, while working to preserve equestrian activities through land preservation of open space. The Northeast Equine Expo is a 2-day equestrian extravaganza which will become first-of-its-kind in New York. It will be held during the Memorial Day Weekend on May 29-30 2010 and will take place at the world renowned and historic Belmont Park on Long Island. The Expo will be featured as the kickoff event to the Triple Crown Belmont Stakes. The NE Equine Expo will host local and visiting horses of all breeds and sporting disciplines. Our infield events will feature various demonstrations such as show jumping, western, hunter, dressage, pleasure riding, driving, racing and polo. Northeast Equine Expo delivers an affluent audience that is unique and varied reaching all types, from equestrian minded individual to Olympic riders to vacationing tourist enjoying the equine related attractions of the historic and world renowned Belmont Park. The Northeast Equine Expo event is unique in that it will bring together all aspects and disciplines of the diverse equestrian world to celebrate our one commonality … the love of horses. Call your Northeast Equine Expo Sales Representative today 1-(877)-778-EXPO for a package that will best suit your needs.
  3. 3. M ap of EvEnts Grandstands • View our infield events from the Grandstandsor box seats. • Main Hall - Exhibtor Booths of equestrian related products. Belmont Infield • A unique location for a variety of skilled riders to showcase their talents. • Infield demonstrations will be held in between regularly scheduled races. Colonnade • Exhibitor booths of lifestyle related products. Marquee Tent • Go Green tent - Features Exhibitor booths of green related products. • Eco friendly exhibitors display energy efficient methods to better serve your equestrian lifestyle. Red Field • Youth Equestrian Tent - Everything for kids under one tent • Breed Boulevard - Associations and breeders will showcase a wide variety of breeds, along with a rotating cast of selected stallions, mares and geldings. • Truck Trailers, and open space exhibitors. Festival Tent • Learning tent • Industry experts present non-stop sessions on a wide variety of topics. • In-depth clinics, seminars and training. • Industry experts will hold ongoing in-depth demonstrations, seminars and clinics. • Non-stop scheduled sessions will inculde such equestrian topics as horse management, health and training, relevant to horse enthusiasts from amateurs to seasoned professionals.
  4. 4. T he Northeast Equine Expo is a two day exposition created to allow ehibitors access to a captive and receptive audience. Each exhibitor has the opportunity to align their brand through specific related activities.
  5. 5. northEast EquinE Expo is Easily accEssEd by thE MassivE EquEstrian population and thE hundrEds of thousands who arrivE in prEpar ation for thE running of thE final lEg of thE triplE crown-thE bElMont stakEs r acEs. W hat makes the NE Equine Expo unique among other major horse equestrian venues in the world is that Belmont typically attracts tens of thousands on Memorial Day weekend. • Located on 445 acres and can handle over One Hundred Thousand in attendance. • Belmont Park is strategically located off a major highway with its own dedicated exit, Train and Bus Station. • Belmont offers open space and lawns for family to enjoy the day and picnic. • Long Island is home to magnificent private horse farms spread over Nassau and Suffolk County. Belmont Park, is situated on Long Island between Manhattan and the Hampton, it serves as the heart of the premier celebrity and equestrian playground. This long- awaited event will be easily accessible by its large affluent equestrian population. The Perfect Venue B eautiful Belmont Park provides the perfect Belmont History & Tradition backdrop to our event as a destinationn that is For more information on the long standing history and tradition of Belmont Park please click on the world renowned for its history and tradition. following link- Belmont History and Tradition Directions For directions to Belmont Park and the address please click on the following link- Belmont Park Elmont, NY
  6. 6. dEMogr aphics & r Each T he Expo provides unique opportunity that will allow you to focus your marketing effort on tens of thousands of enthusiastic spectators and passionate equestrians, many whom are from the most affluent families in the world. Who have travel to the area in anticipation of a Triple Crown Belmont Stakes race week. You will reach a passionate group of enthusiast, many of whom are active in more than one sport, making them ideal prospects for many types of products. Our well-heeled patrons are the prime market and purchasers of high-end ve- hicles, collecting, real estate and other leisure pursuits and passions that come with the equestrian lifestyle. With an average household income of $170,000 they invest heavily in their horses and have the resources to pursue their up- scale lifestyle
  7. 7. rEach your targEt MarkEts through an affluEnt faMily-oriEntEd sport that fostErs disciplinE, coMMitMEnt and confidEncE… W e offer a variety of innovative, high-impact, multi platform adver- tising opportunities. Whether you are launching a new product or building brand awareness, we will deliver an effective branding message for your company. Develop and enhance your brand in front of a highly affluent and targeted audience • Increased coverage in the NY Metropolitan and Northeast Area • A quality, targeted audience with discretionary income • Unique advertising positions in a compelling advertising environment • Reach of National & International Website • Multimedia portfolio that fulfills your newspaper, online & magazine needs • Reach Affluent, educated, professionals We can provide creative multimedia options that produce results. • Online • In-Print • Video • Event Space
  8. 8. Multi platforM a dvErtising Publications - News reports will be sent directly to hundreds of mainstream and specialty equestrian media outlets with a total daily circulation of over 10 Million. Among the newspapers are US Today, The New York Times, Post and Daily News and many more. In the Tri-State area alone, coverage in Newsday, New York Post and other news papers have a combined daily circulation and readership that is estimated to be over a million copies each day. Television - Television affiliates of the major networks- ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC - provide viewers regular coverage in their prime time evening news blocks, we anticipate participa- tion from the late night newscasts and early morning shows as well as coverage of celeb- rity attendance. Several special interest series that will air on cable will also be at the NE Equine Expo. Equestrian Magazines - More than 50 horse magazines in the US will cover the NE Equine Expo. Circulation of these publications is in the hundreds of thousands. Paid circulation of full color glossy publications devoted to equestrians totals over 160,000. Press & Reporter - Reporters, photographers and television camera operators will pro- vide detailed coverage of the NE Equine Expo event. Websites - More than two dozen major global equestrian internet and event sites market the NE Equine Expo event. Through various highly effective media outlets your sponsorship affiliation with NE Equine Expo will be broadcast across the US.
  9. 9. Hits Per month US Traffic US Base Traffic Traffic Rank 8,145,452 258 80.8% 949 5,108,414 576 76.2% 2,477 46,633,213 26 67.3% 108 597,788 14,506 99.4% 64,138 16,441884 206 58.5% 516 60,000,000 27 74
  10. 10. nEEquinEExpo.coM will ExtEnd your rEach bEyond thE audiEncE on thE wEb in ordEr to hElp drivE onlinE tr ansactions. high iMpact ad position Northeast Equine Expo offers a number of High Impact Ad Positions. There are many ways for Advertisers to use High Impact Positions at our event and on our website to deliver an effective branding message. bannEr a dvErtising Web based Banner advertising helps create brand awareness of your company as well as drive consumers directly to your website.. Banner ad specifications are as follows:GIF file format -Flash accepted with backup GIF file -468x60 banners -File size limit - no more than 15k (less that 12k preferred). run-of-sitE One of our most cost effective display advertising options, with ads running throughout the site. This option also maximizes exposure for campaigns that need to draw many impressions over a short period of time. MicrositE Our premium micro sites feature areas of significant interest to our consumers. Our microsites will showcase a variety of features, from video to slideshows and podcasts, with frequent tie-ins and promotions within the journal and website..
  11. 11. vidEo a dvErtising Video advertising brings your brand to life by incorporating the appeal of sight, sound, and motion. Northeast Equine Expo offers streaming video ads, in-program video ads at our event on the Infield Jumbotron while simultaneously broadcasting through the entire venue and across the national RaceTV. On-page in-program video ads, and custom webcast space is also available on our website.
  12. 12. You will be among good company. Reach our affluent equestrian community and increase your impact with advertising in both our Journal and on our website. black & whitE Price Full Page $810 Half Page Island $635 Half Page Hor/Vert $490 1/4 Page $385 1/8 Page $215 four color Price Full Page $1020 Half Page Island $810 Half Page Hor/Vert $595 1/4 Page $470 1/8 Page $255 covErs Price Black $1700 Inside Front $1275 Inside Back $1105
  13. 13. Journal spEcifications half pagE island vErt. 9.875” full pagE 5.49” x 5.956” 1/2 pagE 7.375” 4.485” x x 3.604” production chargEs 1.7” x 4.85” 1/8 vErt Northeast Equine Expo is able to draft a layout that will meet the advertiser’s specifications at no charge. 1/8 horiz. 3.604” x 2.2” For ads requiring special digital effects, logo design, or high-end graphics please contact a graphic designer. 1/2 pagE horz. 1/4 vErt digital spEcs 7.375” x 4.85” 3.604” x 4.485” 300 dpi resolution PDF or TIFF file on CD or e-mailed 1/4 horiz. to: 5.49” x 3.0” digital a ds 300 dpi resolution, CMYK, single image PDF file.
  14. 14. Choose from one of our many sponsorship levels or choose a specific location for your booth or event. Rest assured that your messaging will be prominently positioned within highly sought-after content areas of your choice. ExclusivE sponsorship Young Custom Presenting Expo Bag Expo Admission Infield Event Go Green Seminar Tent Breed Blvd Equestrian Yard Jump Sponsor Sponsor Bracelet Sponsor Sponsor Tent Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor fEaturEdlEvEls Platinum Gold Silver Participants custoM pack agEs Our Custom Packages are seamlessly integrated with Northeast Equine Expo con- tent that best fits your target audience. All packages can be individually created with your specific goals and objectives in mind. For a full view of the Sponsorship levels please see our website here.
  15. 15. vEndor booth locations Vendor booths are strategically located throughout Belmont Park. Work with one of our NE Equine Expo Sales Representative to determine which location best fits your target audience. • Grandstands • Colonnade • Go Green Tent • Young Equestrian tent • Breed Blvd • Red Field For further breakdown on each location please refer to our map of events page of our website located here
  16. 16. bElMont park -infiEld Infield Event Sponsor – Tie your brand to an individual infield event demonstration. (i.e. Polo, Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Roping, Mounted Police, Pony Club.) Stadium Jump Sponsor – Our infield stadium jumps can be customized to your specifications and designed with your company’s colors and logos. tEntEd vEnuE Go Green/ Tent Sponsor- Our Go Green Tent will host vendors displaying eco-friendly products and educational information. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how natural, low impact products will better serve their equestrian lifestyle from our eco-friendly vendors. Plenty of fun hand on activities. Learning Center/ Tent Sponsor- On going demonstrations, seminars and training clinics will be held by industry experts. Industry authorities will present non-stop sessions on a wide variety of topics from horse management, health and training topics relevant to horse enthusiasts from amateurs to seasoned professionals. Youth Yard/ Tent Sponsor- Kids and adults are invited to explore the Young Equestrian Yard. This tent is dedicated to our young riders. Vendor’s booths will feature products such as apparel, toys, and tack. Associations and Pony Clubs will provide educational information in a creative and fun format. Breed Blvd/ Tent Sponsor- At this central location 100 stalls will feature a wide variety of breed associations and breeders will showcase selected stallions, mares, and geldings. MErchandisE Expo Bracelet Sponsor- Place you logo on our Admission Bracelet worn by all Expo attendees. Expo Bag Sponsor- Place your logo on our bag given to all Expo attendees upon entrance to our event. EvEnt Evening Gala Sponsor- Saturday evening we will host a black tie evening gala celebration. This ballroom affair with white glove service and live band entertainment will raise funds for charity.
  17. 17. your sponsorship May consist of thE follow catEgoriEs. for a dEtailEd list of aMEnitiEs click hErE for our sponsorship a MEnitiEs NE Equine Expo Journal – Sold and distributed to over 10,000 exhibitors spectators, sponsors, VIP and Special Event Guests. Equestrian Magazines – Newspapers- Direct Mailing- TV Jump Signage & Banners – Logo ID on jump custom designs available. Logo ID on banners- Located in high traffic areas. Internet & Media Promotions – NE Equine Expo / Press Releases- Name and Logo included in press release distributed to exhibitors, spectators, sponsors, VIP’s, special event guests, and news media. NE Equine Expo Website – Link to and from NE Equine Expo Website. PA Announcements / Scoreboard Logos – Sponsor commercial played over the public address system sponsor logos on electronic boards. Press Release and Featured Articles – Name and logo mention in press releases, featured articles, event advertisements in mainstream print publications / equestrian trade magazines / news. Boutique Tents & Booth Display Areas – Vendor space in a variety of sizes are available in boutique tents and may be used to sell and / or promote in high traffic locations. Display areas are available in high traffic locations. VIP Box & Hospitality Options – A Private “members only” hospitality area with spectacular views overlooking Belmont’s Raceway; an exclusive gathering place for private members- horse owners riders, sponsors, celebrities, business executives. Major sponsors will receive a VIP reserved box seats. NE Equine Expo is able to custom design a strategic sponsorship program to suit your specific marketing and promotional requirements. Please see our sponsorship spreadsheet for a list of additional amenities & pricing.
  18. 18. if you havE quEstions…wE can hElp! Call Us (877) 778-EXPO for prompt friendly assistance. Phone lines are open from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. You can leave us a voicemail anytime, and we will return your call during the next business day. E-Mail Us - Write us anytime with a question or concern. We will respond to your inquiry by the next business day.