Systematize Business with Social Media: Facebook and Twitter Lists


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Another session from YouReach Media's Webinar campaign on Systematizing business with Social media. This session focuses on utilizing Facebook and Twitter lists to effectively engage with audiences.

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Systematize Business with Social Media: Facebook and Twitter Lists

  1. 1. Systematize your Business with Social Media
  2. 2. Systematize BusinessSocial Media is a set of tools, NOT the end game... •Your goal is not to “Do” Social media •What goals have you set??New tools and systems are introduced daily... •Everything you do should •Enhance your business •Improve Productivity and Efficiency 2
  3. 3. Systematize Business With out a cohesive strategy, Social Media IS: •Too time consuming •Too difficult •Not yielding real results... 3
  4. 4. Systematize BusinessTo have real success and makereal money with social media-you need strategies forthese tools...To be the MOST efficient andsuccessful, you need anoverarching social mediastrategy... 4
  5. 5. Lists to Organize contacts• Twitter: •Add the people you FOLLOW to lists •based on location, profession, etc •Create locked, private lists for your prospects •People ARE notified when you list them- be mindful of the NAME 5
  6. 6. Lists to Organize contacts• Twitter: •Scan lists frequently and follow conversations of your GROUPS of contacts •Quickly engage with those that you want •Easily provide value and step in as a resource •Our Favorite Tool for this: •Tweet Deck 6
  7. 7. Lists to Organize contacts •Facebook: •Organize friends into different lists •Friends will NOT see the names of these lists unless you shar •Account > edit friends > create list •Use lists in your privacy settings 7
  8. 8. Lists to Organize contacts •Facebook: •Monitor your News Feed according to different lists •Be sure to stay closely connected to exactly who you want •inner sphere list •Referring client list 8
  9. 9. YouReach Media For REAL success in social media- you need a STRATEGY, and you need to EXECUTE The more you practice and execute, the greater results and the easier Social Media becomes BUT- you have lives, and getting everything in place can take some time... 9
  10. 10. How we work for YOU•Simple STRATEGY for Mobile SocialMedia •We break important concepts down into digestible chunks that you are easily able to build on every single week•Successfully execute your strategy in under 10minutes every day- from your mobile phone•NOT a “Drive By” seminar! •6-month relationship
  11. 11. About YR training•Six months with 24 lessons. Lessons areunlocked weekly and available to you24/7. •Each lesson takes just One hour of your time, plus the Hour-long webinar each week
  12. 12. Mobile Social Media Training•Get Specific...•Weeks 1-5: Plan your Social Media strategy, and get a full understanding of WHY agents use Social Media. Look at online culture and role of SM in Internet Marketing.•Weeks 6-16: Work your strategy. HOW TO build and customize your key profiles on social networks- Manage and engage your sphere strategically•Weeks 17-24: Move into advanced Social Media tools for building powerful relationships, work your conversion and sales strategy.
  13. 13. Learn more & sign up at: Contact us: 877.747.REACH or 877.747.7322 TWITTER: @YouReachMedia