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Charles Barr Trafalgar Cherry Wood Collection Catalogue


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This is the latest version of the Charles Barr Trafalgar Cherry Wood furniture collection brochure.

Containing details of all the pieces of traditional furniture made from the finest Cherry Wood Timbers

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Charles Barr Trafalgar Cherry Wood Collection Catalogue

  1. 1. TrafalgarCherry Collectionby Charles Barr
  2. 2. Cherry Charles Barr Collection TRAFALGAR: A collection of furniture inspired by British nautical history. Rich Cherry fruitwood timbers matched with contrasting decorative flame mahogany veneers enhanced by galleon theme styling, tempered with sophisticated 18th and early 19th century English influences. Whatever your personal preference our Trafalgar collection will remain an enduring and unchanging source of pleasure which will be as little affected by passing fashions as it is by the passing of time, that is one of its most reassuring and practical virtues, Trafalgar by Charles Barr. T129C5 T285C5 T285AC5 Twin pedestal two Dining chair Armchair leaf dining table H 104cm (41") H 104cm (41") H 78cm (31") W 55cm (22") W 59cm (23") W 314cm (124") D 61cm (24") D 63cm (25") D 132cm (52")2 Loose leaf size 61cm (24"). Also available in other sizes. 3
  3. 3. Cherry Charles Barr Collection T30C5 Three door sideboard with centre serving slide H 84cm (33") W 175cm (69") D 51cm (20") T35C5 Sideboard This sideboard includes a central pull out serving H 84cm (33") slide and a right hand facing cutlery drawer, the W 205cm (81") bottom drawer is made deeper by incorporating the D 51cm (20") bottom plinth moulding into the drawer front.Three fielded style door panels faced with decorative curl mahogany veneers T450C5 Three door display cabinetand an arch style pediment complimented by bevelled corner stiles and scroll with centre serving slide H 235cm (93")decorative mouldings all constructed from substantial amounts of cherry W 175cm (69") shown with lights, glasstimber add to the robust galleon styling of this Trafalgar display cabinet. D 49cm (19") shelves and polished back Height without pediment 218cm (86") 4 5
  4. 4. Cherry Charles Barr Collection This superb Trafalgar display cabinet has been designed with practicality in mind, three door display cabinet, an open arch centre or perhaps you would like extra space to house a little liquid refreshment. The central fall flap on our bar compartment will reveal ample storage space for bottles and glasses alike and includes an internal glass shelf and mirrored back. The bottom carcass on all three cabinets includes a central pull out serving slide and a right hand facing cutlery drawer. The bottom drawer in the centre section of the cabinet is make deeper by incorporating plinth moulding into the drawer front. T455C5 Trafalgar display cabinet shown with polished back, H 238cm (94") W 205cm (81") lights and glass shelves D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86") T456C5 Display cabinet with arch centre H 238cm (94") W 205cm (81") D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86") T457C5 Display cabinet with bar centre H 238cm (94") W 205cm (81") D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86") Bottom drawer detail6 7
  5. 5. Cherry Charles Barr Collection Our T141C5 Fixed underframe dining table is ideal for the smaller dining room, its two central leaves store within the table which when closed will seat 6 comfortably. When extended four extra spaces can be added for special occasions. T141C5 Two leaf fixed underframe dining table with leaf storage facility for two leaves H 78cm (31") W 252cm (101") D 114cm (45") Loose leaf size 56cm (22") T200C5 Dining chair H 102cm (40") W 58cm (23") D 60cm (24") T200AC5 Armchair H 102cm (40") W 60cm (24") D 58cm (23") T455C5 Trafalgar display cabinet shown with polished back, H 238cm (94") W 205cm (81") lights and glass shelves D 49cm (19") Height without pediment 218cm (86")8 9
  6. 6. Cherry Charles Barr Collection T8C5 Mirror H 140cm (55") W 95cm (37") D 8cm (3") Trafalgar mouldings and a full unbroken pediment are a perfect match if you are looking for a mirror to hang above our T1 console table. T1C5 Console table H 88cm (35") W 137cm (54") D 44cm (17") This unusual cherry wood console table includes a serpentine base with inlaid decorative curl panel, the curl mahogany cross banded cherry top includes a secret centre drawer which is flanked by two full width drawers. A dining table that would grace T127C5 T200C5 T500C5 any ships salon, its heavy bulbous Corner cabinet Single pedestal dining table Dining chairs column mounted on a four with leaf storage facility shown with lights and glass shelves pointed scalloped base provides a H 102cm (40") H 78cm (31") W 58cm (23") H 209cm (82") firm dining surface that is not W 188cm (74") W 92cm (36") D 60cm (24") normally found on circular single D 49cm (19") Right angle depth 64cm (25")10 pedestal dining tables. 11 Table closed with leaf stored width 132cm (52") Height without pediment 191cm (75")
  7. 7. Cherry Charles Barr Collection Quite often a corner space within a room will remain unused, our open front double door corner cabinet makes the best use of this space. Two adjustable shelves in the open top carcass of this cabinet and an optional touch dimmer lighting system provide a useful corner space to show your favourite objet dart. T500C5 Corner cabinet shown with lights and glass shelves H 209cm (82") W 92cm (36") Right angle depth 64cm (25") Height without pediment 191cm (75") T780C5 Three drawer side table H 71cm (28") W 62cm (24") D 36cm (14") Have you ever wanted a coffee table that is sturdy yet decorative, well this model is it. Crown cherry veneers are highlighted by inset curl mahogany bandings, the four side rails of the table match the S shaped legs on each of its four corners, all fashioned out of the highest quality solid cherry fruitwood timbers, a bottom shelf provides the finishing touch to this large coffee table. T600C5 Coffee table H 44cm (17") W 122cm (48") D 122cm (48") A bow fronted nest of tables, the top table is decorated with curl mahogany cross bandings, whilst the smallest of the three tables is T766C5 Occasional table decorated with a matching curl H 66cm (26") mahogany central panel. W 59cm (23") – diameter T710C5 Nest of tables The bulbous column and four pointed scalloped base provide for an attractive small occasional table which has H 00cm (00") W 00cm (00") a perfect centre of gravity if you are looking for a table12 D 00cm (00") that is not easily displaced from its place in any home. 13
  8. 8. Cherry Charles Barr Collection Modern TV stands constructed from glass and plastic add little visual beauty to a room, the TVs of today require large bases not only for support but to house ancilliary units that now accompany modern day TV sets, our T560C5 Trafalgar TV stand provides the perfect base and storage unit. T560C5 TV Cabinet H 57cm (22") W 120cm (47") D 52cm (20") T565C5 Hi-fi cabinet H 73cm (29") W 63cm (25") Smaller in length and narrower in its width than D 46cm (18") our T600 coffee table, this table makes up for its slightly smaller size by offering an optional centre leaf that can be stored under its tops when in place it will extend the length of your coffee table for special occasions. T631C5 Coffee table with fixed top T630C5 Coffee table with centre leaf H 44cm (17") W 122cm (48") D 76cm (30") Extended width 178cm (70") T629C5 Lamp table with pull out slide H 52cm (20") W 56cm (22") D 56cm (22")14 15
  9. 9. Charles Barr Furniture LimitedCountry Works, Sunderland Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1RS Tel: 01767 681444 Fax: 01767 681397