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Charles Barr Bedroom Furniture Collection


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Charles Barr bedroom furniture is available in both solid mahogany timbers or cherry wood.

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Charles Barr Bedroom Furniture Collection

  1. 1. TrafalgarBedroom Collectionby Charles Barr
  2. 2. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection Traditional or modern, whichever effect you want to create our cherry bedroom range provides the perfect furniture for a perfect setting, our Trafalgar bedroom collection has been inspired by British Nautical History, rich cherry fruitwood timbers matched with contrasting decorative flame mahogany veneers will help you to create that restful relaxed feeling that is so important to any bedroom. All of the models in our Trafalgar Cherry Bedroom collection are available in our light C5 cherry finish, or if you prefer in our M4 mahogany finish, both options are hand polished in a lightly antique distressed finish. T900C5 Bed frame with timber slatted base for a 152cm (60in) mattress H 115cm (45in) W 164cm (64in) D 226cm (89in) Also available for a 183cm (72in) mattress T890C5 H 115cm (45in) W 194cm (76in) D 226cm (89in) Both beds are available with timber sprung base systems2 3
  3. 3. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection The bottom drawers of our Trafalgar chest are all made deeper, this is achieved by incorporating the robust plinth top moulding into the drawer front. T903C5 Nine drawer chest H 89cm (35in) W 151cm (59in) D 46cm (18in)All Trafalgar wardrobes have been designed with access in mind, they canbe delivered fully assembled or in flat pack form to fit through the smallestof doors and stairways. Each wardrobe interior as standard consists of a topshelf with a full hanging brass rail underneath it but if you would preferextra storage, interior drawers, tie racks and shoe rails are all available. T904C5 Four drawer chest T910C5 Three door T909C5 Two door wardrobe shown wardrobe H 89cm (35in)H 215cm (85in) H 215cm (85in) W 94cm (37in)W 253cm (100in) with extra shirt W 173cm (68in) D 46cm (18in)D 71cm (28in) drawers and tie rail D 71cm (28in)Shoe rack available in single or double door sizes. T905C5 Six drawer tall chestHand inlaid key escutcheons and solid brass key bows are a feature H 124cm (49in)throughout our Trafalgar Bedroom collection. W 89cm (35in) D 46cm (18in) 4 5
  4. 4. Tr a f a l g a r Charles Barr Collection This T904M4 four drawer chest has had its mahogany bandings and diamond motif replaced with exotic burr olive ash timbers before being polished to our mahogany M4 colour. T907C5 Two drawer dressing table with a further H 97cm (30in) W 105cm (41in) central secret D 46cm (18in) jewellery drawer. T908C5 Dressing table stool H 46cm (18in) W 46cm (18in) D 38cm (15in) T916C5 Wall mirror H 87cm (34in) W 64cm (25in) T906C5 Dressing chest makes the best use of limited space it doubles up as aH 94cm (37in)W 94cm (37in) dressing table and a drawer storageD 49cm (19in) unit. The lift up top with a mirror on its underside and the pull out scroll slide reveal two further storage trays ideal for all those necessary T902C5 Three draw chest accessories we use every day. H 62cm (24in) W 54cm (21in) D 41cm (16in) T901C5 Bedside table H 62cm (24in) 6 W 55cm (21in) 7 D 41cm (16in)
  5. 5. Charles Barr Furniture LimitedCountry Works, Sunderland Road, Sandy, Bedfordshire SG19 1RS Tel: 01767 681444 Fax: 01767 681397