Self managers


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January Advisory- Monday 1/6

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Self managers

  1. 1. Rowe: We Are Self-Managers We are SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, AND RESPECTFUL in the classroom and out!
  2. 2. What We Know • Most students at Rowe make the right choice and are SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, and RESPECTFUL. • In fact, 94.5% of all students at ROWE have had 0-1 Discipline Incidents this year! Way to Go Shamrocks!!
  3. 3. Self-Managers Manager their Own Behavior
  4. 4. What We Know • Almost ALL students at Rowe are present in class. • In fact, our Attendance percentage is 96.8% THAT IS AWESOME SHAMROCKS!
  5. 5. Self Managers Are In Class On Time and Prepared
  6. 6. What We Know • Most students at Rowe make an effort to be on time and are prepared for class. • In fact, 53% of Rowe students have 0-1 Tardy for 2nd period this quarter.
  7. 7. Tardies 2nd Quarter 2 Tardies 3 Tardies 4 Tardies Greater than 4 Tardies 0-1 Tardy
  8. 8. But… We Also Know • We can improve! ALL students need to be in class, on time and prepared!
  9. 9. Self-Managers are ON Time and Prepared • Let’s Go Shamrocks! We can be in class on time and prepared for learning! 2 Tardies 3 Tardies 4 Tardies Greater than 4 Tardies 0-1 Tardy
  10. 10. Think-Pair-Share • Think of 2 things that surprised you about the information that you’ve seen so far today. • With a partner, discuss what you both were surprised by. Write these in your Self-Manager Guide. Draw a * by your 2 best answers. • One at a time, each group is to share their best answers with the teacher who will list on the board. • Continue around the room until there are nobest answersto write. (Try not to repeat what has been said by other groups)
  11. 11. Teacher Hint Think-Pair-Share • Think about Tardies, Attendance, AND Discipline Incidents. • If students are struggling with something they are surprised about, have them write a belief about students at Rowe that the data supported or questions they have about the information presented.
  12. 12. Rowe Celebrates Self-Managers • Rowe is filled with students who can manage their own behavior by being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, AND RESPECTFUL both in the classroom and out. • Starting 3rd Quarter, these students will be recognized for their positive influence here at Rowe!
  13. 13. Who is a Self-Manager? Self Managers Looks Like • Is in class on time and are prepared for class • Manages their behavior in the classroom AND out • Takes care of their classroom responsibilities • 0-1 Unexcused Absences or Tardies Second Quarter • 0 Discipline Incidents Second Quarter. • 0 F’s Second Quarter
  14. 14. Why a Self-Manager? • Self-Managers often do the right thing simply because it is the right thing. • Rowe will celebrate these students by: – – – – – Recognizing them! Random Treat Days Special Shrock Drawings Choose Your Lunch/Excuse Yourself Lunch Privileges Teacher approved Friday Early Release for Lunch and Bus – Others???
  15. 15. How Do I Apply? • Students who qualify in ALL 3 Areas • Tardies/Absences, Discipline, AND Grades • Application will be Given in February • Teacher rating on SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, AND RESPECTFUL • Those chosen will get a sticker for their ID Cards for 3rd Quarter Self-Manager Status • ALL Students get another chance for 4th quarter based on 3rd quarter!
  16. 16. This Week • We’ll be reviewing Rowe Expectations – Remember: SAFE, RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL • GOAL: Improve our Self-Managing Behaviors – In class on time and are prepared for class – Manage behavior in the classroom AND out – Take care of their classroom responsibilities