Photoshoot plan


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Photoshoot plan

  1. 1. PHOTOSHOOT PLANITEM MODEL SETTING SHOT TYPE/ANGLE/ LIGHTING DETAILS OF EDITING DISNTANCEAMY OR/AND MAYA The model/s should be in the I want to use a long shot so I The lighting doesn’t matter The body will be darkened so woods or a park so there is a get the full body of my model too much as long as the image its more of a silhouette. nature element to the picture in. This will then create the is clear that I can edit the Then edges of the photo will to fit in with the story to our effect of vulnerability and lightness and darkness in be darkened and blacked trailer. She should be isolation. photoshop out. positioned near a tree.AMY AND/OR MAYA In an open space in a natural Long shot again, to create the Same as above Same as above setting like the woods or the idea of isolation and park. She will have her back vulnerability, quite a low angle faced towards us. to make the woods and floor plan seem larger and more open.AMY AND/OR MAYA, SETH Hidden behind a large tree, Mid shot of girls scared behind Same as above Same as above with an empty setting apart the tree, whereas it would be from the silhouette of Seth the an extreme long shot of Seth in “murderer” in the background the distance.