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Sigmatech Portfolio


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Sigmatech Portfolio

  1. 1. Sigmatech Training and Multimedia Projects Instructional Design and/or Project Management Sample Screenshots by Jessica Harber Saturn Online Consultative Selling WEB-BASED TRAINING (Cycling Race Theme) Mercedes-Benz M-Class Interactive TRANSLATION OF COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING I was the first project manager at Sigmatech to fully organize and coordinate the translations of English computer-based training courses, most of which were highly technical and were translated into multiple languages. This required coordination with a number of groups, including translators, narrators, audio engineers and editors, and also the Sigmatech development team made up of programmers and graphic designers/animators. My efforts in this complicated process resulted in the establishment of a company procedure for subsequent course translations. 1 of 4
  2. 2. National Children's Advocacy Center Law Enforcement's Initial Response to Child Abuse WEB-BASED TRAINING FedEx Express Dangerous Goods Seminar VIDEO Southern Company Valuing Differences Perceptions/Assumptions COMPUTER-BASED TRAINING NASA Technical Standards Program KIOSK 2 of 4 Sigmatech Training and Multimedia Projects Instructional Design and/or Project Management Sample Screenshots by Jessica Harber
  3. 3. American Honda New Product Info/Training WBT Mercedes Benz Sales Training, Drivetrain, & Electrical Course CBT Translations Comparison Website Toyota Vehicle Allocation Prototype CBT Chrysler Technician Training CBTs: - Brakes - English & French & Spanish - Air Conditioning - English & French & Spanish - Automatic Transmissions - French & Spanish - ABS - French & Spanish - Mass Air Flow - French & Spanish - Electrical Fundamentals 1 - French & Spanish - Electrical Fundamentals 2 - French & Spanish - Steering/Moving in the Right Direction - French & Spanish - Speed Density - English & French & Spanish Saturn Successful Online Selling WBT Delta Air Lines Manual Reissue of Electronic Tickets CBT NASA Technical Standards Program Overview & Tutorial Kiosk National Children’s Advocacy Center Child Safety training for Law Enforcement WBT U.S. Army’s PEOAVN General Information Kiosk Southern Company "Valuing Differences-Perceptions/Assumptions" (Diversity) CBT FedEx Express Handling Hazardous Materials Video Discover Business Etiquette CBT DTN Productions International Business Etiquette CBT Sigmatech (Sigmainteractive) Company Website Sigmatech Training and Multimedia Projects* Instructional Design and/or Project Management and/or Programming by Jessica Harber *incomplete list 3 of 4
  4. 4. Letter of Recommendation From former Sigmatech Director of Operations & Direct Supervisor, Mr. Tracy Grindrod 4 of 4