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JessicaReyes resume.


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JessicaReyes resume.

  1. 1. Resume 2321 Lancashire Dr. Apt 2B, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 +1 575 567 9943 1  M.S. Mechanical Engineering New Mexico State University Jan 2014 - May 2016  B.S. in Aerospace Engineering New Mexico State University Aug 2012 - Dec 2013  B.S. in Aerospace Engineering Universidad Autonoma de Chihuahua Aug 2009 - May 2012 New Mexico State University  2D and 3D numerical simulation of fluid flow and heat transfer in complex geometries.  Simulations with a novel hydrophilic copper surfaces. Achievements: I have numerically proved that pressure drop decreases with no heat transfer rate attenuation (published in journals and conferences).  Experiments of heat transfer in mini-channels with hydrophilic surfaces. Achievements: Improvement in heat transfer coefficient and decrease of pressure drop, which is a recognized research challenge.  Research lab maintenance in-charge. Research Assistant Jan 2014 - May 2016 New Mexico State University,  Tutoring large group of students in a multi-cultural environment, which gave me the ability to work in several contexts.  I have assisted in class preparation for two (under)graduate level classes: Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. Teaching Assistant Jan 2014 - May 2016 CAV Aerospace Mexico, S.A. de C.V., CAV.,  Working as an Intern in the area of Quality Inspection gave me the ability to interact with costumers and quality members from other companies.  I have supervised manufacturing documents/processes.  I have elaborated inspection documents/processes and quality inspection of products. QE Intern Dec 2011 - Jun 2012 Research Center in Advance Materials (CIMAV),  Growth of nanometric and semiconducting thin films of stabilized zirconia by sputtering techniques. Achievements: a molecular cube yttria stabilized zirconia, which has a high ionic conductivity at elevated temperature, with applications in gas sensor and fuel cells. Intern Aug 2011 - Feb 2012 Education Previous Employment Jessica Reyes
  2. 2. Resume 2321 Lancashire Dr. Apt 2B, Ann Arbor, MI 48105 +1 575 567 9943 2  Programming Languages  Proficient in: CC++, Matlab, TeX.  Industry Software Skills  Ansys Fluent(Advanced),  Matlab, Simulink (Intermediate),  Unigraphics NX 8.0 (Advanced),  Solidworks (Intermediate),  AutoCad (Intermediate),  Most MS Office products.  Communication Skills  Spanish (Native language),  English (Fluent),  Italian (Competent).  Academic Skills  Mechanical Engineering and Physics: Knowledge of physical principles and fundamental laws, computational modeling and experiments, and their application in fluid mechanics and heat transfer, aerodynamics, and metrology.  Mathematics: knowledge of calculus and algebra.  Social Skills  Team spirit (acquired in the Research Center of Advance Materials, Mexico S.C, and in the Surface-thermal-fluid Research Laboratory at NMSU by working on various research and academic projects with a diverse set of group members).  Ability to adapt to different working and societal environments (acquired working in CAV Aerospace Mexico, S.A. de C.V. and traveling to different countries)  Organizational Skills:  Time management, team organization, high problem solving, autonomous. Best GPA 9.8/10 in UACH, 2012.  Aircraft Structure Assembly Certification CENALTEC, Centro de Entrenamiento en Alta Tecnologia (Training Center in High Technology) Activities of structural assembly using techniques such as assembly nutplates, countersink, installing dimples and nutplates with squeeze, riveting. Also, metrology practices. Professional Skills Skills and Qualifications Honors & Awards Certifications & Licenses