Organisation of location


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Organisation of location

  1. 1. Organisation of Location<br />The actor will be represented through my sister, and is meant to be the artist of the magazine. I have made up that she is a worldwide/ international global pop super star. She will be in all of my photos as she is the girl who the magazine will be concentrating on, in that issue. The magazines genre is pop and R&B.<br />I choose to take the front cover photo and the double page spread photo in the same place, which is in my conservative. The reason for this is because the light will come from all angles. The double page spread will have a backdrop behind her because you will be able to see a little bit of the background, but for the front cover photograph it will be a close-up, therefore there is not backdrop needed.<br />The reason why I have chosen to have a close-up on both of these photos is because a front cover photo will be more successful if the model is looking into the camera lens and is a close-up the audience will have a bigger chance to become more attracted to the magazine, as it is creating a relationship with the audience. In addition, the double page spread photo is also a close-up and the model is looking into the camera. The reason for this choice is because the double page spread is an interview and therefore is the photo is more of a close photo rather than a medium or long shot the reader may not feel the same relationship and connection with the story and the artist they are reading about.<br />The her clothing will be for the front cover a fur hoodie jacket, and for the double page spread a normal top, however this you will not see because she will be looking over her shoulder. The other smaller (in the contents page) photos have a bit more detail as they have a prop. The prop (in two of the photos) is a red guitar which links with the theme and genre of the music that this artist may be playing. Again, these shots will be shot in my conservatory with a backdrop. However, one shoot in the contents page will be taken outside, and the actor will be wearing a leopard jacket to get a more real setting. I will be shooting this shot during a sunnier day to get the kind of lighting that I want.<br />Organisation of Location<br />Actor: my sister<br />Location: at my house, inside in the conservatory and outside in my garden.<br />Costumes:<br />Front cover photo: fur hoodie<br />Double page spread: tank top, but cannot be seen<br />Contents Page 1: grey and blue stripy knitwear cardigan<br />Contents Page 2: leopard jacket<br />Contents Page 3: white blue and red top, with grey jeans and sunglasses<br />Props:<br />Contents Page 3: red/white guitar<br />