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  1. 1. fameMARCH£3.00THESUPERSTAR BRILLIANTISSUE CLASSICS 100 songs you need nowVictoria’sStart to Festivals andfame ConcertsExclusive Can you live withoutUpdate music? STAR DUST
  2. 2. EPIPHANY In her first interview after collecting a Brit-award, battling paparazzi, Victoria talks to Fame about her journey from being a normal town girl to a International and Global pop star. Photographed by Jessica PethrusIt’s like a rollercoaster. That’s how Victoria she has for it. There is no dough that she is not very in-described the way her life was unfolding from being a terested in money, as she has four different charity tiesyoung town girl, to an international and global super where she notates more than half of her income to A rollercoaster is definitely what you can call her Yes, she still has a lot of money but that is given awaylife – a VMA at the age of 17, Three MTV award at 19 and divided within her family to provide for them andand now at 21 a Brit-award –it’s certainly an excur- to make sure that they all have a normal and healthysion. life, with a house each and help to get into a good edu- What a difference she must have in her life and cation for a future wealthy career and all just happened in four years. She and her family “I know that it’s not only me who is being fol-was on the verge of moving into a one bedroom house, lowed by paparazzi, but I am not used to it.when they where a family of six. One must tread care- I have only been famous for about five years- so I amfully here, but the question remains: how is she coping still getting used to the idea of peoplewith fame and the celebrity following me. I love whenlife? “I would never give up people comes up to me to “Yes, I love it,” She ask if they can get a photosays joyfully, carefully and what I do. I never wanted - but now it’s getting toocautiously, “but the much, there are paparazzibeginning was hard with all the celebrity life. I love my and I can’t go more thanthe press and gossip about this hundred meters until anoth-new girl. I love what I do and music. I have to accept that er person ask. I absolutelyI have always done. But my love my fans, but I wouldintention was not to become there is sometimes like to be able to walk andfamous. I would never give up shop without needing towhat I do. I never wanted the a downside and find a way to stop every minute”. Shecelebrity life. I love my music. says in a unsure yet calmI have to accept that there is work around it...” and pleasant tone. “I needsometimes a downside and find to keep parts of me for me,a way to work around it. I just wanted to make music which is very hard because I am a very open person,and to make people happy, to let them know that any- being used to talk about everything with my family.thing can happen. I know it’s such a cliché – but you I mean, I don’t want to be one of these people whohave to follow you dreams and never give up. But I am complain about their privacy, she shrugs”.so grateful for all the blessings and good things that “Recently I have tried to meditate, she contin-have happened. I guess celebrity life with press and ues, but I can’t seem to get it. My mother has startedthat all comes with the territory. And I definitely know to meditate, and I think that maybe that can be a waythat money cannot buy happiness because of my past. forward for me as well, but the thoughts always seemDespite the fact of how I lived, I lived with the people to come in, in a way or another. How do you stop themI care about the most and love the most so I was never coming in?” Don’t get me wrong, though, she saysreally unhappy. So I am very, very thankful for every- gathering herself hurriedly, once more. I would neverthing that has happened the last few years. want to give up what I do; I love my music and what I The nation really does believe how Victoria is do. I have to accept that there is sometimes a downsidein love with her music, and the passion and work around it the best I can.
  3. 3. “I need to keep parts of me for me, which isvery hard because I am a very open person, being used to talk about everything with my family.”
  4. 4. fame CONTENTS MARCH 2011 COVER STORIES News 30 iTunes Download: 9 X-Factor Crisis100 songs you need right now Simon is gone and price comming in 115 Exclusive interview 16 Britneys new single with Victoria. She talks about Reviews her journey to fame 21 Music Video. Keri Hilsons Pretty 42 Festivals and Girk Rock Concerts: 26 Pussycat Kimbery on Got to Get tickets before Dance general release 37 10 ways how to get into fame. Tips and talk from Cheryl Cole 129 Can you live without Every Week music? 56 Editors Letter 79 The chart 103Boigraphy of... Rihanna