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Ananlysing on magazine

  1. 1. Vogue uses a lot of close up shots to really hook and drag in the audience to buy and read the magazine. Because Vogue is a more classy and high fashion magazine, they only use classy and sophisticated women on the front cover-this is used to both relate to the reader but may also be there to inspire and make the reader feel a bit younger, as the magazine can both be for older teenagers and younger adults –but a lot of older women, in the middle aged like to read Vogue as well-therefore the women are linked with the gender, age and social class.Again Vogue uses a colour theme on the magazines to make it more attractive and appealing, as it looks more neat and organised. The Kate Hudson front cover-is really well done, as it looks very summary with the lighting on Kate but also by the help of the orange/red colour which bring the summery look forward. It’s really important for the reader to feel as if the magazine is for them-therefore the use of a medium shot with the model looking into the camera lens makes this happen.As well as being a magazine famous for fashion and class, they add in some small interviews with he front cover star model. This also in a way makes the magazine seem to have everything, so that the reader does not have to buy other types of magazines but can concentrate on Vogue. For example, Jennifer Aniston and her story about Angelina.Looking at a magazine like Company and referring it to Vogue shows how different they are in comparison to each other. It really displays the target audience and what that particular audience likes and prefers. The target audience is also revealed through the models as they are young adults-and are known to the younger audience. However, they are all on the way to middle aged; therefore they will be nearly the same as the main target audience which links perfectly with the reader. There is a banner on most of the magazine, this could connote that there is an extra thing or news that Vogue wants to share with the audience.The typography and the font are very classy which relates with the gender of the whole company and magazine. Therefore, a new reader of audience for Vogue will directly understand that this magazine is for a more grown up and higher social class rather than a teenage gossip magazine.-276224-495300<br />-2857501838960-2952754296410-2762256753860<br />Elle magazine uses celebrity act stars to attract the audience. The reason why this I effective is because this allows and helps to drag in more people even though some people may not subscribe or often read Elle magazine, by using star appeal and any kind of celebrity people may want to buy the magazine just because they are fans of the celebrity model.The magazine uses a theme colour to work with, the colour does not have to link with the dress or clothing the model is wearing, but the theme colour is the text – this makes the magazine look more classy and professional done.It seems that for every magazine the first text on the right left hand corner, the text reveals what the trend in fashion is. Moreover, there is also number data text to disclose how many pages in this magazine that contains of fashion. The fact that the numbers are enlarged and in bold, it will really clarify that this magazine includes mostly fashion and therefore the magazine is for women. It appears that the women has their hair down with wavy and curled hair to really get their feminine side out, but this could also suggest that this is how the people in fashion wants to see women, and this is how women should look like.The typography of the mast head evokes the class and the genre of the magazine as Elle is a female name and the use of typeface on the font connotes that the magazine is classy, fashionable, sophisticated and chic.The models are placed in the middle of the page this also conveys how the editors of the magazine knows that the audience knows that this magazine is the Elle magazine, and therefore they can place a model in a layer in front of the mast head without worrying that people will miss or not see that this magazine is Elle.-3429004124325-3524251828800-3409956486525-352425-514350<br />Bazaar seems to be a mixture of a classy magazine for an older audience, and a magazine for older teenagers to read as well. The main reason behind this is because-they have the same idea as Vogue and Elle to have that classic mast head type font and having a theme colour for each issue. There is however also some small details like the issue with Sandra Bullock where the font looks like a lipstick has been used to write, this technique and typography is also used my company which is thought to be aimed at a younger audience. Therefore, maybe Bazaar has a wider audience which is read by teenagers and up to older women.Again, the models are a huge representation of target audience as their age and gender connotes and hints out what kind of audience the magazine is aimed for, as they are all middle aged women. On the other hand, every issue has something pink which is a really girly colour, but pink is often only used by teenagers and younger adults which creates in idea of that maybe the audience is not any kind of women but for classy, girly and women who likes fashion. The genre of the magazine is strongly represented as every issue has text where it says ‘fashion’ this clearly states that the magazine will include fashion and not any particular or typical gossip magazine with stories of others lives, but concentrates more on fashion.Furthermore, thee=se women are seen as being well dresses and having a good style, in fact there is one issue with TYra Banks who is an international/global super model and works professionally in fashion and modelling, this will therefore really attract the audience of this magazine, as everyone interested in fashion knows who Tyra is-therefore they will hope to get some good advice or tips from her through the magazine. They also seems to include a banner on one side of the page slip, this makes the magazine even more eye catching as it adds even more detail, and especially on a pace of the magazine where not a lot of action is happening due because of the mast head placement.-647700-628650<br />-6476996182995-6477003725545-6752371106170<br />The graphology of the magazine uses star appeal to relate to the target audience of the female audience aged 16-50. The title and background are constantly using the same colours, with the models always in the centre of the page. The magazine front cover contains a wide variety of typography to make it more interesting and appealing. The models are always in dresses to represent gender and the female formality, also to reveal the women’s figure for sex appeal to show how women ‘should’ look. Every issue seems to have its theme colours often associated with women, such as pink or red. With the use of star appeal this also attracts more of the target audience because they may feel and think that their favourite celebrity is also r4eading and this magazine.The price seems to be the same or similar of each and every magazine issue. With a bodily advertised with the price looking like a sticker, and is significantly cheaper than high end magazines such as Vogue or Elle. Includes banners over the magazine. By- lines are used to attract the audience and to advertise the content. The fact that the magazine size is smaller compared to higher brands indicates that the price will be less. The models are within the target audience, and therefore establishing who the demographics are. The use of unusual font makes it look like it’s written in lipstick which connects with female audience.There are inter-textual links that are added underneath the magazines name as well as date of issue. The women’s dress often connects with the fonts and the colour themes of the magazine. The words like ‘sexy’, and ‘love’ are boldly advertised to further interest the audience, and to indicate what the magazines context and content is. There is a hierarchy over what the magazine’s editors that decide what’s more important. Due to the success of the magazine name, the models are places over the name of the magazine the ‘mast head’. For each phrase there are certain words that are either bolder than others or in a bigger font size.The use of pun ‘more fun for your money’ and the used of synthetic personalisation ‘you’ creates a relationship and addresses the reader or audience. This clearly shows that it is the money they are talking about. The women are all posy and relaxed instead of standing up straight. This is a style that is often used in fashion-which evokes how the magazine is up to date with the new trends in fashion. This also allows the audience who are attracted and interesting in fashion, but may not want to spend money on an expensive glossy magazine like ‘Vogue’ or ‘Elle’, have the opportunity to also be able to enjoy the reading of this genre. The use of technical language such as rhetorical questions like; ‘what’s cool now?’ Will directly address the audience and they will want to find out what the new trend in fashion or anything is now.Because of these different techniques used to attract the audience, it conveys who the target audience is. For example, the word ‘rock’ is a word used for a more younger and conversational use of word.-6000757344410-5048255353685-4572003477260-409575-638175-4095751438275<br />