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Powerpoint Presentation- Jess Mendez Area 51


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Powerpoint Presentation- Jess Mendez Area 51

  1. 1. In older maps of the Nevada Test Site, there used to appear an area labeled as Area 51 – the location of the supposed military base. In the Nevada dessert, there is a military base located near Groom Lake; 90 miles North of Las Vegas; in the 51st area of the dessert. It shares a border with the Yucca Flat region of the Nevada Test Site, the location of 739 out of the 928 nuclear tests conducted by the United States Department of Energy. Newer maps, no longer display this label. The reason for this sudden secrecy is unknown, yet there are those who claim that they know
  2. 2. The Truth About
  3. 3. • Area 51 has no official name though it is commonly referred to as Paradise Ranch,, Dreamland, and Groom-Lake • It has been the lodging site for the most advanced aeronautical technology the world has ever known. • Those who guard the area, the “cammo-dudes”, patrol its borders day and night and have permission to shoot and kill any intruder. •Everything from surveillance cameras, magnetic trip sensors, and optical sensors can be found guarding the base as well.
  4. 4. • Area 51 is nothing more than a military base which serves as a testing site for the government’s latest technology – technology which is a result of pure scientific advancement and innovation. •Area 51 is not just a military base. The technology which the government has been testing at the base has been made possible through the reverse- engineering of alien spacecraft. • Area 51 is not only a base at which reverse-engineering occurs, but hybridization occurs as well. • Area 51 is a pure black ops military base. The government, not wanting the public to know its true purpose, has gone to extreme lengths of promoting the alien theories of the base. •Question: What is the true purpose of Area 51 and why is the government
  5. 5. • It’s existence has yet to be confirmed. • Believed to be able to travel faster than mach 7 •Radar around the country has measured an unidentified aircraft traveling faster than mach 7 •Sonicbooms of unknown aircraft have been heard across the country; specifically, Los Angeles •Believed that the aircraft is piloted.
  6. 6. • Also known as the TR-3A. • Claimed to have a mile range of over 3,000 and to operate at almost any altitude • Supposedly, it was used by the United States during the Gulf War • Fewer sightings than the Aurora • Designed for stealth
  7. 7. • single-seat, single-engine, and high-altitude plane •Designed to fly at least 15,000 feet higher than any other plane •Had the best highest resolution in cameras in the world at the time •Confirmed Area 51 Project •Weakness and outdated technology was proven in 1960 with the U-2 Spy Plane Incident
  8. 8. • codenamed Senior Trend and known as the Hopeless Diamond •Designed in the late 70’s •The hero of the Gulf War •Still tasked to take out the targets and is only now becoming vulnerable to enemy radar •Alleged to be so stealthy that aircrew members sometimes find dead whose own sonar is so confused by the signal return of the F-117 that they crash into parked craft
  9. 9. •Orginially named RS-71 but Lyndon Johnson mixed the letters during his announcement of its existence. •Project began in February 1963 •First flight was on December 22, 1964 •Has a top speed of Mach 3.5 • was retired and then reactivated
  10. 10. Electromagnetic Technology • Supposed to develop “daytime-stealth” capabilities. • Attempts to make people and objects semi-invisible during the daytime • Developed for spying • Based on coating materials with millions of tiny little cameras and displays which take in light information and display what the cameras see on the other side of the material
  11. 11. Reverse Engineering •The theory that the government takes apart alien spacecraft and then uses the acquired knowledge to develop more advanced technology. • Claims many scientific innovations could not have been possible without the possession of an alien model. (Such as the radio) • Used to support the supposed development of the Aurora Project, the Black Manta Project, the U-2 Spyplane, F-117 Stealth Fighter, and Electromagnetic Technology.
  12. 12. Roswell Incident • Roswell, New Mexico; summer of 1947 • An unidentified object crashed or landed on the Foster Ranch 75 miles north of Roswell • Ranch manager, William “Mac” Brazel took the debris to town and notified the Army airfield located in Roswell • Major Jesse A. Marcel and Sheridan Cavitt, a Counter-Intelligence Corps officer, visit the ranch, collect debris, and take it back to the airfield • Press releases the headline “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region” • Debris is flown to Forth Worth, Texas and is found to be debris from a weather balloon. • Second press release claims that the “disc” was nothing more than a flying weather balloon
  13. 13. • Media accepts the second story and the incident becomes nothing more than a UFO lore • 1979, the story is revived • 1994, Air Force decides to reopen the case • “The Roswell Report: Fact versus Fiction in the New Mexico Dessert” concludes that U.S. Army Air Force collected debris from an Army Air- Forces balloon-borne research project codenamed MOGUL • 1997, fourth explanation is released in “The Roswell Report: Case Closed” concludes that o The aliens observed were actually anthropomorphic test dummies that were carried aloft by U.S. Air Force high altitude balloons for scientific research • The research was balloon launch and recovery operations. • The military unites that arrived after the crash of the “flying saucer” and its “crew” were Air Force personnel engaged in anthropomorphic dummy recovery operations. • Claims of “alien bodies” at the Air Field’s hospital were the result of o a 1956 KC-97 aircraft accident in which 11 Air Force members lost their lives o a 1959 manned balloon mishap in which two Air Force pilots were injured
  14. 14. Bob Lazar • 1989 came forth claiming that he had worked inside Area 51 retro- engineering an alien saucer • First tv appearance, used pseudoname Dennis • Subsequent interviews, admitted seeing several documents that seemed to contain first-hand information on alien civilizations • Says that he signed a contract where he would be fined $10,000 and charged with 10 years in prison if he divulged any evidence. • There is an unavoidable lack of hard evidence to his story. • In his first week of working at Area 51, he claims to have found a series of technological innovations within the saucer in such a short period of time. • Claims to have a masters from MIT and another from California Institute of Technology. However, there are no records. • High school records show that he graduated in the bottom third of his class. • There are no work records
  15. 15. EBE – 1 (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) • (According to a controversial possibly fraudulent briefing document from the Jimmy Carter administration. • 1949 • Survived saucer crash • Suffered from chronic health problems • Interviewed through pictographs. • Amounted to the creation of a new language. • EBE-1 supposedly died of unknown causes on June 18, 1952
  16. 16. EBE-2 • Mid 1950’s • Voluntarily became a guest of the US government • Allowed himself to be examined and interviewed • Fitted with some sort of artificial voice box allowing him to speak words and he learned the English language rapidly • Communicated via thought project or telepathy
  17. 17. Factual Evidence • The projects at Area 51 do not have to necessarily contain advanced extraterrestrial technology • The security at Area 51 is contradictory. • The supposedly leaked evidence which proves the extraterrestrial activity at Area 51 has no proof of authenticity. • Those who can prove that they worked at the base, believe that the base plays a vital role in top secret military research which did not reflect the involvement of extraterrestrial technology or beings • Area 51 has a history of governnment cover-ups.
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