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Community art project update 03.30.18


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Why Pinellas County needs a traveling community art experience and the project's progress thus far.

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Community art project update 03.30.18

  1. 1. Creative Pinellas Traveling Community Art Project Progress Report MARCH 30, 2018
  2. 2. Project Mission Statement  Our mission is to foster community through a county-wide traveling art project by transforming and activating public places. By bringing interactive art to the community, we encourage our residents to have a personal experience with the art. In doing so, we aspire to create a legacy of communal participation and ownership across Pinellas County.
  3. 3. The Established Need  Pinellas is a fractionalized county.  There’s a general lack of enthusiasm to move about within the county.  Geography, population, etc. have created a mental separation.  Localities have been left to shape individualized and very specific identities that can be a barrier.
  4. 4. Why This Project?  However, Pinellas is a county with enormous potential.  This project has the power to excite and unite our citizens with a shared experience.  We can harness art as a catalyst to create shared community experiences and pride for where we live and the people who shape that.  This gives us a foundation of building an experiential, united identity for Pinellas.
  5. 5. What Does That Mean?  This project is both unified and unifying.  It isn’t separate projects but one solid, defined, innovative project.  With one project, there is scarcity but also impetus to go and be a part of it before it’s gone.  It may mean different things to different people, but the importance is that it means something to them.  People can gather to experience it as a community.
  6. 6. What Does That Mean?  There is a need and desire for a return to county-wide arts programming.  We acknowledge that it is going to be more work.  Yet, this work is redefining the status of what it means to be a Pinellas resident.
  7. 7. Critical Path
  8. 8. Our Panelists  Selected from fields such as arts administration and exhibition, business, education, outreach, public planning, social services and urban design.  Allison Casper Adams  Sarah Howard  Robin Nigh  Mark Ormond  Nestor Ortiz  Ken Rollins  Ryan Swanson
  9. 9. Allison Casper Adams  Founder and co-director of Tampa’s Oxford Exchange  Third-generation McDonalds franchisee, operating 53 branches in the Tampa Bay area  Employs “conscious curation” at her businesses, leading to the success of the Oxford Exchange  Brings knowledge of how culture shapes Tampa Bay’s business and creative economy
  10. 10. Sarah Howard  Curator of Public Art and Social Practice at USF Tampa  Coordinator of “The Music Box: Tampa Bay” an interactive multisensory music and public art experience  Empowers marginalized groups and expands community engagement with the built and natural environment through art  Has partnered with numerous local organizations to bring engaging, thought-provoking public art initiatives
  11. 11. Robin Nigh  Manager of Tampa’s Art Programs Division  Developed nationally recognized programs such as TPA Photographer Laureate and ‘Lights On Tampa’  Integrates programs and placemaking into key city initiatives including the Tampa Riverwalk and new major event park facilities  Former president of the Florida Association of Public Art Professionals and current member of the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Council
  12. 12. Mark Ormond  Independent curator, author, lecturer and consultant and has held positions at the Ringling Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art  Has over 25 years of experience in the art world  Has organized dozens of museum exhibitions, and has scheduled, coordinated, designed and installed over one hundred others
  13. 13. Nestor Ortiz  COO of the nonprofit University Area Community Development Corporation  Familiar with/works in low-income areas and works to build strong community engagement  Has a science background that helps him understand how hands-on experiences help better educate, inform and engage people in the material or message at hand
  14. 14. Ken Rollins  Past director of Deland Museum of Art, Polk Museum of Art, Gulf Coast Museum of Art, and Tampa Museum of Art  Has served on the Boards of the Clearwater Arts Foundation, CreativeTampaBay and the National Society of Arts and Letters Advisory Board  Current board member of Creative Pinellas  Recipient of the Florida Art Museum Directors Association Lifetime Achievement Award
  15. 15. Ryan Swanson  Founder and executive director of The Urban Conga, a design firm focused on promoting community activity and social interaction through play  Works within communities to find what they need and how to continually activate public spaces  Visiting professor at USF School of Architecture and Community Design, developing data around urban interventions and its effects on communities
  16. 16. Site Evaluation and Selection  What are we looking for in our potential sites?  Accessibility (ease of access, parking, ADA-compliant sites)  Safety (lighting, security or other safety monitoring)  Existing programming (drop-in recreation, festivals and programmed events)  Potential partners (local organizations, businesses and resident groups)  Amenities (restrooms, concessions, water fountains, etc.)  Proximity to municipal offices, businesses, restaurants, lodging, etc.
  17. 17. Sample Target Sites  Pier 60 Park, Clearwater  Largo Central Park/Performing Arts Center, Largo  St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs  Josiah Cephus Weaver Park, Dunedin  Oldsmar Public Library, Oldsmar  The new Lealman Center, Lealman/north St. Petersburg
  18. 18. Pier 60 Park, Clearwater
  19. 19. Pier 60 Park, Clearwater  Attractive qualities:  Marked handicapped parking and paved paths, as well as full boardwalk  Access to restrooms and concessions  Playground area and events pavilion  High volume foot traffic by county residents, domestic and international tourists  Adjacent to nightly Sunsets at Pier 60 festival  Exhibition can be coordinated to coincide with Clearwater special events such as the annual Sugar Sand Festival, volleyball tournaments, and Pier 60 Cinema
  20. 20. Largo Central Park/Performing Arts Center
  21. 21. Largo Central Park/Performing Arts Center  Attractive qualities:  Marked handicapped parking and paved paths  Playground and open gathering and recreation space  Adjacent to the Central Park Performing Arts Center and highly visible to audiences attending productions  Close proximity to Largo Public Library  Easily accessible via major arterials East Bay and Seminole Blvd.  Common gathering area and surrounded by many residential communities
  22. 22. St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs
  23. 23. St. Petersburg College, Tarpon Springs  Attractive qualities:  Marked handicapped parking and paved paths  Restrooms in various buildings like student center  Multiple areas with open space for an installation  Students looking to spend time between classes  Located on US-19; high volume of foot traffic  Can reach a broader audience by not focusing solely on parks  Partnership and docent support at Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art on campus
  24. 24. Josiah Cephus Weaver Park, Dunedin
  25. 25. Josiah Cephus Weaver Park, Dunedin  Attractive qualities:  Marked handicapped parking and paved paths  Restrooms onsite  Fitness equipment/playground  Popular community gathering place and surrounded by residential areas  Next to the Dunedin Fine Art Center Cottage Campus  Access to Pinellas Trail and Alternate US-19  Programming can coincide with existing Dunedin special event and sunset concert schedule
  26. 26. Oldsmar Public Library, Oldsmar
  27. 27. Oldsmar Public Library, Oldsmar  Amenities/what makes it appealing:  Marked handicapped parking and paved paths  Access to restrooms in library  Located at intersection of SR-580 and Tampa Road  Diverse audience from library patrons and visitors to City Hall and directly adjacent hotels, restaurants and businesses  Accessible to a communities that are not traditionally served by traveling and cultural programming
  28. 28. County Lealman Center, Lealman/north St. Petersburg
  29. 29. County Lealman Center, Lealman/north St. Petersburg  Amenities/what makes it appealing:  New community center/hub with diverse and active audience onsite  Well-lit and accessible for evening interaction  Access to restrooms inside the center  Basketball courts and open fields for recreational activity  County support and attention  Potential partners through incubator
  30. 30. Additional Sites with Target Amenities  PCSO Lealman Center  Mobbly Bayou Preserve  Park Station/Pinellas Park Auditorium Complex  Pinewood Cultural Complex  St. Pete Beach Community Center  Ridgecrest  Banyan Park/Downtown St. Pete.  Pinellas Hope  Bartlett Park  Lake Vista Recreation Center  War Veterans Memorial Park/ Bay Pines VA  Weedon Island Preserve
  31. 31. Outreach  Traveling Community Art Project website:  Press releases and media packets  Interviews with local media (news/radio)  Community meetings (Town Hall format)  Partnership with PCSB Visual Arts  Programming partnership with host sites  Community input and voting
  32. 32. Next Steps  Project Panel meets on April 11 to define project goals and expectations, introduce members to experiential public art and provide a cohesive relationship amongst panelists  Two future meetings scheduled in April and early May to further refine project, develop exhibition timeframe and craft Call to Artists  Develop press, marketing and educational plans  Secure relationships with host site municipalities and organizations  Continually update project website with progress reports, educational materials, video summaries and opportunities for public participation