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Media techs 3


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Media techs 3

  1. 1. Use of technologies during the construction stages<br />
  2. 2. Final cut express is a software on apple Macs which allows you to piece together footage into a film production. We used this software to create our music video it allowed us to use different techniques and editing skills and we are very pleased with the outcome. <br />Here we used the text tool to add the information of the producers and the name of the video on the first shot, we then used wire framing to place the text were we wanted it.<br />We used colour correction on all of the shots to increase the brightness and contrast to make our shots appear more vibrant and have a greater effect. <br />We used chroma key to increase the vibrancy of certain parts of shots, for example here we wanted to glitter to appear more green. <br />
  3. 3. We used my Samsung camera which has a 12.2 mexapixel to take photographs of our filming shoots and ancillary task shoots to add to our production work on the blog. We felt it was important to provide the examiner with work during the production rather than leaving the blog empty until our final productions.<br />Some example photographs:<br />We used garage band to cut down the length of our track, it helped us to get a song which was fluent but much shorter which is exactly what we needed. We found garage band quite hard to work and had help from the media technician with this software. <br />
  4. 4. Photoshop is the software which we used to produce our ancillary tasks, it allowed us to use lots of different techniques and play around with the positioning of the photographs we had and explore new ideas. We were really pleased with the outcome of both the digi-pak and magazine advert. <br />We used a drop shadow and outer glow on the ‘special edition’ text to show a more modernistic feel to the magazine advert, we felt it represented the drum and bass genre well. <br />We increased the brightness and contrast on some shots too because the quality of the photograph wasn’t too great. <br />We used the smudge and blur tools to blend the background on this photograph together to make there appear to be more paint than there actually was, we felt it also helped to portray the drum and bass genre well. <br />