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E commerce


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E commerce

  1. 1. Topic: E-COMMERCE •Cojitambo Maribel •Collahuazo Sulay •Tenesaca Jessica •Guamán Anita
  2. 2. E-commerce Is a transaction that transferSirvices between of information across the corporation internet .Business exchange trading goods Is cover two types of business
  3. 3. electronic commerce between suppliers. customersthousands ofbusinesses
  4. 4. ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONScompetitive more convenient than is cheaper advantage traditional methods
  5. 5. Electronic transaction isSupplier and customerA costeffective method for companiesDevelopment of electronic marketplaces
  6. 6. The creating a successful online store To be Difficult to create because it is successful unknown you have researching UnderstadingE-commerce E-commerce The guidelines principles required To properly implement an e-business plan
  7. 7. TRANSACCIONS Dificult to find a wedsite
  8. 8. Merchant Accounts Payment Methods Hyper Wallet PayPalAccept credit card payments by electronic media trade electronic media is appropiate