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This is my Design Portfolio. It contains Concept development, product design and graphic design. some explorations with Ilustration. Enjoy!

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  1. 1. JESSICA LUQUE Design portfolio 2015
  3. 3. This is my design portfolio, just a part of my last tree years of work. Throughout my career I´ve explored three important fields of the design´s world and each one of them have added important ingredients to achieve an integral design. “Product design” , “Graphic design”, are two fields that I´ve worked on. In this portfolio you can find projects that arise from problems of the community, they were developed to improve their lifes quiality. Other projects emerged from reflexions and concepts, which finally turned into a design opportunity. Teamwork improves my performace as a designer; it is necessary to integrate the view and the work of other disciplines to develop in a complete and efficient way my products. Design is my passion and my life style. I love being a designer because i can set the enviroment as the people need. MY DESIGN THINKING
  5. 5. I´m Cüsine is a game for cooking molecular recypes, with the playmate´s help. the goald of this project is, that the people strengthem personal relationships with the persons, who contribute to built their personal identity everyday. I´m cüsine aim that the players can share a fun time playing and chating in the Kitchen in accompanied by their families, friends, Work collegues, couple, and with the children (if they are parents). Each one of them built diferent topics of the person´s life for this reason i´m cüsine have five diferent games, in where the players can cook diferent molecular recyps, with diferent thematics. C Romantic Cook Whith your Couple F Union Cook Whith your Family W Knowledge Fr Emotions Cook Whith your Friends cook whith your collegues PLAYING AND COOKING TOGETHER
  6. 6. Ch Magic I´m magic Cüsine is the Parenthood product line, it was developed for parents who want to remember how is be a kid again, and learn aboud their children. In this game the only loser is the player that doesn´t assume the roll that he or she have to play. The roll and the tasks that the player have to do are importants ingredients to get the final result, the magic recype. In the game all are wizards cooking special recypes, the players have challenges like create new Spells, singing songs while they are cooking, taste new and odd flavors and so on. The wand is one of the most important tools in the game, it contain the “magic dust”, it will be used in several recypes.
  7. 7. Magic Cards This cards have the steps of the game, and the tasks that the player should do. there are 10 diferent recypes, 4 are are the main recypes and the other 5 are complement recypes. Through this accesorie, will be posible create recypes with the form of Spagueties. this on will make posible the “snakes” recype. Snakes glow those are molds with the cloud´s form, which will do posible one of the main recypes. Frozen Clouds Each one of them contein the chemics, important ingrtedient to cook the molecular recyps. one Wand contain sodium alginate and the other one agar agar. Magic Wands
  8. 8. Wheel # 1 main recypts Wheel #2 main ingredients for the recypt, vegetables and fruits. Wheel #3 complementary recyps Box for the recypts Botton to turn round the wheel #2Botton to turn round the wheel # 1 Botton to turn round the wheel # 3
  9. 9. IDEATION
  11. 11. Drink wine is a social act, where the people share time and talk about thounsend of stories. the most of the important conversations about the life are sourounding a cup of wine, This project claim that the people have fun with the activitie of drink wine. the project “Embrujo” took the red wine´s propertie of create clear stain in a PH peaper, leaving to many figures with diferents colors on the paper. Embrujo was created, for the people who want to have a “Mystic moment” beeing “gypsies” for a while. The Idea with this product is that the user has to read the future of its partner, through the figure that the wine leaves into the cups botton. A DIFFERENT WAY TO DRINK WINE
  12. 12. IDEATION
  13. 13. Sphere Candle PH Paper Cup #2 Cup #1 Table with pictograms
  14. 14. First prepare your table and your cups. As well as you see there are two cups, the smaller one go inside the other, but between of them you must to put the paper. Then enjoy your wine (doesn´t matter which wine you drink, just remember must be red wine). When you finish your wine, its time to play! take out the smaller cup from the bigger one and introduce it, into the place, where the cup can stay in the table. In the end the paper will have a stain from the Wine. Now the cup it's your “crystal ball” through it you can see the future. On the other Hand on the table you can see small pictograms with different meanings and then you have to compare the pictograms and the “stains” on the papier". With the help of the pictograms, you can to read and improvise histories from them. 1 2 3 4 5 6
  15. 15. LET´S START TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES This project emerged from the need of some profesional video gamers, to have a confortable moment while they are playing video games. The foremost aspect in this desgn is the ergonomy, because of the wrong positions of the body, the video gamers performance is no the best, cosencuently this project claim to resolve this ergonomy problems through furniture design, who helps the user to be confortable and increase the performance. Acording with some interviews the Users rather to play ond the floor instead of a chair with legs, for this reason START keep this aspect., and took advantage of the body positions.
  16. 16. IDEATION
  18. 18. This design was an answer for a Social problem in Colombia. The Colombian children are growing up without accompanied by their parent. Most of the time the adults are busy working or spending time on their own stuff, and the children are alone in front of the TV, playing video games or surfing on the internet with their gadgets. Because of that the relationship between parents and kids is broken, there is not family time. Our Jangala is a Board game in big scale designed for kids and adults in where both can share time together and build their relationship throughout the games. The most important component of the design is the exchange role, parents become children again and the kids become guiders in the game, therefore each one of them can get to know each other. This game was designed for an open place in where the people can enjoy the game like a park, parents and kids can use all the components of the game. This game is inspired in the jungle, the intention is live at Jungle environment. PLAYGROUND FOR ADULTS AND KIDS
  19. 19. The Colors ways There are different ways to start the game, the gamer can decide where to start. The paths have boxes, each box has an instruction for the gamer. The Roulette This component is located in the middle of the park and has two functions: to decide which kind of character is the gamer (in this case which animal have to represent) and how many steps he/she should run. The Animals In the game are 4 stations in where the gamer have some challenges to overcome. These stations have the scale for an Adult and kids can use. The Mountains This game have and important commitment with the environment, and have natural spaces that are part of the game and the experience. An example of a challenge that involves the mountains is « Fly, fly like an Eagle, the first eagle that arrive to the highest part of the jungle, decide the next challenge for the loser» The Augmentet Reality In some parts of the park are QR codes with augmented reality surprises. This game aim mix the technology that the new generation of kids is interested and the «old school games» that the adults had used to play. The Animals The Mountains 2 3
  20. 20. The color ways The roullete The Augmentet Reality 1 4 5
  21. 21. PROTOTYPE
  22. 22. Creating Big Worlds for big dreamers.
  23. 23. DEVELOPING DESIGN IDEAS FOR MY OWN CLIENTS Glück its a design Studio that arise in Colombia, since 3 years ago. the Glück`s approach is created communication paths between our Costumer and their consumer, throught integral solutions of design. This studio its a co-work with Industrial designer Colleague. Glück have designed several graphic projects for several companies, as well the design studio have developed Branding design for diferent kinds of companies from restaurants to stores
  24. 24. Brand design CAMPAIGN DESIGN FOR SONY XPLOD this advertisign piece, a Sony xplod launch campaign. it was used in all latin america. glück created not only the graphic piece but the slogan of the campaign too. “ feel the power at the speed of the light”
  26. 26. FURNITURE FOR PRODUCT EXHIBITION. This Furniture response to the Sony´s corporate identity. The goal of this design was to show and sell in the best way the car audio product line. We used carbon fiber vinyl to stand out the qualities of the product. Besides for the building we used Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), Red and black laminate Formica.
  28. 28. DESIGN OF PRODUCT CATALOGS the most resenly work of Glück is the catalog 2015 for sony xplod, with the last products for all latinamerica.
  31. 31. MAGAZINE EDITION Máxima potencia y calidad de sonido, hoy en día los principales temas musicales tienen un gran énfasis en las frecuencias bajas, es por ello que Sony desarrollo MEGA BASS para optimizar la reproducción de los bajos. La nueva línea 2015 posee iluminación rítmica que se sincroniza con tu música. - CDXG3150UV CDX-G1150U - XS-N6950 con Fluido Magnético. Dale a tu música un sonido enriquecido, claro y potente, gracias al Fluido Magnético, esta tecnología desarrollada por la NASA elimina los amortiguadores de sonido, comúnmente llamado suspensión o araña y en lugar de ello contiene Fluido Magnético alrededor de la bobina, que reduce la distorsión, optimizando el consumo de energía y mejorando la calidad del sonido en las frecuencias altas y medias. Doble bobina 12” Bobina simple 12” ESPACIO PARA DEALERS Aumentamos la potencia 34% y redujimos el tamaño de los crossovers en mas de un 30% respecto del modelo anterior . Pura eficiencia, con máxima potencia y calidad de sonido. ELPRIMER BAJOLED DELMUNDO XS-LEDW12 CONTROLADO DESDE TU SMARTHPHONE DISTRIBUIDOR NACIONAL AUTORIZADO TEL: 3420210-6919959-3187649626 Encuentra todo el portafolio de Sony Xplod con nosotros Requiere Xperia o smarthphone android 2.2 en adelante con App Remote instalado y Autoestereo Sony: MEX-N6050BT, MEX-N4050BT, MEX-N5050BT, XAV-602BT, XAV-612BT, o XAV-712BT. Soul-Shaking Clarity 1800WMAX.
  32. 32. BRANDING DESIGN AND APLICATIONS With the branding design we create the most creative and innovative Logos for the companies. Sometimes we should create from the name to the logo application, and other times we re-design the companies face, managing as a “face refresh” and don´t losing all the identity, that make unique the brand.
  33. 33. Logo in witheProportions LOGO REDESIGN This project was a redesign of the company identity. Our mission was to make an evolution of the brand and keep some elements of the old logo. .
  34. 34. LOGO APLICATION We created all the corporate stationary for the company, letter format, envelope letter, cards for the managers, managers and sellers and accounting stationery like the receipt..
  35. 35. Click WEB DESIGN The website of the company was designed with an interactive home. The goal was create a web design with a different interface in where the customers could remember the website because of its innovation.
  37. 37. LOGODESIGN Reaina Diana is the name of a restaurant in Bogotá, we create all the branding design with the colaboration of the customer. the inspiration here was the Kietsch and Pop style.
  39. 39. MMMM MM&sushiroll &sushiro &sushiroll BRANDING DESIGN    & S U S H I R O L L
  40. 40. MAGNETIC SCHEDULE DESIGN This product wa designed for a Languagues Company.The problematic of this customer was that, they need to chance the activities schedule every week. for this reason we propose a magnetic schedule, which can change as the customer need, the schedule have magnetic cards with icons, who represent the different activities and the levels of the students. the User just have to locate the magnetic card in the space of the activieties time.
  41. 41. USER EXPERIENCES Vocabulary A BC Video Club Listening Writing Reading Song Club Arts Close up Speaking
  42. 42. Si no lo sabias INFOGRAPHIC FOR WEB CAMPAIGN
  43. 43. COVER DESIGN VERSES BOOK tus Coplastus Coplas
  51. 51. Schreiner Straße 55 c/o Schumacher, 10247 Berlin (Deutschland) (+49)15784713812 Skype jesieluque CONTACT ME