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Slides from our team teaching presentation #howtosocialtv in #NewhouseSM4. How apps like Get Glue are changing the way we watch TV and what companies like Bravo are doing to capitalize on the trend.

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  • what is the first screen - discussion/controversy
  • talk about how there is A LOT of literature out there on social tv when did it start. devices used, first hashtag on a show, when did it become "commonplace" n History of social tv - first devices/hashtags giggle: voice activation
  • Social TV Landscape before demo Run analytics in class or show analytics report
  • Talk about Get Glue - on iPad/iPhone via app and on computer via website --- why did we choose Get Glue? users for other social tv apps
  • Syracuse v. Indiana game. Streamed live via March Madness app on iPad. Swipe to side for social media stream.
  • during commercials it encourages you to rotate to see the social features.
  • live feed from twitter.
  • at the end of the game you can see the entire twitter timeline in the "game pulse"
  • break up into more than one slide
  • break up into more than one slide
  • trendrr and bluefin, social tv guide : run analytics live their twitter id's
  • How to Social TV

    1. 1. #howtosocialtvAmy Khuu | @AmyKhuuSUCharlotte Lipman | @calipman91Jessica Loveless | @jlloveleNicole Wageck | @nicwageck
    2. 2. Social TV refers to technologies surrounding televisionthat promote communication and social interactionrelated to program content.What is social tv?#howtosocialtv
    3. 3. What is second screening?• Watching television (or movies) while using asmartphone or tablet• Interacting online about the content they are consuming• Controversy - What if first screen is tablet/smartphone?#howtosocialtv
    4. 4. Background/Literature Review#howtosocialtv Click the image to go to the pearltrees site.#howtosocialtv
    5. 5. "How to" Social TVOld School- Follow hashtagsNew School- Downloadthe apps#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    6. 6. Real Time Analytics: Trendrr#howtosocialtv@Trendrr#howtosocialtv
    7. 7. @MrDavidHoDavid Ho: Director Client Insights &Communications at Trendrr" Trendrr goes much deeper into understandingHOW people use devices ,WHERE they tweet from, and theSENTIMENT of the conversation.All of these elements give TV and media professionals abetter way to measure and value their audiences."#howtosocialtv
    8. 8. 1. Understand how audiences engage with TVo different services (Facebook, GetGlue, Viggle) elicitdifferent behaviors from viewers."Networks and brands must understand which services their audiences use andhow they engage with them in the order to optimize their campaigns. "2. Use Hashtagso helps to centralize the conversation and increase viewerengagement.o Trendrr allows brands visibility into promoted or organichashtags and adjust their promotions accordingly.3 TIPS TO BOOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT:#howtosocialtv
    9. 9. 3. Target Top Influencerso Trendrr uses Klout to identify top influencers andsee who is driving the conversation." Targeting these people to become brand advocates by giving themspecial access to content or engaging them one on one can helpboost engagement. "3 TIPS TO BOOST YOUR ENGAGEMENT:#howtosocialtv
    10. 10. Social TV Landscape: Weekly Digest#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv@SocialTVdigest
    11. 11. Case Study - Get Glue#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv@GetGlue
    12. 12. #howtosocialtv
    13. 13. #howtosocialtv
    14. 14. #howtosocialtv
    15. 15. #howtosocialtv
    16. 16. Case Study - on USA150,000 Twitter mentions22.4 million impressions12 trending hashtagsTrended for nearly 12 hoursstraight#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv#PsychSlumberParty@Psych_USA
    17. 17. #SocialSector, #HashtagKillerInteractive episodes of Psych that existprimarily on a second screen. Fansdigitally engage with characters to solvecrimes. Utilization of Social Sambaplatform technology. (for Hashtag killer)354,104 unique visitors (17% of existing fans)455k Facebook shares with 59M friends361k Twitter shares to 19M followers (est.)60% of users have returned 4+ times18M total min spent in-story (14.2 min/visit)15% of users engaged daily over the 7 weeks Study - on USA#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv#SocialSector, #HashtagKiller@Psych_USA
    18. 18. - Social buzz does not always correlate with ratings- Case study: (@BravoWWHL/@BravoAndy)- You need to know your audienceAli Gennaro - @AliGennaroManager of Program Strategy @"TV will not stop being the firstscreen...second screen willenhance the first"Bravotv on Vine#howtosocialtv
    19. 19. - It all starts with compelling content, ex: Fallon/Kimmel- Second screen phenomenon vs. second screen- Capitalize on social conversationEd Hersh - @storycentricChief Creative Officer @"One size fits all does not apply"
    20. 20. Jeff Kaczmarczyk - @JKaczSr. Associate, Digital Distribution @ PBS#howtosocialtvReal time marketing meets social TV
    21. 21. Whats next, according to Paul Mcgrath@paul_mcgrathSenior Producer, Interactive, Unscripted, Studio and Live programmingShows apps may be more successful than Twitter(everyone has access to a webpage)#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    22. 22. 2013 Social TV Predictions• Second Screen apps will gain morededicated users.#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    23. 23. 2013 Social TV Predictions• The second screen will become the first screen• TV everywhere will lead to new social solutions• Real time screens#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    24. 24. 2013 Social TV Predictions• More interactive social tv apps• Social TV Games become part of a broadersocial tv strategy.• NHL Preplay App
    25. 25. 2013 Social TV Predictions• Twitter TV• Viacom, NBC, Comcast• Stream videos#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    26. 26. Conclusion• Social TV is an umbrella term that covers awide range of activities and ways to view TV• Second screening applies to tablets andsmartphones in addition to computers• Its all about interaction and conversation#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    27. 27. Q&ATweet at us with #howtosocialtv and we’ll besure to get back to you with a reply!#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv
    28. 28. Thanks for listening!#howtosocialtv#howtosocialtv