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Kaizen Event - Lauren Razavi on The Future of Content Marketing


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Established journalist discusses content marketing from a writer's perspective.

Published in: Marketing
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Kaizen Event - Lauren Razavi on The Future of Content Marketing

  1. 1. The New Journalism? A Writer’s View on the Future of Content Marketing Lauren Razavi
  2. 2. My background ● Started my career as a freelance journalist while still a student ● Headhunted by Google to work on a global writing and editing project ● Pursued journalism alongside and reported from 30 countries ● Wrote for titles such as The Guardian, Wired, The Atlantic and NPR ● Became heavily involved with the online freelance community ● Won young freelancer of the year prize at the 2016 IPSE Awards
  3. 3. My work today ● Managing editor for Contently, a New York startup with a SaaS business model, since last October ● Launch and run publications for companies such as Google, Philips and Singapore Economic Development Board ● Provide streamlined digital infrastructure to ensure that content marketing operations run smoothly and efficiently ● Connect agencies and companies with freelance writing and editing talent that was once reserved for big media titles
  4. 4. The media industry isn’t innovating ● Business models of traditional magazines and newspapers just aren’t working as well as they used to ● Fundamentally failed to take advantage of digital platforms and the opportunities of new technology ● Led to brands looking elsewhere for the same connection and publicity the media industry once offered
  5. 5. The rise of content marketing ● Technology has been a game changer for publishing: it enables any organisation to publish content directly to their audience online ● Building a community and loyalty around brands has become crucial for success -- and this trend will continue ● Companies and agencies are still figuring out how to take advantage ● Creative freelancers are an important tool in this new landscape
  6. 6. Media vs brand for freelancers ● Content marketing offers freelancers the opportunity to deliver more value for business clients (and get paid more!) ● Writing for brand publications is fast becoming as prestigious as work for titles like The New York Times or National Geographic ● Sometimes less creative freedom, but as companies and agencies become more familiar with freelancers, they’re beginning to take more risks on innovative ideas
  7. 7. The business value of freelancers ● Agencies and companies can build dedicated teams to concept and produce regular brand content without setting up new departments ● Little or no upfront investment in recruitment or training and ultimate flexibility in terms of scaling according to needs ● Work with premium writing and editing talent including freelancers who contribute to the world’s leading media titles ● Keep a finger on the pulse in your sector with writers pitching ideas based on their industry knowledge and upcoming trends
  8. 8. Some final thoughts ● All the research says that more and more people are working in new ways (main focus on flexibility and location-independence) ● If you don’t engage with freelancers, you could soon find your agency, clients or company left behind -- so start exploring! ● Feel free to grab me this evening or connect with me on social media if you’d like to chat more about anything I’ve mentioned
  9. 9. Stay in touch ● Visit my website: | Medium (Blog) ● Connect with me: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Newsletter ● Join my new Facebook group What Journalists Want (intended to connect PRs/marketers with writers/editors) ● Take a look at and reach out if you’d like an intro to discuss using the platform for your content