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  • Empathy – Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and situation. It will help diffuse and solve the problem more easily.Important Information - By maintaining professional image with customers your more likely to get opinions to improve service. Without a professional image you wouldn’t be able to get this information.Perception – With professional image it helps empowering associates to take care of their customers. By doing this it makes the customers for likely to feel comfortable with doing business with your company.Employee retention – This declines when employees are treated with respect, and they appear professional to clients. It gives them a sense of pride in their work.
  • Final team project a professional image1

    1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y :M E L I S S AS A R A HJ E S S I C AA Professional Image12/12/2012
    2. 2. Dress for Success Wardrobe Makeup Perfume/Cologne Hair Accessories12/12/2012
    3. 3. Women Men Business suit with a solid colorunder shirt or a white, buttondown blouse with a black jacket Black or grey pants, or kneelength skirt Solid color, close-toed heels orflats Solid color business suit innavy, black, or grey with a solidunder shirt Ties should be conservative(not too wide or narrow) Dress shoes, preferably blackAppropriate Wardrobe12/12/2012
    4. 4. Appropriate Wardrobe: ExampleProfessionalDressBusiness CasualDressUnprofessionalDress12/12/2012
    5. 5. Makeup Neutral shades Beige, browns, light pinks, earthly tones Natural look No fake eyelashes, blush/cover-up tomatch skin tone, No thick eye makeup Little or no lipstick Tinted lip-gloss, nude lipstick12/12/2012
    6. 6. Perfume & Cologne Avoid any scents during an interview Wait a few days to start wearing scents after startinga new job Start light with a dab behind ears Don’t over indulge Allergic reactions Nauseating Distracting Stick to light scents12/12/2012
    7. 7. Hair Nicely pulled back Groomed, trimmed hair Natural hair color12/12/2012
    8. 8. Accessories Do not over accessorize Rings, earrings, bracelets, hair accessories If it makes noise, its not appropriate It’s also distracting12/12/2012
    9. 9. Professional Image Communications Etiquette Attitude Networking12/12/2012
    10. 10. Verbal / Written Electronic Speak correctly Listen attentively Perfect your writingskills Watch grammar andspelling Manage your onlineimage Social sites (Facebook) No text lingo Professionalize yourvoicemailCommunications12/12/2012
    11. 11. Etiquette Make sure to treat each person with respect Be pleasant to everybody no matter what the situation is. Let people know that you appreciate what they do Doing so will boost morale and improve work quality. Always return calls; Never be rude or impatient withanyone on the phone. When unable to answer, have a polite message on theanswering machine that will be returned at the earliest. Thanking each participant after meetings is a basiccourtesy.12/12/2012
    12. 12. Attitude Stay positive It’s the core of any good attitude. Studies show that praising your coworkers often, setting reasonablegoals and consistently showing gratitude are all traits common insuccessful business people. Be assertive without being aggressive Communication is key! Allow other people to describe their needs asyou’ve allowed yourself. Try not to devalue their views; doing so will allow you to stay open tomeeting them halfway. Taking the time to listen to your coworkers will make you a teamplayer. Be compassionate when dealing with conflict Approach the other person with an adequate amount of compassion Keep an open mind12/12/2012
    13. 13. NetworkingGOAL:Understandtheir needsbefore youstate yours.Know therightpeopleListen andtalk withothers.Be friendlyand helpfulDon’tdismissanyone asirrelevantBringbusinesscards tohand out.Follow upon all leadsquickly12/12/2012
    14. 14. Networking cont’d..Did you know?..79% of college graduates say networking is aneffective job search tool.“How to Network” video12/12/2012
    15. 15. Why a Professional Image Matters Self-confidence Peer interaction Customers Supervisors Ultimate success!12/12/2012
    16. 16. Self-confidence If you feel confident in the way you are dressed, you willfeel good about presenting visually. Helps a person maintain composure Feeling of calmness, and displays poise Relies on his or her own judgment despite thediscouragement or influence of others. Some ways to become confident Be open to new and challenging assignments. Do not expect to control circumstances at work. Accept that the business world is demanding and fast-paced. Develop sense of humor, laugh at yourself and laugh with others. Accept criticism; use it as a tool to help improve your skills.12/12/2012
    17. 17. Statistics92%8%Portraying a Positive ImageProper Business AttirePoor Business Attire12/12/2012
    18. 18. Statistics (Cont’d) 41% of employers are more likely to promote whowear professional attire Women who wear tastefully applied makeup earn20-30% higher incomes 45% of employers use social media sites to screenpotential candidates Facebook—65% LinkedIn—63% Twitter—16% Lots more statistics  Network Statistics Majority of employers also use WebMii to screencandidates.12/12/2012
    19. 19. Peer Interaction Being sociable Shows friendliness,adaptability, politeness. Helps develop a positiveoffice environment Behavior Greetings: use formaltitles Handshakes: Firm Your hygiene Most people makedecisions about newpeople within the firstthirty seconds to twominutes. A study done by Dr.Albert Mehrabian atUCLA revealed: 37% of first impressionsare based on speakerstone and voice. On the telephone it risesto 80%.12/12/2012
    20. 20. Customers Your professional image when meeting withcustomers varies from place to place. Do your research, find out the dress code before traveling to adifferent state or globally, and match it. Reasons for professional image with customers Empathy Important Information Perception Employee Retention12/12/2012
    21. 21. Supervisors Demonstrate whatprofessional image isrequired in yourorganization. Dressing the part of asupervisor, rather thanemployee. Inspiring others, leading byexample. Fair treatment for all. Excellent communication. Help establish employee’sleadership styles.12/12/2012
    22. 22. Ultimate Success!Stayfocused onyour goalsOvercomeobstaclesAcceptfailureRemovefear anddoubtImproveyour skillsABrightFuture!12/12/2012
    23. 23. ConclusionWith research, we have determined that ourprofessional image consists of more than just our“outer appearance.”Communication, Etiquette, Attitude, Networking andDress are key ways in creating a professional image.Once you have identified the image you want, yourprofessional life will develop.Your professional image isyours to define and create.12/12/2012
    24. 24. References
    25. 25. ARE THERE ANYQUESTIONS??THE END12/12/2012