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Twitter island #ipli


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Powerpoint from Principal 2.0: The Connected Administrator at #IPLI.

Credit to Curt Rees for Gilligan's Island slides.

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Twitter island #ipli

  1. 1. Escaping your Admin Island through Twitter #IPLI Jessica Johnson Amber Teamann
  2. 2. By the end of this session... •You will have a Twitter account and have sent a tweet. •You’ll know the basics of Twitter (tweet, follow, hashtags, mentions) •You’ll start building your PLN
  3. 3. Image Credit: Alec Couros Image credit: A. Couros
  4. 4. Imagine if all your advice and feedback came from the same small group of people, or no one at all.
  5. 5. Administrator’s
  6. 6. Image Credit: Alec Couros Image credit: A. Couros
  7. 7. Why use Twitter?
  8. 8. More Important than Biebs’ hair and Ashton/Demi •24/7 Professional Development •PLN= Professional/Personal Learning Network
  9. 9. Global audience Like sending a text to the whole world Short and sweet Niche community Group of people interested in same topic. Free and easy
  10. 10. With Twitter, you can ask those “dumb” questions that you might not want to ask those you work closely with. Or you could avoid asking your important questions to dumb people. :)
  11. 11. Bouncing your ideas off your PLN could save you from a bad idea.
  12. 12. Why not google it?
  13. 13. How can Twitter be used professionally?
  14. 14. What do I do on Twitter? *24/7 Professional Development *Collaborate with other Great Educators *Find great resources to share with my staff *Read articles that have been shared *Find new blogs to add to my feedly blog reader *Get almost instant feedback/help *Participate in weekly scheduled chats (#educoach #atplc #1to1techat)
  15. 15. How to use Twitter Where is theWhere is the @ sign on@ sign on this thing?this thing?
  16. 16. I sure wish II sure wish I hadnhadn’’tt tweetedtweeted that.that.
  17. 17. Who to start following on twitter? • People you know • Friends of friends • Other Interesting People
  18. 18. People You Know
  19. 19. Friends of Friends
  20. 20. #hashtag search People with similar interests…
  21. 21. Your bio…. How do you want to present yourself? •I am a principal…. •Interested in: -Math -Science -Reading -Technology -Instructional Leadership •Any other info from you that will attract the followers YOU want to learn from •Add a picture...don’t be an egghead!
  22. 22. “But I don’t have anything to share!”
  23. 23. Make sense?
  24. 24. 15 minutes
  25. 25. TweetDeck
  26. 26. T
  27. 27. For more than 140 characters... Using Feedly to Follow Blogs