But What If It Doesn't Come Back? Lending Electronic Devices


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A presentation how Frankfort Community Public Library is lending e-devices. Presented at the Indiana Library Federation District Two Conference on April 26, 2013.

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  • There are so many devices now that people need and want to use. It’s scary to keep up with the technology, and it is often costly.
  • But we’ve always had to deal with technology in libraries. Decisions about what we would lend, how we would lend it, would there be a cost has always been around.
  • We can’t fear our patrons. And we need to know that what we will buy will not be in collection 5, 10, or 20 years from now.
  • Gone with the Wind cost about $100 issue when it was issue on VHS. Many libraries purchased a copy even though it was expensive and even though it might not come back. Within 10 years, the technology was obsolete.
  • YA, kids, mystery, romance, fiction
  • YA, kids, mystery, romance, fiction
  • But What If It Doesn't Come Back? Lending Electronic Devices

    1. 1. Jessica Jacko BarnesFrankfort Community Public Library
    2. 2. Can you think of other outdated technologiesthat your library used to order?
    3. 3.  Cost Theft Will it go obsolete?
    4. 4.  In-House◦ Teen Laptops◦ Early Literacy iPads Circulating◦ MP3 Players◦ Nook Simple Touches (coming soon)
    5. 5.  14 laptops for in-houseuse, programming Need a library cardand another pieceof ID Check out for 2hours, can berenewed Must check themback in
    6. 6.  No lost laptops USB issues Downloading anduploading Sense of ownership Part of replacementplan 4004 checkouts in2012
    7. 7.  Apps and ebooks topromote EveryChild Ready to Readinitiatives $499 per device Parents check outiPads to use withchildren User agreement andsurvey
    8. 8.  No lost or damagediPads Cleaning 40 checkouts sincethe end of February iStorytime Provided by IMLSLSTA fundsadministered byIndiana StateLibrary
    9. 9.  Came out ofFreegalsubscription Sandisk Sansa Clip4 GB @ $34.99 12 players dividedbetween 4 locations 2 week checkoutwith up to 2renewals
    10. 10.  Comes with chargerand USB cable Instructions forpatrons and staff 12 checkouts sinceJanuary No lost or damagedMP3 players
    11. 11.  Pilot programmingat the Mulberrybranch this June 5 genre-basedNooks $79 each plus costof book USB charger andinstruction
    12. 12.  2 week checkoutperiod Patrons with visionproblems Duplicated at otherlocations?
    13. 13.  What are your patrons’ needs? What devices meet your library’s mission? How are you finding out what your patronswant and need from library technology? Start small
    14. 14. Jessica Jacko BarnesFrankfort Community Public Libraryjbarnes@accs.net765-654-8746http://www.slideshare.net/JessicaJackoBarnes/