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Napkin Labs - Best Practice Guide

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES GUIDE Empowering brands to uncover the passion and creativity of fans
  2. 2. CONTENTS1 . ABOUT NAPKIN LABS2 . GUIDING PRINCIPLES3 . THE BASICS, BY APPLICATION4 . BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVE a. Build Deeper Customer Relationships b . G e n e r a t e A w a r e n e s s & E n g a g e m e n t c. Gain Consumer Insights d . C a t a l y z e I n n o v a t i o n5 . CASE STUDY: DOMINO’S THINK OVEN PAGE 2
  3. 3. ABOUT NAPKIN LABS We make Facebook apps that empower brands to uncover the passion and creativity of fans. This guide is all about you getting the most out of your fan page (and out of our apps), but this introduction contains a little more info about us, and why we exist. The way brands and customers interact is evolving quickly. The internet has enabled collaboration on a mass scale, creating a medium for brands to connect with customers and host conversations that drive value. This is not social chatter, but meaningful collaborations between brands and customers that build loyalty, advocacy, and drives innovation. The web is becoming a global focus group, and customers are armed with insights, creativity, and passion to collaborate with the brands they love. At Napkin Labs, we believe the creativity and passion of customers is the greatest untapped resource for businesses today. We also believe that building customer relationships goes beyond sweepstakes and coupons, and requires new ways of thinking about marketing. Our Facebook applications were designed to provide brands with a suite of tools to capture ideas, insights, and user generated content that is the foundation for authentic Facebook marketing. But, crowdsourcing and fan engagement can be complex concepts that span far beyond the technology. How brands ask questions, spark creativity, and reward fans all plays into the ultimate success of a campaign. In this guide we will share our knowledge and best practices for getting the most out of a Facebook community, and out of our applications.PAGE 3
  4. 4. GUIDING PRINCIPLESOF FAN ENGAGEMENTSix rules we live by when creating powerful Facebook campaigns and communities. PAGE 4
  5. 5. KEY PRINCIPLES CREATE AN AUTHENTIC VOICE 1 Facebook is a social utility about sharing with friends. Promotions and a focus on selling are a turn off for your true fans. Be genuinely curious about your fans and their ideas to help build an authentic voice. Ask questions to your community and post Brainstorm and Photoboard prompts that get users to share their stories, experiences, passions, and ideas. Make your page a platform for your fans’ stories. THINK DIFFERENTLY2 If your questions sound like survey questions, people will avoid them. Thoughtful questions that spark conversation should be the goal. With survey questions you get direct responses, but often biases are built in and the right questions aren’t asked. On Facebook you have to be open to the diversity of responses - that is the true value. MAKE IT COLLABORATIVE3 Avoid the ‘empty room’ feeling. Respond to users who submit ideas and spotlight fans that do good work. By collaborating with fans, you will continue to draw them in and create a more engaging experience. Encourage discussion. Raw ideas are raw and through discussion you can help build ideas. Also, leveraging discussions will increase the virality of your campaigns. READ BETWEEN THE LINES4 If you launch a Brainstorm for creating a new kind of pizza, don’t expect users to submit the perfect recipe. See submissions in aggregate and look for similarities in ideas. These can be clues to unmet needs. Sharing ideas with fans is a powerful insights tool. Each idea represents a customer forming a solution to something. That something is an important insight into their needs. NEVER STOP LEARNING5 Crowdsourcing and consumer engagement are still young fields. It is critical to test, learn, and iterate quickly. Measure and observe everything. Campaigns will not be overnight successes. They require persistence and a process of optimization. HAVE CLEAR GOALS6 Have defined goals for what success means. Share your goals with your fans. If you make your goals public, the community can be aligned with your expectations, building trust.PAGE 5
  6. 6. THE BASICS, BY APPLICATIONEach of our apps is a bit different. Learn how to get the most out of each one. PAGE 6
  7. 7. THE BASICS BY APPLICATIONSuperfansWhen you install Superfans to your Facebook fan page, it maps and scores every INSTALL THE APP 1interaction your fans have had on your page like comments, ‘likes,’ votes on a poll Once you sign up for Napkin Labs you will get a dashboard with all of the appsyou ran etc. Once it has processed, faces will appear in the app. These are your available for installation. From the dashboard, install Superfans on your fanmost active and influential fans broken out into several different categories. For page and it will automatically direct you to see it on your page.example, All Time Best is the most active fans on your page, while Brand Favoritesare the fans that you, as a page admin, have interacted with the most. Your fansmust sign into the app from your Timeline to see where they rank, but each fan willget insight into how active they are relative to other fans on your page. LET IT PROCESS ALL YOUR DATA 2 Superfans scores every action your users have taken on your fan page from the time you started your page, so beware - it may take a few minutes or a few hours depending on the size of your community. Once it has processed all your info, it will be real-time. GET CREATIVE 3 Once Superfans is up and running, get creative. This is a club for your best users, so create an App tab and a call to action for users to sign up that fits with your brand. SEE WHO IS INFLUENTIAL & ACTIVE 4 Superfans gives you data on who is influential and active, so take a look, thank your top fans for being engaged, and see who your fan of the month is. SHARE THE APP WITH A LINK 5 Once you are comfortable with Superfans, you can share it on your Timeline page to start to driving traffic. The more you share the app, and the more fans who sign up to see where they rank, the more information you can start to see. OFFER PERKS AND REWARDS 6 For super savvy Facebookers we can work with you to set up rewards. Say you want to send out a coupon when any fan reaches a certain number of points - no problem. Just give us a shout and we can get you set up with custom rewards. PAGE 7
  8. 8. THE BASICS BY APPLICATIONPhotoboardPhotoboard is an application that lets you post questions or prompts to your INSTALL THE APP 1community and lets fans submit photos. Fans can then ‘like’ and comment on From your Napkin Labs Dashboard install the Photoboard application to yourimages that have been submitted. It is an easy way to capture user generated Facebook fan and images all in one simple interface. CREATE A CAMPAIGN 2 Once you install Photoboard you can fill in the details to start a campaign. Give it a title that asks fans to share images about something specific like “Share a photo of your last great adventure.” Provide more detailed information about why fans should participate, and set rewards and an end-date. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PHOTOBOARD 3 Photoboard also lets you upload a custom header image (778 x 200 pixels). Use this header image to ground fans in what the Photoboard is about. You can also customize app tabs on your Timeline page through Facebook. SHARE EARLY & OFTEN 4 Once you are ready you can share your Photoboard on your Timeline page. A small percentage of users actually visit fan pages, so sharing early and often will allow users to find your Photoboard through their Newsfeeds. SPOTLIGHT SUBMISSIONS 5 As users begin to submit images to your Photoboard, make sure to collaborate with them. Favorite images you like, and share great submissions on your Timeline page to drive new fans to engage. PROVIDE REWARDS 6 Early on as you are building your community, rewards can be a great way to incent participation. It can be cash, accolades, a trip, or better yet products. Brands that leverage their own products as rewards see the best participation. PAGE 8
  9. 9. THE BASICS BY APPLICATIONPipelineWhile Photoboard is all about images and is campaign based, Pipeline is an ongoing INSTALL THE APP 1forum for fans to submit ideas, feedback, and suggestions. After you install From your Napkin Labs Dashboard install the Pipeline application to yourPipeline to your Timeline page, fans can submit ideas, and comment and ‘like’ Facebook fan page.other fans ideas. It is a perfect forum to get feedback and insights into how yourcompany can grow and improve. As a virtual suggestion box, it also lets you favoriteideas and see what ideas are bubbling to the top. CUSTOMIZE YOUR PIPELINE 2 Once you install Pipeline you can fill in the details to get it started. Add a custom header image and give it a custom title and tag line like “we’re listening” or “We want to hear what you think.” ADD SOME CATEGORIES 3 Pipeline lets you add categories that fans can tag their ideas with. You can also filter all ideas fans have submitted by these categories. Enter the categories of ideas that are relevant to your company like “store experience” “technology” or “improvements.” SHARE WITH YOUR FANS 4 Once your Pipeline is ready, share it on your Timeline to get users involved. You can also copy the link to your Pipeline and integrate it into your website or other web properties to drive more engagement and ideas. SPOTLIGHT SUBMISSIONS 5 Fans want to see that someone is listening. As fans submit ideas, favorite the ones you like, and make sure to comment on them to thank users and ask follow up questions. PROVIDE REWARDS 6 Rewards are a great motivator. With Pipeline you can build loyalty with fans by offering surprise rewards to fans who have submitted great ideas. Just click on the fan and message them through Facebook to get connected. PAGE 9
  10. 10. THE BASICS BY APPLICATIONBrainstormBrainstorm is one of our most powerful apps. Brainstorm lets you run specific INSTALL THE APP 1projects to capture ideas from your fans around a question. While Pipeline is From your Napkin Labs Dashboard install Brainstorm to your Facebook fanmeant to be an ongoing forum for ideas, Brainstorm lets you host a more targeted page.and rich campaign where users can submit ideas with images and detaileddescriptions. It is perfect for asking fans for new product ideas, ways to solvea specific challenge, or to gather ideas for designs or ad campaigns. It is a fullyequipped crowdsourcing engine all in one application. CREATE A PROJECT 2 Once you install Brainstorm you can fill in the details to get it started. Give it a title, for example: “What Facebook Apps Should We Build Next?” Also, input detailed information about why you are asking for ideas and what types of ideas you are looking for. CUSTOMIZE YOUR BRAINSTORM 3 Add a custom header image and Facebook Timeline app tabs to brand your Brainstorm. Make it fit your brand, but also get creative to come up with a brand of its own. Domino’s pizza created the Think Oven - what can you come up with? SHARE EARLY & OFTEN 4 Once you are ready you can share your Brainstorm on your Timeline page. A small percentage of users actually visit fan pages, so sharing early and often will allow users to find your Brainstorm through their Newsfeeds. Once you have shared it - pin your post to the top of your Timeline to drive traffic. SPOTLIGHT SUBMISSIONS 5 Fans want to see that someone is listening. As users submit ideas, favorite the ones you like, and make sure to comment on them to thank users and ask follow up questions. PROVIDE REWARDS 6 Rewards are a great motivator. With Brainstorm you can build loyalty and get more ideas by offering up rewards for the winning submissions. Choose the ideas you like most, or let the fans decide through ‘likes.’ PAGE 10
  11. 11. BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVEGetting the most our of our apps, based on the things you want to accomplish most PAGE 11
  12. 12. BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVEBuild Deeper Customer Relationships MAKE IT MEANINGFUL 1 Engaging with, learning from, and sharing ideas with your fans is a powerful way to build relationships. Your community on Facebook Most sweepstakes and contests are asking users to submit ideas or content has already signaled their interest by ‘liking’ your page, so creating with no real purpose but to participate. To build relationships involve experiences that make them feel even more part of the brand is critical. customers in things that matter and will make a difference. When you invite fans to work with a brand and help shape its future - they become invested. SPOTLIGHT PEOPLE 2 Leveraging Napkin Labs apps, you can create highly interactive experiences that get customers creative juices flowing. By working with One of the best ways to make people feel more connected to your brand is to give shout outs. Whether someone posted a great idea, a really cool image, or them over time you can build deep loyalty and create an army of brand caption, make sure to thank them and highlight their success. evangelists. PROVIDE THOUGHTFUL REWARDS 3 Anyone can give away money as a reward. The more you can tie rewards for actions to your brand the more loyalty you can build. So instead of a cash prize, think about an off-site with company leaders, or giving away product. IDENTIFY INFLUENCERS 4 Not everyone that interacts with your brand will be highly engaged. It is important to identify your influential fans and provide them with surprises and rewards. They can be your best evangelists to gain more influential fans. GIVE EXCLUSIVITY 5 One of the most rewarding aspects of co-creation for users is getting recognized. As you identify influencers, invite them to a Google hangout or send them an invite to a private forum. By giving your fans more access they will continue to feel more part of the brand. COMMUNICATE OFTEN 6 Following up is important. Once you have ended a Photoboard or Brainstorm, don’t let it disappear forever. Provide updates on your wall about the impact that is being made and what the company is doing with ideas. It is a great way to show users that their opinions matter.PAGE 12
  13. 13. BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVEGenerate Awareness & Engagement MAKE IT FUN 1Napkin Labs apps are deeply integrated into the Facebook platform. As your fanstake actions like posting an idea, liking an idea, commenting, submitting a caption When it comes to engaging with fans on Facebook - you can get serious resultsetc. these actions will be seen by friends. As you run campaigns, your reach will without being serious. Make projects fun and provide surprises for fans alongstretch far beyond your fans, and will target your fans’ friends - making it a great the way.way to generate awareness and increase likes.Our tools are also built to create engaging experiences for users. Instead of landing MAKE IT CLEAR 2on a static fan page, they can actual participate and collaborate with your brand.Make sure to take advantage of this and give your influential fans plenty of love. Be crystal clear about what you want from fans in terms of ideas and feedback. The more clear the call to action, the easier it is for new fans to get involved.With our Superfans app you can have a running leaderboard that highlights eachof these users. As you run different apps, users will earn points that will aggregateinto the Superfans app. This makes it easy to spotlight top users.Facebook also has great sponsored stories and ad tools to drive more traffic to PROVIDE A REWARD 3your page. Leveraging Napkin Labs engagement apps and setting up sponsored Providing rewards for good ideas and contributions is a great way to drawstories gives your potential new fans a much better call to actions then just ‘liking’ people in and get them engaged.the page. PROMOTE IT 4 Use your wall, and use Facebook’s targeted ad platform to promote your campaigns. Draw people in with calls to action about sharing ideas, and it can be great way to build awareness. SPOTLIGHT TOP FANS 5 When you spotlight fans, they will want to share this with their friends. Also, by spotlighting fans on your wall, it will provide another way to get other fans engaged. FOLLOW THROUGH 6 Once a Brainstorm, or a Photoboard project ends, keep up the promotion. Share what is happening with the contributions fans provided. PAGE 13
  14. 14. BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVEGain Consumer InsightsYour Facebook community is a powerful source for new insights into your business. START BROAD 1By “liking” your fan page, people have signaled their interest in your brand, and can Building a relationship with your users is like building any relationship - it takesbe leveraged as a massive digital focus group. time. Start with broad questions or brainstorm topics that get people thinking without too many constraints.The Napkin Labs suite of apps gives you a wide range of activities to post toyour community - each of which has been designed to capture informationand consumer insights that can inform product, marketing, customer service, ASK WHY 2experience design, etc. As users post interesting content, ask why. Why did they submit this idea? WhyFor example you could run a Brainstorm to ask your fans for new product ideas. By did they decide to post this picture? Asking why can help engage fans and getsgenerating hundreds of different ideas with your fans, you can see what issues they them talking about underlying reasoning.are solving for with their ideas. Repetition of ideas provides rich insights into unmetneeds of customers. STAY INVOLVED 3Another example is to use Photoboard to ask your community for examples of As a fan, there is nothing worse than sharing stories and feeling like they aregreat packaging they have seen recently. This can be a source for inspiration and not being listened to. After you launch an app, make sure to respond. Also,help you keep a close pulse on packaging trends. share good content submitted by fans to your wall and highlight specific users.Each of our apps enables users to share rich stories and content. By continuallyposting new questions you can keep a close pulse on your customers’ evolvingneeds. CLUSTERFacebook is a much different universe than traditional marketing researchmediums like surveys and focus groups, however, so always remember the context.Facebook is a social site for sharing and building identity. Stay away from directquestions that feel like a survey, and focus on providing thought starters that 4 Consumers rarely give good answers to direct questions. Instead, ask questions that leave room for interpretation. Then compile the responses and group them by similarity. Often times, those clusters can lead to ground- breaking insights into your fans.get your community to share their ideas and life stories. Consumers are bad at FIND THE INFLUENCERS 5 answering direct questions, so by providing more broad thought starters, you canget more honest insights into their lives and interests. As you post different Apps, we measure the influence of users. Leverage this influence score to see who in your community is actively contributing valuable information. These are valuable people to get to know. GET INTIMATE 6 Invite your best influencers into private conversations where you can really dig deep. By creating a private environment, you provide them with a VIP experience, while also setting up an environment where you can share more information and get richer feedback. PAGE 14
  15. 15. BEST PRACTICES BY OBJECTIVECatalyze InnovationCrowdsourcing is a powerful catalyst for innovation. You can quickly gather ideas RUN A SPECIFIC BRAINSTORM 1from a global and intellectually diverse group. By using your Facebook fans as an Open forums of ideas are tough for users, but in conjunction with a specificinstant and continuous source of ideas, you can inform your product pipeline. topic to ideate around, consumers can provide better ideas, and ideas that are readily applicable to what your company is working on and can implement.One of the greatest benefits is that it lets your company access knowledge andexperience beyond its core. By broadening the base of knowledge your companyworks from, you can increase the potential for innovation and consistently accessnew ideas. RUN PIPELINEWhile your Facebook community may not be the source of the next radicalinnovation - their ideas are unbound by company constraints - and are generatedbased on personal experience and solutions for frustrations in their lives. Bytapping into these ideas and finding patterns and trends in what is submitted, you 2 Pipeline works well together with Brainstorm to provide an outlet for ideas beyond a specific topic. It is a great way to collect feedback from users to see patterns in what they are asking for.can quickly identify areas ripe for innovation, and begin to merge user submitted MAKE IT ACCESSIBLE 3ideas in order to form ideas that align with internal competencies. Crowdsourcing is not the avenue to identify a new breakthrough technologyNapkin Labs provides a range of apps that are tailored to collecting and or brand design concept. Make your projects accessible so that fans can participate without high degrees of technical knowledge. Their true strength iscollaborating around ideas to drive innovation. Brainstorm, Pipeline and around experiential ideas.Photoboard were designed to enable companies to gather ideas, capture trendsand inspiration in real-time from fans. READ BETWEEN THE IDEAS 4 Don’t think of the ideas submitted as the final product, see the ideas in aggregate. As you collect hundreds or thousands of ideas, you can start to see patterns in what fans are solving for - and those can be powerful insights. ITERATE AND SHARE 5 As you identify opportunities and interesting ideas, refine them internally, and share them back with the community to get feedback. The most powerful co- creative process will have a high degree of testing, iteration, and feedback. PROVIDE AN INCENTIVE 6 Without an incentive, users will participate, but incentives can be a great way to draw more people in - and is an opportunity to build deeper relationships. Think about incentives with meaning like products, or even a free trip to meet with the marketing team to refine ideas further. PAGE 15
  17. 17. DOMINO’S THINK OVEN: POWERED BY NAPKIN LABSINSIDE THINK OVEN GIVE IT MEANING GIVE IT IMPACTDomino’s Pizza has embraced openness and The results have been ground-breaking. Intransparency. A few short years ago, they the first week, Domino’s received over 2,000were a brand defined by pizza that tasted ideas and over 100,000 new fans. After 90like cardboard and grumpy delivery drivers. days Think Oven has received 10,000 ideas from fans and Domino’s has grown theirIn the last few years Domino’s openly fan base by over 1 million fans. They haveadmitted to creating bad pizza, and set out transformed their static Facebook page intoto fix that. They called on their customers an engagement hub, with users sharingfor feedback to help make them better, ideas and working together.and they listened. They asked customersto send in photos of their pizza’s and their With Napkin Labs, Think Oven went fromCEO apologized on national TV for poor concept to industry changing reality in aquality. Since Domino’s embraced a culture few months, and is becoming a benchmarkof openness their stock has steadily climbed for fan engagement on Facebook. Think MAKE IT SOCIAL PROVIDE LAYERSfrom under $5 to over $30. Oven goes beyond the flood of contests and sweepstakes that bombard users and trulyBut just capturing feedback was not enough. engages them as part of the brand. In thisDomino’s wanted to keep pushing the idea Case Study, we share some of the winningof openness, so they turned to Napkin Labs concepts and best practices that propelledto launch a crowdsourcing capability that Think Oven to success.would give them a more engaging way tocapture ideas and help them build brandadvocacy. The result is Domino’s ThinkOven.Think Oven is a Facebook application builton Napkin Labs’ Brainstorm and Pipelineapps, which we customized to reflect COLLABORATE BE ON BRANDDomino’s Brand. Think Oven has two parts:Projects and Idea Box. The goal was totap customers for ideas around a specificinternal initiative, like designing newuniforms. Also, Domino’s wanted to captureideas beyond a specific project, which iswhere Idea Box comes in. Idea Box allowsFacebook fans to submit ideas on anything. PAGE 17
  18. 18. GIVE IT MEANING Consumer engagement and and that this was not a campaign crowdsourcing are difficult when the thrown together to collect ideas for message and meaning behind the free. campaign are not authentic. Crowdsourcing campaigns can For Think Oven, we worked closely get caught in consumer backlash with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, because it feels like a big company Domino’s Agency of Record, to bring is mining users for their good ideas, Domino’s passion for openness to and profiting from them. By creating Think Oven users. The introduction a call to action for users straight video that describes Think Oven from the CEO, and by grounding begins with a simple, powerful the campaign in a genuine push to statement from the CEO that “great make the company better, Domino’s ideas can come from anywhere.” creates a feeling of being part of Domino’s was built on the idea of the company - a partner, a fan with customers having great ideas that value - rather than a faceless source transformed the company, and of ideas. tying this to the campaign gave it meaning. Having the CEO ground Think Oven in the history and the ethos of the company provides Facebook fans with direct link to the top. They know the company is really listening,PAGE 18
  19. 19. GIVE IT IMPACT Most customer engagement tools on shows fans that their contributions Facebook are simply sweepstakes will have an impact. It also provides and open calls for feedback. While ample opportunities to ‘refresh’ the an outlet for suggestions is critical, it Facebook page. Domino’s is posting can feel like an empty room - a void new projects every 30 days, so fans where ideas go to die. always have new things to spark their creativity rather than just a For Think Oven, we leveraged our static idea collection page. Brainstorming application to create an interactive “Projects” section, where fans can learn about an active project Domino’s is thinking about, and then submit their ideas on something specific. Ideas for new Domino’s uniforms may not be mission critical, but as a first project it provides users with a sense that they can truly impact the face of the brand. They can submit uniform ideas that may actually get produced, and that has immediate impact and bragging rights. When companies open themselves up to ideas around a specific topic itPAGE 19
  20. 20. MAKE IT SOCIALFacebook is a new medium for become a viral application with overadvertisers. Like Google Adwords, 140,000 monthly users in the firstFacebook provides a massive month.audience backed by detailed dataon each user, what they like, what Our apps are designed to be viral,they are interested in, and who their so when a Domino’s fan posts anfriends are. idea, “likes” someone else’s idea, or participates in a discussion, theirThe challenge is that when someone friends see the activity in theirwants to buy something, or learn Newsfeed. This means that whenabout your company they search on one fan engages with Think Oven,Google - making Google ads more an average of 120 impressions arevaluable. Users don’t go to Facebook learn about a company, or to buysomething. They go to learn about Most importantly, these impressionswhat their friends are doing and to are referred through friends, notshare stories. Because the context brand advertisements that get lostfor users is so different, brands need in the clutter of Facebook. Our toolsto market differently and become are not only opening up Domino’s topart of the conversation. a new type of engagement, but the social integrations are achieving aBecause Think Oven was built from large number of impressions fromour core Facebook applications, it trusted sources which contributed tocame pre-packaged with deep social an additional 900,000 fans in the firstintegrations that takes full advantage month of the campaign.of the social graph. Because ofthese integrations, Think Oven has
  21. 21. PROVIDE LAYERSNot everyone engages with brands The various layers of interactionto the same degree. Some fans are give a Facebook application depth,Superfans, and some fans are new but for crowdsouring, it also helpsand exploring. A massive range of balance and filter noise. Each layerpeople, all with different amounts takes more work than the last, soof time to spend are coming to your you can achieve a viral campaignfan page. Creating a campaign or where people are sharing and likingFan Page with only a few modes of ideas, but also achieve a richness ofparticipation can be detrimental to ideas by creating an outlet for visualsuccess. expressions of ideas that takes more work and thought.With Think Oven, Napkin Labscreated a user experience with six Balancing breadth of exposurelayers of engagement. Users could vs. richness of interactions andview ideas without being required quality of ideas is not easy, but byto approve the application. They giving Think Oven many layers ofcould ‘like’ other people’s ideas, interaction we were able to achieve acomment, post simple text ideas to solid balance.Idea Box, post a targeted text ideato the current project, and submit avisual idea to the current project. Allthese different modes of interactioncreated an experience for peopleexploring, or highly engaged userswith passion for the brand.
  22. 22. COLLABORATEFacebook is about a two way Domino’s has also leveraged theirconversation with customers. When wall to promote users, ideas, andthey feel their ideas and comments Think Oven. When they receive anare not being listened to, they leave. idea that is especially interesting, or popular, they will post that idea toThis concept is even more important their wall and ask a question aboutin crowdsourcing initiatives. People it. This gets more users engaged andwant to feel like they are being acts as a link in fan Newsfeeds.heard, and one of the strongestintrinsic motivators for participation Domino’s employees have alsois feedback. been active in giving feedback and commenting on ideas withWith Think Oven, Domino’s has promise. Whether it is asking forleveraged several Napkin Labs more information about an idea, orfeatures in order to stay engaged simply thanking someone for theirwith fans. For example, Domino’s contribution, direct dialogue withhas a “Domino’s Favorites” filter. fans is always a great way to buildThey can tag ideas they like with a deeper relationships, and get themred dog ear, and fans can filter ideas even more actively see only the ones that Domino’shas favorited. Not only doesthis create a two-way interactionbetween fans and Domino’s but itacts to spotlight users who are doinggood work.
  23. 23. BE ON BRANDYour Facebook fan page is a critical No one wants to spend time onconsumer touch point for a brand. an application that is half thoughtCreating unique experiences that through.represent your brand is imperative. To create Think Oven, Napkin LabsBecause Facebook is a relatively new worked hand in hand with Crispinengagement channel for companies, Porter + Bogusky who createdsome do not place as much the graphics, videos, and overallimportance on good design, and a design. The result is one of the mostwell thought out user experience. interactive and brand rich apps onHowever, for many companies they Facebook.are starting to see more traffic totheir Facebook page than they are totheir actual website.For Think Oven, incorporatedprominent branding whilepreserving the clean user experienceour apps offer. We customizedbuttons, icons, and colors in orderto give fans a complete Domino’sexperience.Think Oven is perfectly on brandfor Domino’s and from a fan’spoint of view, that is important.
  24. 24. For more information, or to demo our enterprise tools,contact us at or call303.482.1280.You can also get started right away with our off-the-shelfversion on our website at www.napkinlabs.comWe hope this was helpful! If you have any ideas, feedback, orbest practices you have noticed, share with us on our Facebook page. PAGE 24