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  2. 2. ASHLEY DIAMOND Ashley Diamond is a Transgender Woman, she was diagnosed with Gender Dsyphoria as a teenager. For 17 years she had been taking estrogen treatments, testosterone blockers, and anti androgen medications. April 2012, Ashley Diamond was imprisoned for a parole violation for an earlier theft, she was placed in a close- security facility for adult male felons. Authorities denied her hormone therapy and told her to act like a man, less than one month in prison she was sexually assaulted by six gang members.
  4. 4. ASHLEY DIAMOND Ashley Diamond sued the Georgia Department of Corrections after she was denied a safe environment and the medical treatment needed to treat Gender Dysphoria. Gender Dysphoria also known as gender identity disorder is a condition when ones emotional and psychological identity as male or female is opposite of their biological sex Ashley was released August 31st, 2015 after being in prison more than three years where she was housed with male inmates who had abused and sexually assaulted her over eight times The Georgia Department of Corrections disregarded her health and mental state, and said they had no means for protecting transgender prisoners, they instructed her to “protect her booty”, and be prepared to fight. Prison officials referred to her as the “he-she-thing” and instructed her to act and appear like a man, they also denied her hormone treatment because they believed she was clearly a man not a woman.
  5. 5. ASHLEY DIAMOND When a transgender male stops their treatment, or stops taking their hormones they can endure painful physical transformations, your body is basically slowly forming back to a masculine state. Ashley had been taking her hormones for over 17 years, when she was denied her medication she went through extremely painful physical and mental transformations, her facial hair started growing back and her body started becoming more masculine and muscular. Ashley was in so much pain from her transformation and lack of medical care she constantly had thoughts of suicide and even had two or more attempts of suicide and self-castration. Ashley was placed in solitary confinement when she tried to seek help from the Southern Poverty Law Center, she was also placed in there over seven times for acting like a woman.
  6. 6. TRANSGENDER IN PRISON Transgender: Relating to a person whose gender identity does not correspond to that persons biological sex assigned at birth. Transgender people who have not had genital surgery are generally classified according to their birth sex regardless of how long they have lived as a member of the other sex and how much medical treatment they have had for purpose of housing. Transgender people who have had genital surgery are classified and housed based on their reassigned sex Prison Officials are required to protect prisoners from violence at the hands of other prisoners, officials who do not follow this are in violation of the Eighth Amendment, prohibition of cruel and unusual punishment.
  7. 7. SEXUAL ASSAULT Transgender individuals are nine times more likely than other inmates to be sexually harassed or assaulted within twelve months of entering prison Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Gender Nonconforming people are among those most at risk of sexual abuse. To address the crisis, Congress passed the Prison Rape Elimination Act, a set of rules that prevent, detect and respond to abuse.
  8. 8. ASHLEY DIAMOND The Justice Department argued that Georgia’s treatment policy was unconstitutional, Ashley had been receiving the hormone treatments for years before her arrest. Prison Officials did not identify her as transgender on any prison forms, making her illegible for hormone treatments. Because of this Ashley has been violently transformed, she has lost breast tissue, and her female secondary sex characteristics have diminished. Transgender inmates like Ashley have a right to medical care, all inmates must be treated with fairness, dignity and respect they are people too.
  9. 9. QUESTIONS: Do you agree that individuals who have not had genital surgery should be placed in prisons according to their sex assigned at birth, even if they have taken hormone treatments before their arrest? Why? How do you think prisons should assign housing for members of the LGBT community to ensure their safety?