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Jessica@JessicaGo*	         818.486.9363	  
Jessica	  Go*lieb	  is	  a	  Los	  Angeles	  based	  award-­‐winning	  blogger,	  writer	  and	  speaker.	  She	  has	  be...
Jessica’s	  Traffic	  JessicaGo*	  has	  more	  than	  	   a	  million	  page	  views	  each	  month.	  	  
Jessica’s	  Reach	                                           22,000	  Twi*er	  Followers	  	                              ...
How	  can	  we	  work	  together?	  Jessica	  works	  with	  brands	  to	  create	  custom	  sponsorships	  that	  both	  ...
Case	  Study:	  Gucci	  Fiat	  Road	  Test	  In	  November	  of	  2011	  Jessica	  was	  asked	  to	  drive	  a	  Gucci	  ...
Contact	         Jessica	  Go*lieb	  Jessica@JessicaGo*	                   	       15021	  Ventura	  Blvd	        ...
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Jessica Gottlieb Media Kit 2012


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Jessica Gottlieb Media Kit 2012

  1. 1. Jessica@JessicaGo*   818.486.9363  
  2. 2. Jessica  Go*lieb  is  a  Los  Angeles  based  award-­‐winning  blogger,  writer  and  speaker.  She  has  been  featured  on  NPR,  Forbes,  The  New  York  Times,  Dr.  Phil  and  many  more    naNonal  media  outlets.      Jessica  is  a  featured  panelist  on  MomversaNon  and  a  highly  sought  aQer  speaker.  She  has  spoken  at  BlogWorld,  the  140  conference,  Girls  in  Tech,  Social  Media  Club,  Bloggy  Bootcamp  and  more.  Jessica  traveled  with  Oprah  Winfrey  to  help  launch  the  OWN  Network’s  social  media.      
  3. 3. Jessica’s  Traffic  JessicaGo*  has  more  than     a  million  page  views  each  month.    
  4. 4. Jessica’s  Reach   22,000  Twi*er  Followers     1,500  Friends  &  150  Subscribers   1,500  YouTube  Subscribers     21,000+  Circled  on  Google+  Featured  on…  
  5. 5. How  can  we  work  together?  Jessica  works  with  brands  to  create  custom  sponsorships  that  both  resonate  with  Jessica’s  audience  and  allow  the  brand  to  meet  their  objecNves.      Suggested  partnerships  include  but  are  not  limited  to:     –  Sponsored  posts,  video  or  giveaways   –  #Hashtagged  Twi*er  chats   –  Launch  parNes   –  Blogger  outreach  and  gatherings   –  On  site  adverNsing  (banner  or  text  ads)       Jessica  only  works  with  brands  she  loves.  Here  are  a  few  past  partners:  
  6. 6. Case  Study:  Gucci  Fiat  Road  Test  In  November  of  2011  Jessica  was  asked  to  drive  a  Gucci  Fiat  for  four  days.      In  addiNon  to  almost  27,000  direct  clicks  on  two  related  posts  there  were  another  150,000  front  page  views.  Jessica’s  review  is  the  #1  Google  Search  for  “Gucci  Fiat  Review”  and  in  the  top  3  results  for  related  searches.      The  accompanying  YouTube  video  is  the  fourth  Google  video  result  for  The  term  “Gucci  Fiat”.    Jessica  is  a  online  powerhouse  with  the  ability  to  elevate  your  brand.  
  7. 7. Contact   Jessica  Go*lieb  Jessica@JessicaGo*     15021  Ventura  Blvd   Suite  325   Sherman  Oaks,  CA     91403     818.486.9363