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Power point poetry


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Published in: Education
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Power point poetry

  1. 1. HOLES AND GOALS Pacifying Poetry: A Non-Western Perspective
  2. 2. COURSE RATIONALE  Enhances critical thinking skills.  Creates an outlet for creativity.  As a future English teacher, I will be required to teach poetry and it is best to not have fear of it.
  3. 3. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS How is theme created in a poem? How does a poet’s life influence the poetry that he/she writes? Why do poets use literary devices and structural devices when they write? What motivates a poet to create a new piece of literature?
  4. 4. ENDURING UNDERSTANDINGS Appreciative readers skim the surface of a poem to understand it, instead of picking it apart piece by piece. Critical readers will identify literary devices and various structures of poetry in order to enrich their understanding of a poem. Nuances in poets’ writing style reflect the cultural context in which their poetry evolved.
  5. 5. FAVORITE RESOURCE A Kick in the Head: An Everyday Guide to Poetic Forms  Compiled by: Paul Janeczko  Illustrated by: Chris Raschka
  6. 6.  Core Poem Annotation:  Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins  Dry Erase Board Annotation Billy CollinsPRODUCT NUMBER 1
  7. 7.  Graphic Poem  Translating a poem into images  Theme, Literary Devices, Form, Rhyme, Met erPRODUCT NUMBER 2
  8. 8.  Personal Poetry Portfolio  Forms of Poetry  Literary Devices  ThemesPRODUCT 3
  9. 9.  Culture Graphic Organizer  Analysis of Poetry from:  China  Israel  Russia  Latin America  Comparison of ThemesPRODUCT 4
  10. 10. CONTENT MYSELF AS A LEARNER Poetry can be enjoyable  I appreciate the learning process more when it is Anthologies of poetry- creative and motivated by cultural perspectives self-discovery. Various methods in which  I have identified another poetry can be approached enjoyable avenue of literature to pursue.THINGS I LEARNED
  11. 11. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Pedagogical Practices to Pursue:  Incorporating poetry into everyday instruction- strategies  Non Western Literature-Fiction & NonFiction Relevance for Students:  Core Poem-will always be the first poem.  Graphic Poetry-valid assessment to check for understanding; theme, literary devices, meaning