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Evaluation of music magazine

  1. 1. By Jessica Freeman
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products?This real media product has used a strap line, cover line,mast head, a barcode and many other codes andconventions, these ones in particular thought Isee as the main features on magazines. In my music magazine I have also used the codes and conventions of a strap line, cover line, barcode and mast head. Using these my magazine would look more realistic and appealing to the readers.
  3. 3. This real media product of a contents page has used,bold writing as a heading for the page, a main picturealong with a smaller one, it has included the name ofthe magazine again in the contents and has alsomade the page numbers stand out, this is whatwould be expected and normally seen inmagazines sold in the shops. In my music magazine I have used the same kinds of codes and conventions as used in the proper product above. By using these it helps my magazine look more like a proper real one and more presentable to the reader.
  4. 4. This is the media product of a double pagespread, it has used a main picture, followedby other smaller pictures, it has a quotemade large representing what the bandsaid, the page numbers including the dateand magazine name, it also has a smallblock of writing about the band. This is anexample of one of the ways a double pagespread can be represented. My music magazine double page spread has near enough the same features as the real product but also has some different as I have done an interview rather than a story and I have the bands name in big writing. My double page spread would be an example of a mixture of different uses that a real product would use.
  5. 5. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Unique TeenagersThe people that I have represented in my magazine are of the following: Boys Happy Creative Confident Expressive Fashionable Popular
  6. 6. How have I represented teenagers in my production?I have represented teenagers more on the boy side inmy magazine as I have chosen a boy band as myfocus, they are represented as outgoing confidentlads who have a passion for their music.Is this a positive representation? Have I challengedstereotypes?I feel this is a positive representation as it showsthat not all youths of today are wasting their lives,this group of lads are using their talent to get themfar in life. I have challenged the stereotypes by theway that they are dressed, they are dressed quiteindie and mainstream, as this is what boys of todaywould wear. Their hair is also quite stereotypicalbecause you would represent their hair and classthem as rock music lovers.What style do my images promote?My images promote the rock style, you can tellthis by what I have said in the question aboveabout the style of their hair and dress style.What lifestyle do I promote?The lifestyle I promote is how lads can cometogether to make a band and go far with it. Itpromotes a good lifestyle showing that you cando what you enjoy.
  7. 7. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?Bauer MediaBauer Media is a company that has morethan eighty influential media brandsspanning a wide range of interests. Themagazine that they sell which wouldrelate most to my magazine is ‘Kerrang’.This is because it has the most relevanceto rock and that is what my magazine isbased on. All the other magazines werefor example ‘Heat’ and that has norelevance at all to my magazine or music. Here is the front cover of my magazine, as you can see it is more like ‘Kerrang’ as it is about music and rock. It also has the codes and conventions to match that magazine.http://www.bauermedia.co.uk/
  8. 8. Kerrang Media Kerrang media focuses completely on music, especially rock. The music magazine ‘Kerrang’ has a lot of relevance to my magazine. This is because it is all about rock and has the same vibes that my magazine brings across to the audience. On the website (which you can access from the link below) shows the magazines and types of music they use, even the brands of clothing they advertise on there has relevance to my magazine. Here is the front cover of my magazine, as you can see it relates very well to the magazines produced by ‘Kerrang media’. All about music and relating mostly to rock.http://www.kerrang.com/
  9. 9. IPC Media IPC Media produces over 60 iconic media brands, reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 42% of UK men. This media doesnt focus on music at all apart from one of the men magazines ‘NME’. All the other magazines are focused on all types of brands like TV, Health and sport. ‘NME’ has the most relevance to my magazine as it is about rock music. Here is the front cover of my magazine, as you can see it has more in common with the magazine ‘NME’ as it is about music and the magazine ‘what’s on TV’ isnt about music at all.http://www.ipcmedia.com/
  10. 10. Development Hell LimitedWe currently publish two monthlymagazines, ‘The Word’ and ‘mixmag’.Both of these magazine have reference tomusic. Meaning that they both would berelevant to my music magazine. TheGenre’s of music are all quite variedthough whereas mine only focuses onlyon Rock. Apart from this, the magazineshave got a lot in common. Here is the front cover of my magazine, as you can see it is like both the magazines that ‘Development Hell Limited’ produce as they are both about music.http://www.developmenthell.co.uk/
  11. 11. Who would be the audience for your media product? The audience for my magazine would be people that like rock music. It is aimed for secondary school kids up to people in university, meaning my magazine would have to be exciting and eye catching. I would be able to target these audiences by meeting the demands of what they expect. I would be attracting a large audience as my magazine is mainstream, and by using young people on the front, the target audience would be able to relate better to it. I have also used quite popular bands as well in the contents and front cover to advertise a wide range of rock music to the audience. The audience is also mainly for boys, but can be for girls as well.
  12. 12. How did you attract/address your audience? The way I attract my audience to read my magazine is to have an exciting front cover that will capture the readers attention, it will also have a lot of popular music rock bands that the target age group would know and relate too, they would also relate to the use of young people on the front and inside because they are around the age and have the same type of style. The mainstream attraction would help address the audience because it is similar to how they dress/act anyway and so it would fit there being better.
  13. 13. For the school magazine I originally did as the preliminary task my target audience was year11’s going on to either sixth form, college, or an apprenticeship. I addressed the audience byusing the term ‘thinking big’ meaning the choice the make going on would be a big choice andthat they had to think carefully about it. I attracted them by using colours that would be unisexso anyone could read it and the pictures were of people their age, that way they could relate alot easier to what the magazine has to offer.
  14. 14. For my music magazine the target audience is for people in secondary school right up touniversity. I addressed the audience by using title ‘slam’, as my magazine is about music,especially rock, I felt this would be the best word to use and it is quiet a loud word, just likerock music is loud. I attracted the audience by using quite rock like colours, black, purple andgrey. This would help the magazine to stand out, also using a picture of a band around thetarget audience age would help attract the audience even more as they would be able to relate toit. The colours and bands advertised are also all unisex meaning that the magazine would besuited to both genders.
  15. 15. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? &Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  16. 16. Once I had completed the school front cover, I realised that it was good practice for whencoming to do my real one. It gave me an insight into the level of work that would be expected.For example I have to think very carefully about the target audience and the skills I can use toachieve this. Also about the basic codes and conventions of making a realistic magazine withsimple things included such as prices, barcodes, page numbers etc, this adds to the realism ofmy products and what essentially makes them comparable to existing magazines.
  17. 17. After finishing my music magazine and comparing it to the school magazine I made I could see ahuge improvement in every aspect of it. I feel my skills in making a magazine are a lot strongeras I understand the criterias needed to be met and all the codes and conventions needed tomake it as realistic as possible. I feel I was most strongest at improving the codes andconventions as you can see in my school magazine front cover it is very bare and hasnt gotmuch too it, whereas in my music magazine front cover I have met the demands of several codesand conventions that would be found in a typical magazine. By putting the two magazines nexttoo each other I can see clearly what my strengths and weaknesses are. For example mystrongest point was the photography as I captured the image needed pretty accurately in bothimages.
  18. 18. After comparing the contents pages together also it shows how much I have improved inmaking a more realistic magazine. Just like with the front covers my main weakness wasdefiantly the codes and conventions, as you can see in the school contents I haven’t got muchto it at all. The mast head is bare and blank, compared to my music contents where the masthead stands out and includes the title of the magazine produced in the same writing as on thefront cover. Another thing I have improved greatly on is the page numbers. In my schoolcontents they are just listed in a boring fashion and doesnt give much of a variety, whereas inmy music contents it gives a lot more to offer and has been representing in a much moreexciting way. The way I have used my pictures also links to the page. Whereas in my schoolcontents they are just put at the bottom of the page with no real link.
  19. 19. When making the magazine it also helped me to advance my creative skills by using severalwebsites to help make my magazine more realistic. For example the website I found the mostuseful and the one I used the most was dafont.com, this website gave me the opportunity to getthe words I wanted in a huge variety of style, by using this I managed to get the writing that bestfitted my magazine brand.
  20. 20. From using the website dafont.com I was able to produce the title ‘Thinking BIG’ and‘SLAM’ and get it in the style writing that I felt would represent my magazine frontcover to help it stand out to the readers. Comparing the two titles from my schoolmagazine to my music magazine I can see a huge improvement once again. I havebeen able to make the writing a lot more clear and neat. Whereas the schoolmagazine one looks scruffy.
  21. 21. Overall throughout the process of making the magazine I have learnt so many skills in creativityand learning as I have learnt all about codes and conventions and what is needed in a realmagazine and what I can use to make it more realistic. I have leant all about how to produce aninterview and how to make it interesting with the questions and answers I could come up with. Ihave come a long way through improving from the school magazine to the music magazine asthe music magazine looks so much more realistic and eye catching tot he audience, it alsomeets the demands of the target audience and social groups I had picked.