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America vs. europe who is more pro choice


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Europe is seen as a haven of liberal laws, since it tends to be perceived as more leftist and secular. However, study shows that Europeans overall are much more conservative about abortion than the US. Anyone within 12 weeks of pregnancy can buy abortion pills or access surgery legally and on demand.

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America vs. europe who is more pro choice

  1. 1. Who is more pro-
  2. 2. Abortion Laws in America Pregnancy termination can be legally performed in all states of the country, up to 20 weeks of gestation time.  11 states ban abortions past 20 weeks in pregnancy  Pregnancy cancellation beyond 28 weeks of gestation are illegal in three states  Twenty states criminalize abortions when the fetus is viable, i.e. it can survive outside the womb, which is typically in the 23rd to 25th week.  Seven states in the US, all abortion on demand
  3. 3. Comparatively, European Laws Are Generally More Conservative Although recent changes in the American political climate, may change America’s liberal pro-choice status
  4. 4. Germany Aborting after the 12th week of gestation is illegal in Germany. Women have to mandatorily wait for three days in counseling before having an abortion.
  5. 5. Belgium  Women can abort by Mifepristone and Misoprostol or by surgery till the 12th week  Pregnancy termination after 12th week is permissible in case if the mother’s life is in danger.  Six days wait are mandatory prior to abortive procedures  A medical discussion or counseling is compulsory before the procedure.
  6. 6. Denmark  Terminating is legal until 12 weeks  A lot of restrictive laws are placed in the country for aborting after 12 weeks have past.
  7. 7. Finland  Pregnancy termination is allowed on demand for the initial 12 weeks of conception.  After 12 weeks of gestation, the woman has to give a reason “compelling” enough for her to be permitted to abort.
  8. 8. France  Anyone within 12 weeks of pregnancy can buy abortion pills or access surgery legally and on demand.  Abortion is allowed past first 12 weeks, but there are lots of restrictions placed.
  9. 9. Sweden  Pregnancy terminations are allowed legally until the 18th week – both by MTP Kit (Medical abortion) and surgery.  Most abortive procedures are illegal after 22 weeks, save few exceptions.  In between the 18th -22 weeks, pregnancy can be ended if the woman has an approval from the National Board of Health and Welfare.
  10. 10. Netherlands  A waiting period of five days is compulsory for counseling prior to the procedure  Underage girls are not allowed to abort without their parent’s consent
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