Am team meeting 5.6.13


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Am team meeting 5.6.13

  1. 1. AM Team MeetingMay 6, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda Q2 Remediation SCIN Update (Week 1 is over!) Cap One Reporting Weekend Update Mentoring with Matthew Nandita2
  3. 3. Q2 Remediation $.50 cent InMail drop to individual contributor segment $1 InMail drop to SMB inferred (company size null) New SMB segment (seg=593) New segment targeting followers of an industry on LI (Likelydisplay only) Follower reduced CPM (vs. CPF) with InMail bundle3
  4. 4. SULF Weekly Reporting
  5. 5.  Targeting: Senior & Entry ICs andGlobal w/some Asian & Oceanic countryexclusions Budget: $25k/monthPromoted on 5/1 CPC = $5.03Spend to Date: $2,400Comment(s):Girish K. - “This is very good example of reinventingthe vision to adopting changing needs of markets.”Kathy B. - “This is very cool - using expertise to solvea service problem for an atypical customer. Nice outof the box thinking!”Promoted on 5/2 CPC = $10.10Spend to Date: $700Comment(s):Fatima T. – “Looking forward to the day whenone can drive and work at the same time!”Xerox Company Page
  6. 6.  Targeting: myself - 500 Budget: $25k/monthPromoted on 5/2 CPC = $11.10Spend to Date: $1,800Comment(s):Wade Hinkle – “how do I “dislike” spam suchas this?” (removed from page)American Express OPEN Company Page
  7. 7. Promoted on 5/3 CPC = $9.84Spend to Date: $2,700Comment(s):Barbara Chism – “They are using their resources. That isneat.”Juin Filon – “Thats fab!” Targeting: Global & Dir+ Budget: $25k/monthCiti Company Page
  8. 8. • Agency working on IO creation.• Anticipated to start the week of5/6.• SFDC opportunity needs to becreated so IO can be generated.• Should start the week of 5/6.• AE is having initial conversationswith agency on $ commit.• Kick off meeting week of 5/6• Launch on 5/20.
  9. 9. SCIN Pilot Program OverviewINTERNAL ONLY
  10. 10. GTM Timeline (subject to change)©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 10Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun JulyValidationBetaFree6 ClientsPilotPaid on CPM20 clients to startCharterPremiumServicesLarge investmentrequiredGeneralAvailabilityField Training
  11. 11. Pilot Program Details Timeframe: Pilot will run from ~5/1 to 7/1 (dependent on productreadiness) Pricing: fixed price CPM based on audience (use 300x250 rate card) Investment Required: Minimum $25k per month; max $100k per month Co Page Activity Required: Pilot customers agree to post organicupdates at least 3x/week during pilot Targeting requirements: 10M members min audience size; English only Paperwork: Pilot agreement & I/O– Pilot agreement includes confidentiality, agree to allow LinkedIn to publicizetheir participation in the pilot, provide case study11
  12. 12. Pilot targeting Available targeting facets:– Location– Company size– Industry– Function– Seniority– Age– Gender Doesn’t support “NOT” and “OR” between facets– E.g. Can’t support: Company size NOT 10,000+– E.g. Can’t support: Director+ OR Financial Services Industry Does support “OR” logic within a facet– E.g. CAN SUPPORT: Industry Financial Services OR Tech Don’t over-target for the pilot. Inventory will be limited since we are still testingand haven’t opened all inventory– Minimum member count in target should be 10M©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 12
  13. 13. 13Jet: The Business Traveler NetworkPowered by Capital OneMarch 2013
  14. 14.  Managed Group Objectives:(1) To leverage LinkedIn’sexpertise in cultivating andmoderating authenticconversations on our platform.(2) To drive meaningfulrelationships with their targetaudiences around topics thatinspire passion andcommunity-building. Jet is Measured By:(1) Meaningful, relevantengagement with content,increasing unique socialgestures return visitation to thegroup page• Engagement Metrics• Page Visitation(2) Consistently acquiring scaleand quality group members• Member Growth• Demographics14Jet: The Business Traveler NetworkPowered by dfdddddddddd
  15. 15. The Profile of Jet Members…15Jen, Digital Media Strategist,San Francisco, CAJake, Account Executive,Los Angeles, CAJody, Consultant, NYCTim, Sales Manager,Chicago, IL
  16. 16. Jet Members are primarily US-basedMembers span all 50 states with strong representation in major metro areas16Top 5 US Regions:Greater New York City AreaSan Francisco Bay AreaGreater Chicago AreaGreater Boston AreaGreater Los Angeles AreaBoston moved to 4thplace, passing LosAngeles, in Jet’s top 5US regionsTop 10 Over-Indexed Regions1. Richmond, Virginia Area2. Austin, Texas Area3. Greater Chicago Area4. San Francisco Bay Area5. Greater Atlanta Area6. Charlotte, North Carolina Area7. Greater Denver Area8. Greater Omaha Area9. Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area10. Greater New York City AreaTop 10 Under-Indexed Regions1. Fort Smith, Arkansas Area2. Jonesboro, Arkansas Area3. Jacksonville, North Carolina4. Johnson City, Tennessee Area5. Amarillo, Texas Area6. Santa Fe, New Mexico Area7. Bryan/College Station, Texas Area8. Redding, California9. Columbus, Georgia Area10. Athens, Georgia Area
  17. 17. 17%ofLinkedInPopulation(US)%ofLinkedInPopulation(US)SeniorityJet Members are in Capital One’s audienceCompany Size12%30%20%15%6%10%3%4%11%26%17% 17%10% 10%4%5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Entry Senior Manager Director Owner VP Partner CXOJetUSJet Managers,Directors, and VPseach grew by 1%5%11%15%11%7%17%6%27%6%7%10%8%7%18%8%36%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%40%1-10 11-50 51-200 201-500 501-1000 1001-5000 5001-10000 10001+JetUSThe majority of Jetmembers work incompanies sized10,001+
  18. 18. Jet Members work in a variety of job functions18Top 15 Job Functions2%4%2%2%3%3%3%3%2%6%5%2%2%1%5%2%2%2%2%3%3%3%4%5%6%6%6%9%13%47%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%ResearchEducationProgram and Project…Human ResourcesFinanceEngineeringInformation TechnologySupportMedia and CommunicationEntrepreneurshipOperationsConsultingMarketingBusiness DevelopmentSalesJetUSThe top two jobfunctions increased inMarch with Salesgrowing 6% and BizDev growing 1%
  19. 19. Jet Members represent many different industries19Top 15 Industries3%4%2%3%4%8%2%2%11%7%6%7%12%6%9%1%1%2%2%2%3%3%4%7%8%8%10%10%13%24%0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%ArtsGovernmentServiceNon-ProfitConstructionEducationalTransportationMediaMedicalConsumerRecreationalManufacturingFinanceCorporateHigh-techJetUSThe top three industriesin the group remainHigh-Tech, Corporate,and Finance
  20. 20. Jet Members are actively engaging with content202301,459 1,3853,07405001,0001,5002,0002,5003,0003,500Discussions Comments Likes Total EngagementsDec-12Jan-13Feb-13Mar-13We saw almost 2x thenumber of totalengagements in Marchthan we did in February
  21. 21. 21Jet Member Engagement by SeniorityEngagement against higherseniorities is increasing andengagement against lowerseniorities is decreasing12%30%20%15%6%10%3%4%11%26%17% 17%10% 10%4%5%0%5%10%15%20%25%30%35%Entry Senior Manager Director Owner VP Partner CXOJetUS
  22. 22. 22* Engagements = Comments + Discussions + LikesYTD dataJet and LinkedIn groups membership and engagement growth4,9807,877 8,35711,8251,8662,2821,5483,074~80013k02,0004,0006,0008,00010,00012,00014,000Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9Jet Total MembersJet Total Engagements*100k+ Members100k+ Engagements*March showed strongengagement andmembership growthcompared tobenchmarks
  23. 23. 3,0743815,16101,0002,0003,0004,0005,0006,000Jet 5,000 - 10,000 Member Group Average 100k+ Member Group AverageJet is receiving strong engagement against benchmarked groups23Jet’s engagementscontinue to surpassthat of similar sizedgroupsEngagements vs. Benchmark Groups
  24. 24. Collective efforts are driving strong membership growth241,4113,4594,6834,908 4,980 5,202 5,4036,0167,8778,35711,82505,00010,00015,000Jet gained 3knew members inMarch12/10/12InMail #2Dropped(64,000)12/3/12InMail #1Dropped(64,000)1/14/13InMail #3Dropped(30,000)Join GroupMediaPaused2/7 – 2/26
  25. 25. Right Rail Overview (March)25PollVotes: 87Comments: 0CTR: 0.23%Benchmark CTR: 0.40%Content ModuleVideo Plays: 8CTR: 0.04%Benchmark CTR: 0.03%Special EditionCTR: 0.23%300x250CTR: 0.21%Benchmark CTR: 0.14%
  26. 26. Topical Themes of the Month26•Respondents favored chain hotels primarily because of the perks andrewards earned for staying in them – especially when using certaincredit cardsWhat do you prefer, a chainhotel or a small privatehotel?•Floating pens, snow globes, t-shirts, hotel soaps, postcards, andmagnets are examples of favorite traveler souvenirs of Jet membersWhat’s your favorite travelsouvenir?•The majority of respondents believe burgers should be left at the gateIs it rude to eat a burger onthe plane?•There was overwhelming support for NOT wearing a swimsuit in frontof coworkers. Some respondents were worried they wouldn’t lookgood in a swimsuit, while others felt it just wasn’t appropriate to doWould you wear a swimsuitaround your coworkers orboss?•Many of the respondents have had items taken away by TSA –especially knives and wine bottle openers, but the general consensusis that travelers should read TSA guidelines to prevent this fromhappeningHave you ever had the TSAtake your stuff?•Some members feel a pocket knife is useless if left at home, whileothers think if allowed, it could cause travelers to worry and opendoors to other potentially dangerous itemsShould a pocket knife beallowed on the plane?DiscussionQuestionsMemberResponses
  27. 27. Jet’s hottest topics trend around traveler etiquette ( ),hotel perks and offers ( ), and airport security ( )27Date Subject Category Comments Likes Total3/7/2013 Is it rude to eat a burger on the plane? 70 105 1753/19/2013 Whats your favorite travel souvenir? 63 96 1593/6/2013 Have you ever forgotten your hotel room number? 49 75 1243/11/2013 What do you prefer: a chain hotel or a small private hotel? 44 67 1113/26/2013Should all hotels offer free Internet to loyalty program members? InterContinentalnow does.64 46 1103/5/2013 Should pocketknives be allowed back on planes? 47 42 893/15/2013 Have you ever had the TSA take your stuff? 35 44 793/14/2013 Would you wear a swimsuit around coworkers or your boss? 28 34 623/27/2013Whats your favorite hotel restaurant?30 24 54
  28. 28. 28
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Twitter’s First Ever Music App Launched to public 4/18/13 Available on desktop ORiPhone The app uses Tweets andengagements to detect andsurface the most popular tracksand emerging artists Free to use
  31. 31. Your New #music Go To? Find and follow musicians and learn more about which musicians theyfollow Checkerboard "Now Playing" interface Each square includes an album cover image with a Twitter profile pic
  32. 32. Suggested Listening Suggested music screen and the ability to search for music fromfavorite artists Instant sharing: you can tweet what youre listening to directly fromthe Player screen Music comes from Spotify, iTunes and Rdio……… and the catch is
  33. 33. Oh really… iTunes previews play automatically, but for FULL songs youll needan Rdio or Spotify subscription In other words, Twitter #music is a music discovery service, not afree music streaming service, ha!
  34. 34. Managed GroupReporting• Refining Call Outs(Citi/CapOne/HSBC)• Analyzing site behavior• Leveraging theteam expertsProject/TimeManagement• CreatingTemplates,Trackers, andRoadmaps• PurposeStatements andMeeting Sum UpsKnow Your Client &Campaign• Identifying KPIsand significantmetrics for eachgroup• Agency/ClientSavviness
  35. 35. East Coast Updates Numbers Review – AM Comp structure My OKRs
  36. 36. East Coast Updates Q2 Goal - $11,540,000 Q2 Booked - $ Q2 Outlook - $ $911K weighted at 75% and $679K weighted at 50%
  37. 37. AAM OKRs for 2013 comp plansObjective 1: reporting50% of OKR variableObjective 2: leadership25% of OKR variableObjective 3: leverage25% of OKR variableObjective: EOC report for allcampaigns that end in quarter (thatmeet campaign minimum spendrequirements)Measurement: 1:1 relationship withcall down report and EOC reportsObjective: monthly meeting withNAMER AAMs to share developmentsin efficiency and examples of topreportsMeasurement: PPT summary ofmeeting to regional managementObjective: complete a project trackerto give management visibility intodaily activitiesMeasurement: daily entries intotracking document
  38. 38. AM OKRs for 2013 comp plansWalk-incircumstanceObjective 1:reporting: 50%of pod variableObjective 2a:pipeline –building: 25% ofpod variableObjective 2b:pipeline –building: 25% ofpod variableObjective 3:sales support:25% of podvariableVacant or new AE+ book is nothitting pacingrequirementObjective: EOCreport for allcampaigns that endin quarter (that meetcampaign minimumspend requirements)Measurement: 1:1relationship with calldown report andEOC reportsObjective: 100% ofin-bound RFPssubmittedMeasurement: AMto track all outbound-related emailsObjective: 3x checkin with top priorityaccounts (as definedby AM and SD)Measurement: AMto track all outbound-related emailsObjective: Pipelinemaintenance andhygiene with SD/AEand accounttransition completedusing transitiontemplateMeasurement:clearly forecastedcall down reportthroughout quarterTo be considered within pacing range: Booked and Weighted pipe should be within a 5% range of target at 2 weeks prior to Walk-In
  39. 39. Framing for goals OKRs = Gamson’s Operating Priorities1) Team and Talent2) Optimizing the Existing Business3) Improve and Expand the Content Marketing Ecosystem4) Measure LI platform performance and ROI5) Invest in non-inventory correlated products for 2014 and beyond Self-assessment in Leadership- Leverage- Results
  40. 40. Optimize the ExistingBusinessTeam and TalentImprove and Expand theContent Marketing EcosystemObjective Key Result DependenciesCreate and execute personaltransformation plan based onManageIn and Pulse scorefeedback Consistent, defined goalsand skills for AM team Weekly team meetings tobetter managecommunication Active time managementand allocationJosh, Nicola, AM Team, AMLeadershipEast Coast “One Team”mentality Bi-weekly meetings withNYC managers Weekly revenue update toall MS NYC East Coast quarterly AllHandsHannah, Juliana, Ryan, Scott,Neil, JamesImprove consistency andquality of EOC reports for Tier1 and Tier 2 accounts 1:1 opportunity to reportratio Shared best practices East Coast template asbasis for all reports Increased communicationwith Merlin teamAM LeadershipSuccessful pilot and GAprocess for SCIN/contentupdates AMs executecomprehensive campaignkick-off AMs versed in best practiceconsultation AMs able to executemid/EOC reportLindsey, SCIN Experts, Kylee,Allen, Merlin teamNandita Q2
  41. 41. Get Ish Done!42