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Magazine Deconstructions


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Magazine Deconstructions

  1. 1. Masthead – The masthead in this magazine is not shown completely clearly, you can’t see all of the letters of “Vibe” because Usher is covering them. This doesn’t matter on this magazine though, because it is so well known, they can get away with it, and everyone will still know which magazine they are looking at. The part of the masthead that you can see is very bold and vibrant in blue, it really stands out, and this goes well with the name of the magazine being “Vibe” Main Image – The main image on this front cover is of Usher, and he is holding out his finger. At first you think it is his middle finger which would draw you in as it isn’t something you’d expect to see, but then you realise that it is his ring finger, (linking the cover line). This image does not have Usher’s eye contact connecting with the audience, but because of the deception of his finger, it draws you in anyway. Lure/hook – Using the words, Exclusive makes it more appealing, as people want to get the exclusive information Main Cover line – This is a bold cover line, linking in the main image with the words, “Married with a vengeance” as the main image is Usher showing his ring. The words in the cover line say, “Usher – The king is back – He’s no. 1 and married with a vengeance” This would lure people in, as it says “The king is back” and people would want to know why the king was back Barcode Date and price Mode of address – This shows informal language, which is written quite big, to show readers that this is not a formal magazine Online Address
  2. 2. Masthead – The masthead is covered in this issue of Rolling Stone, and this is probably because it is close to when the singer Amy Winehouse died, so they wanted her to be the main focus point, and because the magazine is such a well known one, it doesn’t matter for it to be slightly hidden. The masthead has been written in blue, which ties in well with some of the other colours on the cover, one being the words, “Amy Winehouse”, and the other being a small section in the main image which makes everything look pleasing to the eye, and keeps a constant colour theme. Online address Main Image – The main image is of Amy Winehouse, and she has her signature beehive hair, and eyeliner. It is a medium shot, and because Rolling Stone has included these iconic features, people would be drawn to it, as that is how they remember her, and therefore would want to read the magazine. There is a lot of eye contact, helping to connect to the audience as well. Date/price Barcode Main Cover Line – The cover line in this magazine, also acts as the lure, as Amy Winehouse had recently died when this was published, so people would want to buy a magazine with her on it, either for something to remember her by, or because she would have been the biggest news at the time, therefore it is eye-catching
  3. 3. The mode of address is quite slang, this helps to address the audience, in a way that is appealing ad easy to understand. The contents page is structured and organised, making it clear where to find each page in the magazine Brand Identity – The brand identity is repeated throughout this magazine, and this makes it stick in the readers head, that this is Q magazine. Main Image – This image is similar to the ones used throughout this magazine, with the sepia tone. The image is very detailed, drawing your attention. Page number Date Line Consistent colour scheme, keeping the magazine looking tidy, and drawing everything together Online address – Directs readers to the magazines website
  4. 4. The masthead is in very bold black letters, so that when the reader turns the page, they can see clearly what this magazine is, and is about, and it helps to make the masthead stay in the readers mind, so that it becomes more of a recognisable magazine and masthead. In this contents page, there are a lot of references to, or pictures of drums, this helps to appeal to their target audience, who is obviously people who like drums, and the frequent use of drums in their images would therefore lure the target audience in, and would help to make the page eye-catching, and they would then want to read on Lure/Hook – The word “Exclusive” would help to lure the reader in, and want to buy the magazine, as if it is exclusive to the readers, then they wouldn’t want to miss out on something that might be important, so they would therefore want to buy the magazine Layout – All of the pages are listed clearly down the side of the page, and the page numbers are in bold red, helping to keep in with the colour scheme, and making it easier for people to know where to look in the magazine. Main articles/stories – The main features in this magazine have been shown with a picture and the number of the page to find them in bold red and white. Again, this would help to make the main stories stand out, which is important, as they are the most interesting articles The colour scheme in this contents page is red white and black. They have tied in this colour scheme with some of the images as well, making it look more professional and it helps to tie everything together. The colours are also consistent throughout the magazine, as you can see by the masthead, being black and white, (Bold black text on a white background)
  5. 5. The masthead has been included at the top of the contents page, making it clear in the readers mind which magazine they are looking at, and it helps to make it become a memorable masthead, that people will see and recognise Date and Issue number Lure/Hook – The word posters would help to lure the reader in, as it is something free that the magazine is giving away to the people who buy the magazine, making people want to buy it. The celebrities they have used would attract people as well, as they are very big at the time, like Rihanna for example There are a lot of images in this contents page, making it again, stand out, but also these are the main stories in the magazine, so when your eye is drawn to the picture, you then see the page number in bold, and will turn, as a result to those pages, or they will stick in your mind when you do read them, which is what the magazine wants, as these are the most important articles. Layout - The layout of this contents page is very interesting, which would be appealing to the target audience, as it attracts your attention because it isn’t what you would expect to see, helping to draw you in to the rest of the magazine. Also, all the different sections are included, like a section for interviews, so if the reader wants to see what sorts of things are included in the magazine, then this makes it easier for them to scan it, and therefore more enjoyable. The colours really stand out, as there is bright white and yellow text on a black background, so it makes all the important titles appear to the reader. This colour scheme has been carried throughout the magazine, as you can see with the front cover in the top right hand corner. This makes it look consistent to the reader which is good to look at.
  6. 6. Consistent colour scheme has been used on this double page spread Main Image – The main image is of the singer performing live, this helps to make it appeal to their young adult target audience, as they are the people who would be most interested in seeing them perform live. This image is facing inward, helping to direct you towards the text Bold writing – The bold writing makes the important lines stand out to the reader. Consistent Images – The images in this double page are all consistent, the colour the images are all a dark sepia colour, almost black and white. This makes the page look tidy, and therefore more appealing than if they all looked different from each other. 2/3 rule – On this double page spread, there are a lot more images then there is text, I think the pictures even take up ¾ of the page, making it visually more appealing, and it catches your attention, as people don’t like to have to read too much text. The writing is organised into columns, bringing more order to the page, making it look neater Images covering both pages
  7. 7. Consistent Images – The images on this double page spread are the same as the others in the magazine; they all look similar because of the sepia tone. This makes it look consistent, and pleasing to the reader. The colours link well to the colours on the front cover, keeping it neat and consistent throughout. The word “Eye” has been highlighted to make it stand out, as it is part of the bands name (Beady Eye), this makes the name stick in the readers minds. 2/3 rule – In this double page spread, the image is 2/3 or the page, and the text is 1/3, making the page look spacious, and appealing. The writing is organised into 6 columns, with 3 on each page, making it symmetrical and it makes it look easier to read, and pick out information, rather than just having a large chunk of text Similar fonts, making it look like they belong on the same page, and drawing everything together well.
  8. 8. This quote from the text grabs your attention, as it says, “People think I’m an attention seeker, but I’m just honest”. The fact that this line is shown so bold, and big, highlights the words, “Attention seeker”, as it seems to be very attention seeking, which would make people want to read on, as it is contradicting itself by doing this. Main Image – The main image of Lily Allen is very direct, you can see her face clearly, and she is connecting to the reader because of her direct eye-contact. The red on her top makes her stand out, which means she is the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you see the page. This colour is also used to highlight her name The writing is organised into 4 columns, making the double page spread look tidy and it breaks it down, making it easier for readers to read 2/3 rule – in this double page spread, the image is taking up 2/3 of the page, however, because the quote at the top of the page is so big and bold, you could also say that it is ½ texts and ½ image. Online address The image is covering both pages.