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Midmark Matrx® Veterinary Anaesthesia range


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Midmark Matrx® anaesthesia equipment is highly regarded by veterinary professionals across the world. Internationally located and 100 years old this year, Midmark has a substantial portfolio of high quality veterinary equipment at affordable prices. Please contact to find your nearest distributor.

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Midmark Matrx® Veterinary Anaesthesia range

  1. 1. Matrx® Anaesthesia
  2. 2. Better Patient Care. Better Business. Since 1964 more veterinary professionals and universities throughout the world have placed their trust in anaesthesia technology, pioneered by Fraser Sweatman and now found exclusively in every Matrx® anaesthesia machine.
  3. 3. Matrx®, formerly known by the name, Fraser Sweatman, started back in the mid 1960’s. Throughout the years there has been company merges, buyouts and name changes but the general assembly has stayed the same. Only a few changes occurred for added safety or convenience e.g., Occlusion valve, negative pressure relief valve and flip levers. In 2004, Midmark purchased the dental and veterinary divisions of Matrx®, adding the veterinary/animal health sector. Then in 2009, manufacturing was brought to Versailles, OH where 50+ years of manufacturing experience goes into every Matrx® anaesthesia machine. Matrx® History
  4. 4. Matrx® Range VMS 54”H x 12”W VMS Plus 57”H x 22” W x 12 D VME Tabletop 14”H x 13.5” W x 8.5” D VML VMS mounted on a Canis Major Wet Table
  5. 5. Matrx® VMS •Chrome construction •1500cc CO2 absorber with “Quick Release” lever •Accepts pre-pack canister or loose absorbent •Accepts Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers •Vaporizer mounting kit, 1L & 2L breathing bags • Circle and T Piece circuits •Optional shelves available •Vaporizer not included
  6. 6. Matrx® VME •Accepts Matrx VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers •Includes vaporizer mounting kit, 1 and 2 liter breathing bags and15mm and 22mm breathing circuits •Optional shelves available •Portable stand with 5-leg spider base allows easy mobility •Also available in table top / wall mounted versions
  7. 7. Matrx® VML •Dual view oxygen flowmeter – glass tube with a fused scales reading from 1 to 10 LPM – quickly switch from standard to magnified view at the touch of a finger •Easy-to-view inhalation/exhalation valves allow easy monitoring of respiration for patient safety •Oxygen flush •5200 cc CO2 absorber •Scavenging/adjustable pressure limiting valve •30 litre breathing bag •2" (5 cm) diameter breathing circuit •Accepts VIP 3000® and TEC 3 vaporizers (mounting kit included but not vaporizer)
  8. 8. Matrx® VIP Vaporizers •Automatic flow rate and temperature compensation •Large, easy-to-read dial •Integrated safety lock to prevent unintentional engagement •Large sight glass with at-a-glance liquid level monitoring •Choice of agent-specific models: sevoflurane / isoflurane •Well-fill & key-fill models
  9. 9. Sodasorb® & Sodasorb LF • Permanent high contrast colour change • Eliminates compound A / CO2 / heat generation • Unique formulation makes use of Anaesthetic Agent more efficient • Minimal resistance to gas flow • Unique pellet shape reduces caustic dust • Proven safety record • Convenient pre-packed cartridges & Refill bags & 5 gallon pail (18.15kg)
  10. 10. Better Patient Care. Better Business. Matrx® Theory of Operation
  11. 11. VMS Diagram
  12. 12. Theory of Operation
  13. 13. Oxygen Flush
  14. 14. The APL Valve The APL Valve (adjustable pressure limiting) or Pop-Off valve, controls the pressure in the system and the patients lungs. Fully open, the APL valve maintains a pressure of 1-3cm/H2O. When the pressure in the system exceeds the 1-3cm/H2O, the valve opens and gas escapes. Open APL valve, pressure in the system is under 1-3CM/H2O Open APL valve, pressure in the system is over 1-3cm/H2O allowing gas to escape.
  15. 15. The Occlusion Valve The Matrx® Occlusion valve allows the anaesthetist to simply and quickly close the breathing circuit to allow a bagged breath to the patient. The safety relief feature prevents an unsafe pressure buildup in the anaesthetic machine and patient. If pressure exceeds 25-30cm/H2O, the valve opens, releasing the pressure out the APL valve.
  16. 16. This safety valve allows the patient to breath if the oxygen supply runs out or is shut off. The flexible diaphragm lets air in if the pressure inside the machine during inhalation becomes lower than the pressure outside. Negative Pressure Relief Valve
  17. 17. Negative Pressure Relief Valve
  18. 18. Better Patient Care. Better Business. Matrx® Acccessories
  19. 19. Laryngoscopes Matrx® Laryngoscope Blades are precision manufactured using durable 300 series stainless steel for years of dependable use. •Choice of curved Macintosh or straight Miller styles •Extended curved tip on Miller blades to improve lifting of epiglottis •Gold-plated lamp contacts permit autoclaving up to 130 degrees Celsius without corrosion or damage to illumination circuit •Wide selection of sizes fits all handles •Preinstalled lamps are easily replaceable without tools
  20. 20. Endotracheal Tubes •High-compliance cuff lies close to tube •Design helps prepare for intubations •Thin, large diameter cuff conforms to uneven tracheal surfaces •Un-cuffed tubes are also available •Sizes 2.0 –
  21. 21. Breathing Circuits Re-breathing bags: <7kg 500ml 7-14kg 1L 14-27kg 2L 27-45kg 3L 45kg+ 5L <250kg 15L >250kg 30L •Circle breathing circuit (rebreathing) •Unilimb circuit (rebreathing) •Ayres T Piece (fresh gas flow)
  22. 22. Masks and Induction Boxes FACEMASKS: •Suitable for canine, feline or exotic pets •15mm connector •Clear cone for full visualization •Highly flexible, replaceable rubber diaphragm for a leak-free fit SMALL ANIMAL INDUCTION CHAMBERS: • four sizes: • small dogs • cats • birds • mice and other small patients.
  23. 23. Better Patient Care. Better Business. Matrx® Total Solutions
  24. 24. Scavenging •Designed to meet current ASTM and ANSI standards •Available in post mount or wall mount configurations •Quiet operation •Can be used with a ventilator or oxygenator •Easy to install, compact design with few parts •Standard 19mm inlet connection •Power on/off switch with indicator light •Low voltage (12V DC) operation
  25. 25. Ventilator WHY VENTILATE? • Replaces the breathing bag; frees nurse to assist in other procedures • Precise control of anaesthetic allows lower levels of anaesthesia for more responsive patients / more economical operation, • Blood CO2 and pH levels are maintained closer to normal • Patients with compromised or questionable lung function
  26. 26. Ventilator MATRX® MODEL 3000 • Interchangeable bellows; from 1 kg to 300 kg – no tools required • Maximum working pressure limit adjustable from 10-60 cm H2O • Dual airway pressure alarms signal any breath exceeding preset maximum or minimum • Optional low supply gas alarm signals supply gas pressure below 35 psi • Respiratory rates from 6-40 breaths per minute at inspiratory flow rates from 0-100 litres per min • Tidal volumes from 20 -3,000 cc • Built-in scavenging port
  27. 27. Better Patient Care. Better Business. Matrx® Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  28. 28. Maintenance Kits •Recommend changing rubber O rings and seals every 2 years •Save money buying Maintenance Kit rather than separate items •Upgrade old machines with thumb nut on the absorber canister to convenient quick releases
  29. 29. Pressure Gauge (Manometer) The pressure gauge or Manometer allows you to monitor pressure inside the anaesthetic circuit / macine It is especially useful for leak testing the anaesthesia machine and for monitoring the system pressure during assisted ventilation
  30. 30. Testing the APL valve
  31. 31. Testing the inhalation & exhalation valve
  32. 32. Leak Test
  33. 33. Leak Test Other common areas of leakage: • Reservoir bag – replace if necessary • Breathing circuit – replace if necessary • Vaporiser fittings – verify fittings and attachments • Absorber canister – verify seated properly, check gaskets • Safety Valves – remove valve and obstruct opening to determine if leaking or not – check o ring • O Rings – check for damage and replace if necessary
  34. 34. Cleaning
  35. 35. Scheduled Maintenance Interval Inspection / Service Description Before every surgery Inspect Check machine connections and rubber parts for looseness, damage or wear – replace as necessary Before every surgery Leak Test Perform leak test Daily Clean Daily cleaning Weekly Change Sodasorb Follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper use of CO2 absorbents (rec. every 2 weeks) Annually Service Vaporizer Service and calibrate vaporiser Every 2 years Replacement Replace components found in maintenance kits (o rings, gaskets, valve disks, breathing circuit, etc.)
  36. 36. Thank you for watching the Midmark Matrx® Anaesthesia presentation Over fifty years of quality manufacturing experience goes into every Matrx® anaesthesia machines. The all metal construction in combination with high quality rubber seals and hoses provide a durable, pressurized system that requires little maintenance. The Matrx® VMS and VMS Plus anaesthesia machines have been a long-standing favourite with veterinary professionals for the high quality, safety and ease of use. The Occlusion Valve, Negative Pressure Relief Valve, included with the VMS and VMS Plus are added for safety and peace of mind. The dome style inhalation/exhalation valves allows for easy monitoring of respiration and the quick release levers for easy absorbent replacement. The theory of operation, anaesthesia machine training, and trouble shooting advice available on-line: If you would like to enquire about any of the Midmark Matrx® anaesthesia equipment featured in this presentation, please do get in touch on +44(0)1252 360 940 or alternatively e-mail us at