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Asd Slide Show


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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Asd Slide Show

  1. 1.  Difficulty with social interactions  Repetitive behaviors  Sensory impairments  Decrease in verbal and nonverbal
  2. 2.  4 stages of brain growth › Undergrowth › Rapid overgrowth › Slowing of brain growth › Decline in brain size
  3. 3.  Frontal Lobe  Cerebellar Cortex  Corpus Callosum  Temporal Lobes
  4. 4.  Communication in the Brain › Brain Activity  Synchronized › Decrease in Connectivity
  5. 5.  Cerebellar Nicotinic Receptors  High affinity Nicotinic Receptors  Nicotine Administration
  6. 6.  Symptoms  Red Flags  Early Detection
  7. 7.  Continued Research › How ASD affects the Brain  Parents Knowledge › Signs › Early detection
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