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French literature


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basic info about french lit

Published in: Education
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French literature

  2. 2. FRANCE
  3. 3. PEOPLE
  4. 4. Language: French Capital: Paris Currencies: Euro Population: 66.3 million
  5. 5. Famous Place
  6. 6. Work of Art
  7. 7. Famous writers
  8. 8. Honoré de Balzac A novelist and playwright Famous for his work entitled “ La Comedie Humaine” Founding father of Realism
  9. 9. Samuel Beckett An irish who moved in France permanently Considered as the Last Modernist En Attendant Godot (waiting for Godot)
  10. 10. Cyrano de Bergerac He is not a writer but there is a play written by Edmond Rostand entitled Cyrano de Bergerac. The play is about his own life. He had an enormously Large now which he is very proud
  11. 11. Albert Camus An Algerian born author who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1957 Best known tor two novels of the absurd “L’Estranger” (The Stranger) and Le Mythe de Sisyphe
  12. 12. Victor Hugo He would describe himself as the first Humanitarian who used literature as a mean to describe the human conditions and the injustices of society. His famous works are Les Miserables and Notre-Dame de Paris
  13. 13. Alexandre Dumas  considered as the most widely read author in history.  famous works are:  The Three Musketeers  The Count of Montecristo
  14. 14. SONG OF ROLAND An epic poem based on the Battle of Roncevaux in 778, during the reign of Charlemagne.
  15. 15. Characters Roland Charlemagne Turnip Naimon Bramimonde Baligant Blancadrin King Marsile Oliwier Ganelon