Pediatric cancer research


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Pediatric cancer research

  1. 1. Problems of Well-being
  2. 2.  Pediatric (also known as childhood cancer) begins in a child when normal cells grow uncontrollably, which in most cases create a tumor. These tumors can either be benign (non cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Children can have cancer occur anywhere in the body, and have been seen to act differently then those who are adults with cancers.
  3. 3. What are the risk factors of pediatric cancer? , simply being a child puts you at risk for pediatric cancer. What get? is the most common type of cancer that children Leukemia, which accounts for one third of all pediatric cancers. How many children are diagnosed with pediatric cancer? In the United States 10 400 children under the age of 15 are diagnose with pediatric cancer in one.
  4. 4. The lack of funding regarding Pediatric cancer is what is causing the lack of research. According to a poll given to Pediatric cancer researchers 9/10 are concerned that researchers are not pursuing to find a cure/ treatments due to said lack of funding.
  5. 5. Talia Castellano a young woman from the US whole quickly became a well known figure on Youtube, Ellen, and the news world wide. Talia unfortunately lost her battle to childhood cancer this year. You can check out her YouTube channel here
  6. 6. The issue with Pediatric Cancer research is the lack of it. According to the National Cancer Institute only a shocking 4 % of funding is dedicate to the Pediatric Cancer research budget. Children are this world’s future, we need to ensure that this type of research is being done to make sure that these children are able to go on and live happy productive lives as adults.
  7. 7. •There are a vast number of cases of adulthood cancer vs. pediatric cancer •Pharmaceutical companies are not supporting/ funding the cause, approximately 80% of funding from pharmaceutical companies goes towards developing drugs for adulthood cancers •There is a funding gap, for example St.Baldrick’s Foundation needed 33 million dollars to fund every grant application for the 2012 calendar year but 25 million dollars. While this is quit a bit of money they is still a 8 million dollar gap
  8. 8. People in the health care field ( physicians, doctors, researchers, nurses ect.) undergo copious amounts of stress daily in their jobs this this why Structural Functionalist believe that these jobs must be high paying for people to be willing to work in the profession. For example in the case of pediatric cancer researchers they need to be paid in order for them to do their jobs in research, unfortunately this will cut in to the research budget. Without significant budget to cover the research itself and the people doing the research ( researchers, assistants, lab technicians ect.) according to a poll one in five respondents would consider leaving the field of childhood cancer research. Of those who may be considering leaving the field, the number one reason is lack of funding (80 percent). With the right amount of funding these people wouldn’t have reasons to consider leaving the field.
  9. 9. The average child who is diagnosed with pediatric cancer loses on average 71 years of life. This can truly put into perspective how important the research for a pediatric cancer cure is!
  10. 10. These organizations help support families and those effected by pediatric cancer.  St.Baldrick’s  Sean Hanna Foundation  Alex’s Lemonade Stand  Curesearch  The Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research  Cookies for Kids Cancer  Bear Necessities  B+ Foundation
  11. 11. Raise awareness! If more people knew how little funding goes towards pediatric cancer research they may be more willing to put their own effort in to the cause. Donate yourself! Donations can be made to various charity organizations that support the research for a pediatric cancer cure! Donate to your favorite cause today! Donate your hair to a wig company that makes wigs for children going through chemotherapy who have lost their hair! This will also help raise awareness for the cause.
  12. 12. ded&v=qLnNyZclkDQ You can also visit this Vimeo video that educates viewers on St. Baldrick’s hopes for the cure for pediatric cancer.
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